Podcasting 2.0 for November 27th 2020 Episode 13: Fire in the Hole
Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org
Dan Benjamin from Fireside.fm joins the board meeting to talk about our favorite topics: namespaces and lightning! l.curry.com/flL

Castopod supports #WebMonetization! 馃捀
Thanks to the Web Monetization standard, you can receive money directly from your audience.

phew, apps page exceeded unlucky number, I am relieved:

podcastindex.org/apps .

let's push it to 33 (magic number)!

(by requesting from podcast app developers to support podcast index dot org elements/tags)

Phew. Released a new version of Podfriend.

I could easily have spent a few more weeks on it to make it smoother, but that will come in time.

So the new stuff (beyond a lot of internal stuff)

- "Playing" pane: you can now drag the miniplayer "up" (or click the cover) to see transcripts/chapters more easily.
- Trending podcasts (I'll have to do some more with them, but it's nice to show some content on the "welcome page" when new visitors arrive).
- Hopefully better updating of new episodes

Regarding the transcript files, I鈥檓 just wondering: shouldn鈥檛 the mime type for srt be application/x-subrip ?

New episode of my podcast, on my alternate feed complete with value tags. I'll add the transcripts later.


I'm talking all about Podcasting 2.0 and why we should rev the version number to 3.0! Value for Value!

Now listening to 鈥淧odcasting 2.0 for November 20th 2020 Episode 12: Breaking Code鈥, twice, in two different apps because I want to test all the cool new features they talk about in the podcast! 馃憤馃コ馃帳馃帶

Castopod v1.0.0-alpha.20 is out!

It adds support for:
- podcast:id tag
- podcast:funding tag
- podcast:social tag
- podcast:previousUrl tag


Listen to the most 鈥渁gile鈥 you can find: 鈥淧odcasting 2.0, Episode 11: Streaming Sats鈥 with @adam & @dave ! 馃帣鈿欙笍馃

Installing Castopod on Cloud Panel makes websites administration very easy.
Here is a quick tutorial to help you install everything you need to start #podcasting !

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