@disruptionpr Le podcast comme réseau social avec ActivityPub en plus du RSS, un concept tout à fait disruptif de @Castopod @nitot tu devrais jeter un œil pour l'octet vert 👌

14.5 million satoshis of value flowed through Value 4 Value Streaming payments from Listeners to Podcasters and App Developers. Search for your podcast on podcastindex.org and hit the lightning bolt to enable your podcast today! #podcasting2.0 l.curry.com/fpJ

Les Poésies d’Héloïse
🇫🇷 À partir d'aujourd'hui, le #podcast 🎙 des Poésies d’Héloïse est sur tous les réseaux sociaux décentralisés du Fediverse : Écoutez 👂, Aimez 💓, Partagez 🔄 et Commentez 💬 directement depuis n'importe quel serveur Mastodon 🐘 (ou autre). 🚀
🇺🇸 Starting today, “Les Poésies d'Héloïse” #podcast 🎙 is available on all decentralized social networks of the Fediverse: Listen 👂, Like 💓, Share 🔄 and Comment 💬 from any Mastodon server 🐘 (or any other). 🚀
(Powered by @Castopod@podlibre.social 🤖 📼)

When my Umbrel node is up and running, what's the next step to monetize my podcast with LND? Is there a FAQ "LND for dummies somewhere"?

Hello @samsethi, @dave & @adam.
I was listening to Episode #31 (Cooking with Gas) and I heard you talking about “timestamped comments”: this is on already on @Castopod's roadmap. Castopod already allows comments on an episode thanks to ActivityPub protocol. In a next version you'll be able to specify a timestamp, either by manually adding [hh:mm:ss] in your comment (eg. “1:34:15 GO PODCASTING! 🗣️ ”) or automatically thanks to the client you're using.

The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Podcasting, The Fediverse, and Everything…
🎉 Castopod alpha-4️⃣2️⃣ is out!🚀

It brings social networking to podcasts, and podcasting into social networks!
The podcasting universe has finally merged with the #Fediverse. 😌

We just released @Castopod version alpha-F15h, with Facebook login, dynamic background audio ad insertion from beginning to end, and automatic publication to MySpace. 🚀
Download source code here: podlibre.org/static/castopod-v

Soon we are going to tell you the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Podcasting, The Fediverse, and Everything.
@Castopod alpha-4️⃣2️⃣ is coming… 🤫

Hello @dave, I tried to add a new feed with /add/byfeedurl but I don't get any response and the feed is not inserted. Any idea what I did wrong?

Podcasting 2.0 for March 19th 2021 Episode 29: The Castaways -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org and welcome Benjamin Bellamy from Castopod

You need to add some RSS tag that Castopod has not covered (yet)? Do not panic, Castopod has a solution for you!

@adam @dave @jamescridland
Anyone has any question, feeback, comment on suggestion on the <podcast:recommendation> tag?

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In order to enable seamless interactions between @hypercatcher and @Castopod , I wrote a draft for the podcast:chapters API Specification.

All comments are welcome.

We hope this will open a path to more collaborations between platforms which use the PodcastIndex namespace.


Thank you David for your support. 🙏

Poke @adam @dave @jamescridland

Podcasting 2.0 Explainer: Ok, here is the very rough first draft of "What is Podcasting 2.0"...


When I'm writing I tend to just barf everything on the page first, then go back and clean it up. If anyone has edits feel free to do a PR.

I'll work on the v4v section last.

Again, this is very rough draft. The audience for this document is intended to be _anyone_ who asks "what exactly is this podcasting 2.0" thing.

@dave transcripts, person tag, enhanced chapters have all made the experience better. I think features like that have to dominate our focus while we are still trying get some healthy rebels!

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