I am getting reports that boost out of fountain to my show is showing an error. I confirmed it, but I have no idea what the error is.

Can someone send a small boost to geek news central through fountain and see if its happening

Anyone have a contact email for the alby team nearly impossible to reach them from their website.

One thing I have noticed about Helipad and I am sure its purely a function of my Rasberry PI but when I am remote and load Helipad in Tor it takes an incredible long time to load. Preparing for @dave boost during the live recording streaming of NMS at PM22.. Will do my best to have the Lit tag in place before that event.

So how are those of you that are using the LIT tag doing so with a Video Stream?

In regards to Apple's Delegated Delivery, when I was briefed at the time under NDA on what Apple was going to do.

I had a pretty frank discussion with them on parts of their implementation that could have been solved with PodPing versus what they developed.

I told them part of what they have created in that regard was complete overkill.

But Apple will do what Apple wants to do.

Proves that the Podcast 2.0 initiatives continue to be very important.

Part 2: That said at this point I am thinking we will use the transcript tag to be the source file for the cc web player playback.. Thoughts?

Part 1: We are actively looking at building a new web player that will support CC during media playback on a web player.

We have been talking internally should we just use the transcript tag as the reference for the web player and CC. Obviously a raw txt file would not work but JSON and SRT will allow the text to pace with the playback.

So the issue that keeps coming into my head is a lot of podcasters are using the transcript tag where they link a PDF file of their show transcript

Big thanks to @SirSpencer for setting up the ring of fire. Learning more every day.

Been thinking about Podcast 2.0 the link for the average podcaster over Podcast Index and the home of the Podcast 2.0 initative is not clear.

We have a lot of podcasters who just dont know about any of this and get cross eyed.

We here understand what podcast 2.0 is but regular podcasters do not.

I think we should work to finding a domain that is easy to remember and contains all the podcast 2.0 discussions. We have to make the messaging do clear a 4th grader can figure it out.

One thing about running your own lightning node. This is not for the faint at heart considering you need to be on a ring of fire to easily move satoshis.

While the @satoshisstream stream guys have ROF you can work with. Is anyone within this group organizing there own ROF?

I am a bit dangerous yet in figuring this out but its a total mind fuck.

@dave Up and running helipad nothing has shown up yet but cool non the less.

So I have used coinbase for a couple of years, never delved to deep in crypto. But I am looking at my umbrel and they do not connect with coinbase or there wallet. Do you guys have a preference on wallets?

One thing I guess Google is good for is finding podcast feeds that you did not know existed that contained a mirror of your content. Speaker has apparently made speaker feeds for shows in its directory.

I have an account over there so will be figuring out if this was my error or are they hijacking feeds.

Is anyone interested in contributing code to PowerPress to help us expedite Podcast 2.0 >

I am pushing my dev team to put PP on Github to facilitate joins etc.

If you want to listen to something entertaining the last 90 minutes of the New Media show this week shows you where some creator's heads are.

I had a call with the Facebook podcast team today. I talked about the podcast index initiatives with them. They took a specific interest in popping I have referenced my contact there to the github page.

Who is the point person on the team that I can share an email address with them to.

@phoneboy do you have the rss feed that throws the warning on the 3000x3000 image they want to cross check and make sure nothing odd is going on.

PowerPress 8.5 released with the following support.

Added settings for Podcast Index tags: locked, location, funding, transcript, chapters

Hey can you guys look at this listing


The guys feed is clean belt.live/feed/podcast/
Unless I missed something. But trying to figure out where the extra characters are coming from.

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