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I'm listening to the latest episode of AbleKraft, and they're discussing paying devs to work on coding problems. Dave, this might be something you're interested in pursuing, since you get so many requests to work on issues and features. If someone is willing to pay 400,000 sats for a Helipad feature, then you can prioritize your time to that feature. I thought it was an idea worth exploring.

Any of you BTC miners able to confirm a transaction for me? I don't know what I'm doing, and it looks like I sent some sats without enough to cover fees. I'll be happy to send you some sats to cover your time.

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Finally, I'm working on the UI/UX to let the listener decide the percentage of each transaction that goes to the app, letting CCs fees truly be v4v. I'm trusting that v4v will be the best course, but if I'm completely honest, it can be daunting to trust that v4v works when it really does seem like it's 5-10% of the users that actually provide treasure, but then someone like @petar comes along with a 5,000,000 sat boost and make it seem like it all may just work out.

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I don't want you to think I was ever thinking CC should be getting 20%. I've been very happy with 3%, and have always thought it to be fair.

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The whole point of that thread for me was

1) How should fees be handled, off the top or added on?
2) I think an app like NATube, which is providing a unique and expensive service would be justified in wanting a 20% fee.

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I just wanted to clear up a misunderstanding. I never meant to imply CurioCaster was or would take 20%. It's always been 3% for CC and 1% for the PI, which is what I always thought the intention for the apps was from over a year ago. The 3% was to make sure the app developers got paid. I added another 1%, because I think LNPay should get paid for providing wallets.

When I mentioned 20%, I never had CC in mind. I was strictly thinking about NATube in that scenario.

Experience No Agenda Live on the Big Screen, Listen on your Desktop. Boost, stream sats, and interact with the Troll Room, all from one app.



I know you were asking about opening up the API without needing Auth Keys. I can see that being useful for a static website that wants to let a listener boost by using Alby.. That site would need to hit the Index to get the ValueBlock returned, and being static would want to do it without needing a proxy server that has the auth keys.

Maybe instead of it being completely open, a website has to register the domain they're requesting from, and only approved domains are allowed.

I think it's time to start weaning podcasters off of Podcaster Wallet. It was always meant to be shim, not a solution, with the idea the host would start implementing the value block. It's been over a year of proving the valueBlock works, and any host that doesn't want to innovate with us should lose their podcasters to hosts who are willing to innovate. That will only happen when we remove the shim.

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However, there are now three podcast hosts, and one video host that allows a podcaster to put the the valueBlock in the feed.

By continuing Podcaster Wallet, we are encouraging people to keep using Anchor, instead of sending the strong signal if you want to be supported through streaming payments, you need to use a better host. Those host are now available, and we should encourage there innovation by sending them podcasters that want to enable value in their feed.

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Of the Top 10 Bitcoin Podcast, only one is using a Host found on podcastindex.org/apps?appTypes

Libsyn doesn't show itself as support value, but does appear to have a way to put custom tags into the feed.

Of the Top 10 Eclectic, the four podcasts with the valueBlock in the feed are all self-hosted.

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I just looked at Fountain's 1)"Ten eclectic podcasts that listeners on Fountain love" and 2)"Ten eclectic podcasts that listeners on Fountain love"

1) explore.fountain.fm/blog/ten-b

2) explore.fountain.fm/blog/ten-e

And here's what I found...

I just got off the phone with Jared from getmash.com/ They're working on ways to enable websites to send satoshis, so I was letting him know some of the things they can build to help PC2.0. I sent him and invite link to the Social, so hopefully he'll make an introduction and everyone can connect with him and ask him questions on how MASH would be able to work for Lightning Payments within the PC2.0 ecosystem.

I thought you might find this interesting. Here's the last two months of transactions from CurioCaster to show the top 35 podcasts being supported. 71 totals podcasts where supported by listeners like you.

New song by S.O.N.G. - Perfect Storm (independent distribution and compensation is made possible here through the decentralized music value for value system):

"Dark skies heartache and lies
Love is in the timing
The pressure drops
Tension is lost
I’ll find the silver lining
No more whining
You perfect storm
This perfect storm has run its course..."


But my understanding of how Adam was describing it is the listener would send 100sats, but have 120sats deducted to cover the 20% fee.

I'm just curious as to how the fees are expected to be handled by the apps, because I'm currently doing the first one with the idea if a listen sends a boost for a certain amount, they expect only that amount to be deducted, but I'm willing to change if my assumptions have been incorrect.

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Listening to the latest PC2.0 about fees, and I think there may be some misunderstandings. The way I understand fees is they are removed from the total amount the listener sends, then splits are applied. So if a fee of 20% was in the valueBlock, and a listener sent 100sats, 20 would be sent to to the fee, and the remaining 80 would be then be split according to the split percentages.

I found a long lost film strip from my childhood memories, and look how many comments it has. Coincidence?

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