Hey can you guys look at this listing


The guys feed is clean belt.live/feed/podcast/
Unless I missed something. But trying to figure out where the extra characters are coming from.

So we had a meeting at blubrry on the namespaces. Angelo has some concerns on a couple of items and he is going to send me the write up over.

We have a plan on what we will be tackling first. We run the castfeedvalidator.com so once the namespaces are locked in we will start updating that tool to support the namespaces.

We will also start updating some of our tools powerpress and others over 4-5 phases. Big lift for us as we have three systems to update.

So I hope you all well take in consideration when we compile the tag list that we name the namespace "podcast" this way we can build this out to be the authorative list for podcasting

I also know some want to support JSON. I personally have major reservations in the short term as we need something that can be adopted. Not something that requires heavy heavy lift for major players to support two specs

I have asked my dev's to join here but wanted to share a comment by one of my dev's today in testing your api.

Ran a test on podcastindex.

They do recognize a duplicate submission if they exact URL has already been submitted, and will return the feedId in their system along with a message saying the feed already exists

They do not, however, recognize a duplicate feed when a query string is added.

Todd cheking in. Would love to talk about tag expansion.

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