Okay... Set up some scripts to change, retrieve, and restore custom PEW sounds.

It took like 20 minutes, mostly because I forgot how to use pscp.

I'm putting together a live set and the number of my own songs I can actually play is embarrassingly small.

Got some spam from onpodium today. I don't think they have any P2.0 features.

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Happy to announce that my convo with @SirSpencer is out. If you've been interested in the latest talk about Music Podcasts then it's worth checking out and learning more about the DeMu app that he's creating. Also because he's a legend!



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This is a complete podcast video run down of the judgement granted to us in our #CryptoClassAction giving us leave to serve Facebook and Google.



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@ablekirby @SirSpencer @SignsOfNewGrowth @dave @adam @StevenB @mitch I either mentioned you all heavily, used your music or the infrastructure you created and want to thank you personally here. Also all of you should have got paid (in small and large amounts) during the last hour. Fucking incredible!!!

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@rheedio Are plays like jukebox credits? Does it show how many I have somewhere? I'm not sure I understand.

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Hi everyone, just joined to learn more about the podcasting 2.0 spec, see how I might be able to contribute on the music side.

I run a Lighting-powered music site called Wavlake, which is what brought me here. I think there could be an interesting opportunity to collaborate

Thanks @dave for the invite!

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A music app or integration cannot exist without a <medium> tag endpoint.

PodFriend "Add Funds to Wallet" is working again! YAY.

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There are now 58 apps and services using Podcasting 2.0

Have a look! l.curry.com/fz1

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@Boo_BuryMothman I successfully streamed on NA Tube and shared my screen doing some fun art stuff! There is so much potential. 🤩
You can see us running with scissors because of the video! Now to get those sats streamed. 🤙😎💯⚡️

Got off my ass and got another instance of Podcast Generator spun up.

cc @coldacid @SirSpencer

Today on AbleKraft with @SirSpencer

We renew our vows, change the oil, and put some gas back in our tank. News of the DeMu abounds. We also read your boostagrams!

AbleKraft Episode 30: "Please Recycle"

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