Example PR on how to add your podcast client to the (new) Podlove Subscribe Button: github.com/podlove/podlove-ui/ (also add yourself to the index + readme)

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I may, or may not, be releasing this today in Podnews; but thought you might find it interesting. There's been a significant change in how the Apple Podcasts app works.


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@dave @adam You should really publish the 3-5 top level chapters like Intro, Guests: XXX, Namespace-Talk, Thank You, etc. yourself at the same time you are publishing the episode.

@Todd_Blubrry blubrry.com/support/podcast-di still lists an link to the now defunct feedvalidator.com site, maybe you should replace it with a link to castfeedvalidator.com/ :-)

@dave Could you add the person search to the API docs?

@dave Do you already have an endpoint listing podcast feed generator stats?

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With version 3.4.0 the Podlove Publisher Plugin now supports the transcript and person tags. Thanks to @ericteubert.

@hypercatcher Any plans to add a chapters list to the player, c.f. Castro or Podfriend?

@martin And maybe a banner that explains that due to Apples current PWA implementation, background audio works better when you run the app as browser tab :-(
Or did you happen to find a way to get the corresponding app permissions?

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@martin You might want to add a “touch-icon” meta header tag to podfried, so iOS users get a proper icon on the home screen instead of

@dave Is `<podcast:season name="Race for the White House 2020"/>` a valid element, or is the season integer required?

@adam Is it possible to propose guests for ‚Podcasting 2.0‘? If yes: I would really like a discussion between you two and the Podlove.org guys.

@dave If you do not like to write JavaScript, you should try TypeScript. :-)

@dave Has podcastindex.org already provide an endpoint listing all feeds implementing podcast:chapters?

@adam Where can I propose an information architecture for your newpodcastapps.com idea?

@dave You can use Auphonic as workflow automation tool for adapting AWS/etc. Speech Recognition service to the typical transcript file formats auphonic.com/blog/2018/07/03/t

Use a multitrack feature if your DAW supports that for export

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