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💙 Holy Podfriend Batman! 💙

I have taken a big decision for the betterment of mankind: Podfriend is now open source with the MIT license.

A big decision, because the code is downright ugly, with a lot of crap that's not used. But if I wait until it's perfect it would never happen.

So clone it, steal ideas from it, love it and above all be excellent to each other 💙

Also feel free to send pull requests, although I will probably be very selective about what I merge :)

I finally took a look at That was a mistake. :D Who would have thought watching an endless series of podcast updates would be such compulsive viewing!

Taking a look at the latest podcast related tweets over on Twitter and it's just full of people slating the updated Apple Podcasts app. Not found one yet that has a good thing to say about it.

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I may, or may not, be releasing this today in Podnews; but thought you might find it interesting. There's been a significant change in how the Apple Podcasts app works.

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By "to make less PodcastIndex API calls" what I clearly mean is "to make FEWER PodcastIndex API calls" and I apologise to any English teachers reading this

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Hi @dave - what's the best way to report duplicates in the index and is there anything we can do to help find them? The BBC seem to be big offenders here. Could a duplicate check be included in the aggregator so that each instance can look for duplicates in the set of feeds they have been assigned? Or is that already in the plan? Cheers.

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The next ep of Podland - good interview with Alban from Buzzsprout about Podcasting 2.0, as well as value 4 value with Sam and I.

Anytime Player is now out of Beta and I've released v1.0 onto the Google Play Store. This is mostly a bug fix release over the last Beta, but if anyone has a little time to try it out and give feedback that would be great. Cheers.

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🚀 Finally!

Newest version of Podfriend is ready for bug hunts!

Biggest news: Streaming and boosting of Sats!

It is ONLY on the web and android right now. This version has been so long underway that I fear for some bugs that I would love to fix before submitting a new iOS version to the store.

But please try to put a few $ in your wallet (the wallet is tied to your account, so you will use the same one if you change platform).

Feedback about the onboarding and usage is SO welcome.

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Launched a new podcast today all about time. Turned on value4value for it as well, because why not. *So* many episodes already in the can. (And already looking as if it's going to break Podcast Index, too!)

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Congratulations for now being officially bigger than Apple Podcasts (and therefore the largest open podcast directory in the world).

(Is there a simple method to send podcasters to "add your show to the Podcast Index"? I notice you're missing from )

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❤️ A @satoshisstream user says:

" I’ll tell you though.. been trying to monetize my pod for a year in the “traditional” way

Only 3 weeks on Sphinx, podcast index, breez and I’m already making more directly from my listeners than I have in 12 months the “old way" "

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Installed Breeze app today, much easier for podcast listeners to setup. Video shows boosting and incoming payment on my node in real time. Fantastic! @dave

Hi @dave. I've noticed in the chapters file for the latest episode the HTTP headers report it as text/plain. If I look at older episodes they are reported as application/json. I only noticed as Anytime was bailing out on the current episode chapters as it's looking for application/json. Is text/plain valid? Cheers.

I thought @dave comments on this week's show about the transcript tag being low-hanging fruit for developers really interesting. I've looked to add transcripts to my app, but have found it quite complex. There are the different formats in text, HTML, JSON and SRT to support; and then how to you display that to the user in a friendly way that also won't eat a device's battery or use lots of RAM? Am I over thinking this tag - is it actually much simpler than I think?

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A very lively first episode of our new show, The Show Business Show, all about the business of podcasting. Our guest was @jamescridland.

Some very spicy sound bites!

@adam @dave @Todd_Blubrry all get a mention and more.

Video & podcast episode links:

Hi all. I've released a new version of my Anytime Podcast Player for Android to the Play Store. This adds support for searching via, chapters and funding links. Anytime is still pre-v1.0 and so has a few rough edges, but if anyone would like to take it for a spin and give me some feedback - good or bad - that would be fantastic!

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