Got 340 laid down but I gotta take a break for romance & lay down someone much more important 😏

11 years ago today, I decided to hop in the car and drive about four hours to Cannabis Revival in Joplin with @SirSpencer -- and the rest is history!

Happenings or not, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Grateful to journey through time and space sharing this abundant, bountiful life co-hosting #BowlAfterBowl with you!

You score a three and half hour interview with the human slave of Sleazy P Martini…and decided to call the show GWARpod.

GWARcast was already taken.

And as an extra thanks to everybody I've included you all in a 5% split for the episode. Check out this ridiculousness lol.

So check your boostagrams all, I just sent a thank you present. And guess what every single split went through!!! That's 24 splits that all succeeded. Podcasting is awesome, Bitcoin is awesome, P2.0 is awesome and you're all awesome!

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The next Podverse release will include an "Added by RSS" indicator.

This lets you know which episodes are available in the Podverse database and support the full range of features...and which are "add by custom RSS" feeds, and don't have full feature support.

Thanks to @technicalissues and @merryoscar for inspiration!

Github issue:

Was so glad to see this on the NAstream last night.

Absolutely killer episode.

The Higherside Chats feat. @texas_slim

I did! 😊 Got some serious lingering BTS vibes after having @lavish in the Bowl haha

@SirSpencer @RevCyberTrucker

Happy Tokin' Tuesday, Bowlers! Join @SirSpencer and I in the Bowl for Episode 191 of #BowlAfterBowl ✨TONIGHT✨ at 9 PM Central.

You know @RevCyberTrucker will be busting in with another #MetalMoment for us to enjoy!

Remember to call and tell us about the First Time YOU Ever lost the game:

(816) 607-3663



Give value:


@Meremortals Kyrin, My daughter tie-dyed my MM shirt. I think it looks pretty rad:

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