We're a little late to the party, but just in time to catch a ride from the future!

Behind the Sch3m3s is live with a Sphinx tribe and a brand new shiny Sphinx button! Come hang out with us! We can't wait to see you!


"If you think the real power centers in the US are the Proud Boys, 4Chan & Boogaloos rather than the CIA, FBI, NSA, Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and spend most of your time battling the former while serving the latter as stenographers, your journalism is definitionally shit."

- Glenn Greenwald

I have a question/am in need of some guidance if any one is willing. I was in the Sphinx chat for about a week (still have it up and running) before I ran out of Sats. In the process of trying to get the desktop version installed so I could connect to a wallet to re-up, I keep getting error out messages when I attempt to access the wallet in Sphinx. Admittedly, the first time I've ever messed with BTC was specifically for this, so I'm excited to be a participant!

@adam I heard you mention on the latest Moe Factz that there is a Moe Factz tribe but I couldn't find a link on Moe's website and I don't see it on tribes.sphinx.chat either, is it unlisted? Would love to boost ya in there

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