Podcasting 2.0 - Episode 103: "Where's Briana" -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org - Sats or Stats, that is the question! l.curry.com/fAX

Castopod v1.0.0-beta.22 is here! 🚀

This release is full of bug fixes, grab the package on castopod.org/

Check out the release notes for the full list of fixes and update instructions: code.castopod.org/adaures/cast

Hello @danbenjamin & @dave.
@yassinedoghri and I are starting implementing ULID on @Castopod (and OP3, poke @js).
Is there already a platform using it?

If you are looking for an easy way to self-host your podcasts, search no more: with Cloud Panel_io v2, installing Castopod has never been easier!
Just follow our step-by-step tutorial, and voilà!

Castopod v1.0.0-beta.21 is up! 📦🚀

Now fully translated in
✅ Simplified Chinese (zh-Hans)
✅ Catalan (ca)

Thanks to @thy@im.irithys.com (zh-Hans) and caos30 (ca) for having translated Castopod in only a few days ⚡🤯

Grab the new version on castopod.org/

** NOTICE **

The behavior of #Zrythm trial version binaries will be relaxed soon:
- no limits on save/load/export
- the only limitation will be a maximum number of 25 tracks

Zrythm is #FreeSoftware :
- paid binaries help support development
- users can always build Zrythm from source at no cost

Can you guess which language is coming to Castopod v1.0.0-beta.21?! 😉
Hint: That's 850 000 000 new listeners.

🇫🇷 La version en Français, « L'ère du podcast 2.0 (Pourquoi j'utilise Castopod) » est également toujours disponible sur le blog de @dimregnier.

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The Era of Podcasting 2.0 has begun! 🚀
👉️ Read this article from @dimregnier and you'll know everything about this amazing story that involves independence, innovation, love and Podcasting 2.0…

@10leej @thelinuxcast we create FOSS podcast players, but not RSS hosting software.

I recommend @Castopod for FOSS RSS hosting. I’m not sure if you would have to self-host or they can do that for you though.

If that’s not what you’re looking for check out newpodcastapps.com and filter by “hosting”. These are all apps that are actively extending RSS standards to support new podcast features (aka Podcasting 2.0).

Castopod has been implementing ActivityPub and exploring the Fediverse (and beyond!) since version alpha 42. That was in April 2021. (Time flies!)

Time for the board meeting! We're running with scissors live with episode 98. 🎙🏃‍♂️✂️💥🎉🍻


Podcasting 2.0 comments thread for episode 98. It’s show time!! 🎉🍻🎙🔥

Comme je suis un peu neuneu, je viens de comprendre comment je pouvais voir qui suivait @lemegaphone sur @Castopod

Alors MERCI à toutes et tous !!! 💓

@r3mix @PacoVelobs @Deidre @benjaminbellamy @dagure @ritchy @SiegfriedEhret @dp @jb @jaiecoute @Nemo @dvd @wydow @jbrichard @Troll @ButterflyOfFire @PhieLaidMignon @panais @agnesaltairis @perseus @Nabis @jesuismonsieurb @agouritin @hugues @globcoco

J'espère n'avoir oublié personne... Et pardon pour le retard ! 😬

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