🎙️ 💰 Here is a short video demonstrating our end-to-end value 4 value integration with Alby (and Fountain): loom.com/share/d7ea8998228948d
To the best of our knowledge, this is the most straightforward implementation to date, which elevates value 4 value from a PoC to a real-world feature and makes it really accessible to end users 🚀
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Had a great conversation with @cameron, who is doing a fantastic job with ipfspodcasting.net. has challenges including speed, but there is potential. The key is democratized access via an easy client that anyone can install in their machine in a couple of clicks. Because the US already has a decent number of nodes, at RSS.com we spun up a node in Milan (Italy), the biggest in Europe to date 🌍 🎙️ Re-hosting Podcasting 2.0 by @adam and @dave and 1.5k+ episodes from other shows

@dave We published a new features page today and happily mentioned Podcasting 2.0 Go Podcasting! rss.com/features/

@dave we just launched our “Switch to RSS” public page that uses the PodcastIndex API in the show search box. Your API works like a charm and the response time is great so far. Impressive! 🚀⚡️

I was wondering... 🤔How can chapters and soundbites coexist with Dynamic Ads Insertion? Start and end times of chapters and soundbites change depending on the ad length. Modifying the RSS feed on the fly with the new times would not solve the issue since the client app will have already downloaded the feed containing all the metadata prior to serving the enclosed file. Am I missing something or chapters/soundbites and DAI are mutually exclusive at the moment?

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