@dave @adam I'm in touch with Scribliotech, Inc. (scribl.com) which is a company that hosts audio books, many as RSS feeds.

They are having a podcasting strategy review next Friday, Oct 22 and are interested in Podcast namespace features:

* medium tag
* private/paid feeds
* chapters

I think you should speak with them before that. I'm a terrible pitch man. May I put you in touch with their Author Support guy so you can get a feel for their wants and needs?

How long will the Podcast Ring of Fire last before it needs to be rebalanced?

AbleKraft with @SirSpencer Episode 13 "The Hive Slide" is live.

In this episode, we propose a national channel management holiday, hardware boosters, and discuss "who you are in Hive".

Check it out here:

@martin @StevenB
In my car, I have a button to command Bluetooth audio to repeat playlist/repeat track. It's a button I don't use for podcasts.

Is there any chance Curio Caster or Podfriend could use that button event to boost? I'd love to have a hardware boost button for when I'm driving.

Can I oppose NFTs only on the basis of how ugly they are?

I'm thinking of a system that mirrors incoming transaction records from my raspiblitz wallet(s) to a remote SQL database or similar...

Seems like a more suitable framework to build accounting and reporting tools on and acts as a buffer between LN tasks and analyst tasks. Basically the node should process as few things as possible.

I'm waffling between thinking this is a great idea and worrying it is dangerous.

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A strange dichotomy to discuss bitcoin around a fire. What a night.

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I thought I'd lost the pictures... but I haven't. Here's the photos from the time I was interviewed by Tammy Bruce in my updated Hive post.


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I'm sitting in virtual Australian Court listening to my partner explain the Hive Blockchain to the Judge and explain the mechanism of Hive Power 🙂

I'm prohibited by law from recording this but it's priceless.... I'll have a transcript later.

This Judge is even understanding it!

I'm not convinced that humans should manage channels. Those should be handled by a caste of crypto-elite node masters bred from day trader and gameshow contestant genes...

Or by a script that makes circular transactions once in a while.

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The whole point of v4v is there's no ceiling. I want to insta-duchess a podcast. It is impossible to do now without paypal.

Doing some Bobcat Feeder development. I think pub date strings are compliant now, but PI still shows it as 12/31/1969... What am I missing?


<pubdate>Fri, 08 Oct 2021 23:28:43 +0000</pubdate>

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Shows I can think of that talk about and/or support Podcasting 2.0:

Podcasting 2.0
No Agenda
Moe Factz
Mere Mortals
Sir Gene Speaks
Grumpy Old Bens
Randumb Thoughts

Did anybody make a boost-bait sound clip repo yet? About to kick one off.

So far, I'm seeing more Japanese podcasts than I was led to believe existed. Recent reports of podcast consumption had Japan at the bottom... Why am I getting so many hits in the database?

A feed called PoopStories is in the first 20 rows of the database and each time I see it, I laugh.

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Episode 65 of Rare Encounter is here to hit you in the earholes! Listen in to @AbleKirby and I for an hour and learn the connection between sexy posable statues, plague squirrels, and the destruction of Sodom.


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