CurioCaster After Dark is now Live.

Because all of the best things happen after dark.


Is NoAgendaTube able to do either of these?

The feature of linking to youtube to upload videos from youtube would be killer for people looking to transition over.

id is your podcast index id.

If you don't know it, go here search for your podcast, click your podcast, then look in the url bar of your browser. It's all those numbers at the end of the url.

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I've got spots for 14 promoted podcasts in CurioCaster. I'm giving priority to those active on If you'd like your podcast in the list, send me a json object that looks like this:

id: 920666,
title: 'Podcasting 2.0',
url: '',
description: 'The Podcast Index presents Podcasting 2.0 - Upgrading Podcasting',
artwork: ''

Any plans to add <podcast:socialInteract> to the items returned from the index?

How important is a podcaster's website to a podcaster's audience?

I can only think of one podcast website I ever visit, and that's No Agenda when I'm looking for the source documents for a clip or article they mention.

Other than that, my interaction with a podcast is exclusively in a podcast player.

Then I copied the image url from Mastodon, open up Sovereign Feeds and went to the Image tag. Add a new tag, paste the url, and you're done, ready to create the RSS file with the new image.

Probably want to do it for both the podcast; i.e channel, and the episode; i.e. item.

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The image tag for the genny is super easy. Size your images in an image editor, for example, make the dimensions of your image 200x200. Save that file and upload it to your server. Point the url in the image tag to that file. All the rest is taken care of for you.


Can we get a channel set up in the trollroom, or would we just use the channel?

@dave @francosolerio @Drebscott

I've updated the filters to be more intuitive per Franco's suggestion. The PR is ready to be reviewed and merged.

Dreb, the sharable filtered links you requested is going to take longer, primarily because I don't know Typescript, and will have to learn it in order to do what I want to do. So far, my experience with TypeScript has been a negative one because anything I try to do that is normal JavaScript throws a TypeScript error. I don't like TypeScript.

With podping, I bet it's even possible to create a dynamic feed, where a user can add a song to the RSS feed, the feed gets dynamically published, a ping is sent out so the apps can get the new feed, and the song is added to the queue.

Throw some some sort of digital payment like a boost as a requirement to add a song, and you have something like an RSS digitial jukebox.

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Here's a bunch of music that's in the public domain.

It should be super easy for someone to create an RSS feed that contains several of these songs to put together a mixtape of sorts, or to group a whole album into an RSS feed.

to the feed, host it somewhere and add it to the Index, and voilà, there's another album in the index for a future RSS music player to access.

If someone decides to make this (and it won't be me, I have way too many irons in the fire), they could easily monetize it by having an affiliate link to a shared hosting site or Digital Ocean and having easy to follow instructions on setting up ones own server using the code base.

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If comments are to take off, there needs to be an easy way for a user to post a comment within the app. I don't care if this is decentralized or not.

I would love to see someone make an open source api server than any podcaster can host using Digital Ocean or any Shared Hosting site with good documentation on how to get and receive comments from the api. The api should be consistent across podcasts, but each podcaster has control of the comments hosted on their server.

@dave @adam
I'm going to hold of on implementing live in the genny until things are ironed out a little bit more, and the podping:live is doing it's thing. Shouldn't take too long to put it together once the dust settles on implementing it.


Not sure if you knew about the issue with the Brave browser blocking with a CORS error when doing search on Podverse web.

Brave has some weird security features the other browser don't, like it will strip headers when doing a preflight request. I had a lot of problems when I had my backend and frontend servers on different domains.


Apps are now sorted by the number of supportedElements they have. The more elements supported, the higher on the list an app appears.

I also changed the appType for CurioCaster to "podcast player" because that's more clear than "app", and added "Boostagrams" and "Sat Streaming" to my list of supportedElements, because I think that's more clear than "Value" for someone hearing about sending a Boostagram on one of the podcasts, and looking to find an app the supports it.

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