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The company I work for has a dedicated podcast for Open Source - It might be interesting for anyone that wants to get Open Source insights from a corporate / industry perspective:

Our latest The Open Source Way #podcast episode 'Open Source at VMware – Key Driver of Innovation' with Dawn Foster is out now! Tune it to learn about
's contribution to #opensource & the importance of project & community health.


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Something clicked in my brain today. The passion to program on Podfriend came back.

The break has truly been good for me, and while I do still want to work on my other project (because it's relaxing in another way) I feel completely renewed and passionate about Podfriend again.

What's been extraordinary is seeing how many people still use Podfriend every day. Holy crap that's motivating. Thank you truly.

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With progressive web apps dying a slow death by a thousand cuts, anyone have a better recommendation than flutter for cross-platform future-proof product (with web app being the main initial focus) ? Flutter’s where it’s at for me at the moment. If it’s good enough for breez!

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@adam & @dave I am loyally listening each and every week!
I definitely burnt myself out on Podfriend last year. I pushed myself a liiiittle bit too hard plus the day job and the new house, etc.
- Since then I've been working a bit on another side project, but I can feel the motivation for Podfriend coming back and I have some things I myself want to see in Podfriend. So hopefully development will pick up Soon™.

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I apologize in advance of the board meeting. I have been called to the front lines for an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

After a secret discussion in a smoky back room, the executive board decided we must sacrifice this week's meeting for the opportunity at hand.

Please direct any complaints to management

Hi @dave QQ: Do you know roughly how often the list of categories returned by the /categories/list endpoint changes? Just trying to work out if I need to call this to make sure I am always up to date or, short term, if I can take the current list and build it into the code as a static list. Cheers.

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Fountain 0.2.14 is live! ⚡

- Share web links to shows/episodes
- Sleep timer
- Import OMPL
- Audio error fixes

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Lightning Podcast Charity Fund going live this weekend - please share with friends and family who might have been on the fence up until now!

Hey all. Wondering if I could pick the brains of the iOS devs in here. I am trying to move my app out of Test Flight and into the store and have several new hoops to jump through. It's asking me the question of 'Does your app contain, show, or access third-party content?' Do you guys select Yes to this question? As a podcast app it does access third-party content, but it's all publicly available content. Cheers.

Hey @merryoscar I was trying to listen to your interview on Once Bitten on Anytime but it fails to play on an Android 6 device. I tried playing it on Fountain on the same device and that fails too. For Anytime it's complaining that the podcast host certificate has expired. As we're both building with Flutter I wonder if it's the same issue. Would be interested to hear if you have the same problem. Works fine on a newer version of Android. Cheers

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Fountain 0.2.7 is now live:

- 🐛Fixed a bug where deleted episodes were re-syncing
- ✅Added episode and show counts
- 🏎Improved performance so that everything feels faster

For me the performance improvement on this version is really noticeable - would love to hear if others notice the same?

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New in Podverse 3.2.1 ⚠️

- Auto-delete downloaded episodes when played until end.

- Indicate which episodes have been playing until end with a green checkmark.

- More screen reader improvements.

- Misc. bug fixes

App should be available on iOS and Android in a few days.

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New version of Podcast Guru (Android) is out, we added support for: Person, Location, Season, Episode and License tags. Not ready to update the apps page yet, waiting for iOS to launch which is super super close now.

I've released a new Beta of Anytime Player with new OPML import/export, episode level images, semi-auto episode refresh and several fixes and performance improvements. This also marks the first release for iOS (via TestFlight). If you fancy taking it for a spin and giving me some feedback that would be fantastic. All links can be found on the new website:

That's one word to describe it 🤣 It does seem to be getting better though - I feel I have fewer upgrade issues as the versions progress.

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💙 Holy Podfriend Batman! 💙

I have taken a big decision for the betterment of mankind: Podfriend is now open source with the MIT license.

A big decision, because the code is downright ugly, with a lot of crap that's not used. But if I wait until it's perfect it would never happen.

So clone it, steal ideas from it, love it and above all be excellent to each other 💙

Also feel free to send pull requests, although I will probably be very selective about what I merge :)

I finally took a look at That was a mistake. :D Who would have thought watching an endless series of podcast updates would be such compulsive viewing!

Taking a look at the latest podcast related tweets over on Twitter and it's just full of people slating the updated Apple Podcasts app. Not found one yet that has a good thing to say about it.

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I may, or may not, be releasing this today in Podnews; but thought you might find it interesting. There's been a significant change in how the Apple Podcasts app works.

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