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I just created a pull request for the Podcast Index website that allows boosts and boostagrams to be sent using WebLN and Alby.

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@csb @StevenB Whoa! Thanks Steven! Does it only show up if there is a value block listed?



Looking at his (non-daily) source code - see attached pic - Steve is showing it always, also in podcasts without V4V boosting, without using conditional rendering, so I’d reject this Pull Request until it’s fixed.


@csb @dave

I noticed that too last night after I sent the PR and already updated it. But I definitely appreciate the eyes on it though since React is not my everyday language, especially Class based components.



cool beans, my mistake, I should have looked at whole Pull Request not just at one commit

so: your Pull Request is worthy of approval


@csb @StevenB Ok, deploying this. Do I need to run yarn... npm install... both? I have to admit I have no idea what yarn is/does.


nope, i don't think so

rationale: when I was deploying to my personal testing dev: (runs on heroku = salesforce's cloud that runs on top of Amazon AWS) then I needed to do absolutely nothing, it was building off github repo changes automagically (even detecting changes in github and auto-starting build and deploy).


@csb @StevenB It complained about two missing packages. I ran yarn and it blew up. Ran npm install and now it's blowing up worse. I'm deleting the local repo copy and re-cloning it down to start over with a fresh npm. My local copy was almost 1 gig. That's just unreal.


yez, npm/node.js ecosystem is yuge elephant

i forgottten that this boostogram upgrade needs new packages so maybe you need to upgrade toolchain too

for comparison sake see versions that were used when I was building it for my transcript upgrade - in attachment

yez, new clone and rebuilding can help, if not you need to probably increase version numbers to make packages compatible with each other...


@csb @StevenB Purging and re-cloning fixed it because reasons and unicorns. How does anybody deploy stuff like this and get any sleep at night.


> How does anybody deploy
> stuff like this and get any
> sleep at night.

cloud is the answer, Dave!

I do all builds and deployments from git repos to cloud, no local compilations needed === zero stress

and IaC === infrastructure as code, no clicking


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