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Wow! How could I be denied by @adam and @dave at today's board meeting?! 🤣

My question was "could this have been the 1st contest *of its kind* in podcasting 2.0," and for what it's worth, when we got value-enabled last December, the only way to stream sats at that time was through the @sphinx_chat environment.

We'll continue to adopt the newest 2.0 lightning features as they roll out. We can't wait to tackle the live tag! 🔥🔥🔥

P.S. pic related is *OFFICIAL* 😎

On this week's AbleKraft, @SirSpencer and I discuss the technical archeology, double entry accounting, and bring in the Christmas music circle.

Episode #17 "Steering the Collective"

Here is my presentation about the Open Web and Podcasting 2.0 I delivered at the Festival del Podcasting in Italy. I translated the slides and added presentator’s notes in English.
It’s available as a zip file containing Keynote, PowerPoint and PDF formats. Free to use for anybody.


Thanks to @benjaminbellamy , on whose presentation and slides a lot of this is based.

@adam @dave

Heard @dave mention that nobody had sent boosts the other way yet on the last Podcasting 2.0, here's the clip from our 42k sat giveaway via @sphinx_chat on our 4/20 last April! @adam

I don't have time for directories. That's why I use an Index.

This week's AbleKraft with @SirSpencer Takes a Lotta Spoons

We discover boost-a-grams from podcast pre-history, a booster teaches us how to get great features, and more music updates!

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 62: Dockerized and Good to Go -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on with updates on MkUltra and Bucks Fizz

Woooo @ablekirby finally got his node back online! Quick, go stream your sats to him!

My favorite part of MTV was the music videos. I was bummed when they moved away from videos and towards Real World and MTV Spring Break. I liked VH1 Pop-up videos, because the facts about the videos was fun, I also liked Beavis and Butthead, especially when they talked about the videos. This video of Beavis and Butthead watching MC 900ft Jesus is embedded in my memory, and now I pass the pleasure/pain onto you.

What would be really awesome is if a platform was available that allowed bands to make and host their own videos, and other platforms were available that would show those videos and allow the viewers to pay the bands directly. It would be even cooler if there was some sort of MTV VJ or something that was involved in the project.

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When I hear "party time" there's only one thing I think of.

1) redneck, trailer trash country rock
2) the girls know all the words

I forgot how much I love this

Initial commit of Helipad:

This will become the Umbrel boostagram app in full, and the backend LND poller will become the boost message feeder for Mkultra.

No gRPC stream support to LND yet. I'm helping them build out their library with the right calls first and then will work on adding stream support:

@yael you should listen to AbleKraft by @ablekirby and @SirSpencer, or at the very least reach out to them for advice and information.

Really excited to see how can be used for bands. I help manage a band in NC, and they're basically slaves to Spotify for any income, plus the paltry amount from touring and merch.

Is there anyone working on this directly? Would it essentially mean releasing an album as a podcast with 2.0 features?

We could actually do this in the next month or two

These parents built a school app. Then the city called the cops

Official app was a disaster, so knowledgeable parents built an open source alternative.

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