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The virtuous cycle: Good things happen, when people care about the ocean

We chat with Dr @johnwturnbull@twitter.com about the factors that make people care about the ocean. And when they do, marine biodiversity increases measurably.

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update Nov 25

New: 96
FNW (0), FNC (0), FNE (2), NW (5), NC (3), NE (3), (12), CW (1), CE (19), (20), SW (6), SC (5), SE (19)

Inpatient (104) ICU (38)(+6 in ON)
Deaths: 1

Test: 2160
Positivity: 4.4%

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To everybody that's congratulating me right now on my new Kid Rock parody video, let me clarify - that's not me. That's actually Kid Rock.

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If you're as famous as Leonardo DiCaprio most cops in the US and Canada wouldn't touch you physically. Seems like a powerful tool that could be used to help a lot of people. twitter.com/LeoDiCaprio/status

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After setting up a blockade to protect their land, community, and sacred headwaters Wedzin Kwa from Coastal GasLink’s planned fracked gas pipeline, the Wet’suwet’en Nation has faced militarized raids from the RCMP. We must protect the rights of land defenders. twitter.com/Gidimten/status/14

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Knowing Mark personally is a privilege. Glad to see his work being recognized. twitter.com/usask/status/14632

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sociology student Mark Hammer discusses working to reduce the stigma linked to substance use disorders during National Addictions Awareness Week. bit.ly/3nSowpb

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Zoom in, take a look. Reminds me of a hive city, but this is real. Well... was real, Kowloon Walled City was demolished in 1994

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Meet Silver Drop, in her Gala dress.

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@OccultaeV@twitter.com As the queen stuffs herself with leaves and grows plump, molts and developes a hard protective casing, she undergoes a radical transformation. After enough times passes, she emerges a mature butterfly

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@OccultaeV@twitter.com She is currently undertaking her transformation as an ascended being of pure energy to lead the empire into a new era of dominion over the ancients,hallowed are the ori

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@OccultaeV@twitter.com Theory is she’s dead and they’re keeping it quiet cos it’s such a shithole over here right now

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What in the fuck does this mean?

Is she a plasma? Is she listening to MCR and wearing leather? Has she evolved into her final form?

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@OccultaeV@twitter.com If I sat in my chair for 4 hrs with my bladder there would be alot of WEEd. All over the settee.

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Have you indulged in our FOUR FUCKING HOURS of Qanon coverage? Here is a mega edit of all our Qanon content stitched together.

If you enjoy in one sitting, we recommend at least a little weed

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