It's working!!! This showed up in my wallet. Notice the app_name.

And OKIN is showing up for sending boostagrams in Ep 52, so episode level value is working.

@adam @dave
After you mess with it, let me know if anything is confusing, counter intuitive or unclear.

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@adam @dave
The value level stuff is ready to play with. Remember, the apps should have the episode level block override the podcast(channel) level block. Once your podcast level block is set, it shouldn't need to be messed with very frequently. Your episode level block will be changed more often as you add/remove guest. Mess around with it in the morning, and if you want to output an RSS file for the PC2054, I can take a look at it before it goes live to make sure everything is working.

@adam Do you inform any other index's besides PI when you publish a show?

Happy Birthday!!!

Can you believe everything we've accomplished in only a year?

Thanks @dave and @adam for getting this all started, and thanks to everyone else for the awesome community you've built.

How long do you figure it would take a solar panel to harvest enough energy to reproduce another similar solar panel?

Does HyperCatcher Studio have a way to export the chapters json file so it can be self hosted?

This one is a spelling app I was working on to help my son, but I couldn't get the voice synth to be good enough for him to actually use. If you try it out, click Hear Spelling Word to hear the word, then type it out to spell it. Here' s the first few words it's asking in case you can't understand it.


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And here's a different one I was working on but doing the research for the questions and answers was going to be pretty time consuming.

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If anyone knows of a company that is looking for a Junior Web Developer to work remote or is located in the San Antonio area (I have to stay in San Antonio for familial reasons), I'm looking for job opportunities that will pay more than I'm currently making as an electrical estimator.

You can check out to see one of my projects.


Are you copying and pasting the output of the freedom controller into the Text Editor for the Show Notes in CurioBlaster?


Anyone know of any feeds using the <podcast:soundbite> tag?

No rush, I know you've been super busy, just bumping the reminder to look into itunes:type being returned in the feed

How many podcasts are you subscribed to?

I'm subscribed to 66 right now.

Really great dev meeting today guys! The last twenty minutes was really interesting to listen to.

Here's gist that shows how I'm limiting the Boost Message size so the TLV record stays under 1300 bytes. I've got it set at 1200 to be extra safe.

I modified it some because Svelte uses reactive declarations, but it should give someone a start.

This function would basically give me the max size the message could be, and I display how many characters remain in the message and disable sending the message if the message is too long, very similar to how Mastadon does it.

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