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Interesting approach on sharing/transfering your data between apps e.g. when switching your primary podcast app:

@brianoflondon @agates Is there an audio rss feed for the dev meeting recordings?

@eazy Which XML namespaces go into a collection feed? All namespaces your system knows?

Is there already good audio book podcast feed example with one item per chapter?

@dave Where can I find this graph with the “Podcast Cloud” which are you two referring in episode 68 at ~25m27s?

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"Today was my last day at Oracle, and thus also in the MySQL team. [...] MySQL is a pretty poor database, and you should strongly consider using Postgres instead."


Hmm, today’s @podnews episode really leaves me wondering if James programmed/trained an “AI” to produce the audio of his podcast…

@dave @adam Your comments regarding Podlove Simple Chapters are little bit... How should I describe it... Maybe just read @ericteubert comment again:

The namespace definition exists since 2013 [] and is widely in use – at least in our podcast bubble here in (the german speaking part) of Europe. It also has support for images, and traffic is not a real argument because of Paged Feeds.

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The API is capturing and returning <podcast:guid> now. There are a few using it already actually. Not just @jamescridland

@agates @brianoflondon I needed to add `USE_TEST_NODE = False` to the beginning of – otherwise it fails due to uninitialized variables

@adam In which software are you recording the P20 podcast?

Is today‘s dev meetup at the regular room?

@agates Where can one find your peertube fork?

@dave – How should the authentication header for people hosting their own feed work? Initial registration via token in /.well-known/podping, which is also on the same host as the feed?

Example PR on how to add your podcast client to the (new) Podlove Subscribe Button: (also add yourself to the index + readme)

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I may, or may not, be releasing this today in Podnews; but thought you might find it interesting. There's been a significant change in how the Apple Podcasts app works.

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