“The iPod was never really the format where the podcast flourished (that would be the smartphone), but at the time podcasts were getting started, the iPod was pretty much the only game in town.”

I have so many of these since I upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 that I don't even bother to close them anymore… I just keep them stacked on top of each other…

Big announcement!

Livestream notifications have been added to Podverse iOS and Android 🥳

Podcasters can now broadcast live to all podcast apps by adding the Podcasting 2.0 live item tag to their RSS feed.

"New episode" notifications have also been added.

Demo: peertube.podverse.fm/w/pddEt3e

App Store: apps.apple.com/us/app/podverse

Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/det

Thank you @vince, you are our 900ᵗʰ follower on @Mastodon!
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ActivityPub rules! ✊

What's the link between Podcasting 🎙️, French high speed train 🚄, free speech 🗣️, Fediverse 🦣 and Origami 🐦?!

All the answers in this interview by @fredurb1!

👉 blog.castopod.org/castopod-the

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Hello fellow podcasters!
We need your feedback.
Can you tell us what you like the most about Castopod?

How does it feel to be a sexobject?
Een hoopje zwarte elastieken. Een korset. Dat vinden we in een van de gigantische ruimtes in de RCE. Het blijken de restanten van de performance How does it feel to be a sexobject. Waarom bewaart de RCE een performance? Kan dat wel? Een aflevering over feministische kunst, de onechtheid van de Nachtwacht en de onmogelijkheid je vijfde verjaardag te herhalen.
Wie Wat Bewaart is een audioproductie van Horens, in samenwerking met de Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed.

Culprit was Snap indeed. Eventually fixed it with apt-get and gnome-software...

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Seems to be a Snap issue so here it is:
We all hate it, we do NOT want it.

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Looks like the update Ubuntu is sending right after the install is the culprit and crashes the laptop for good.

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Just installed Ubuntu 22.04 from scratch, for the second time, because of too many audio issues.
On a fresh install it won't even launch Firefox nor Ubuntu Software. Exited abnormally with status 127.
That's it for me, going back to 21.10.
Tell me when it's really ready.

@killyourfm @Magess @Castopod

@benjaminbellamy is one of the developers, and is very helpful if you have any questions.

@killyourfm @Magess @Castopod

Here's a link to Sovereign Feeds

And Castopod

And here's a list of apps supporting Podcasting 2.0

You can click on the filters to narrow it down to just hosting companies if you want.

@StevenB @Magess @Castopod My eternal thanks. I already started digging around at castopod.org, and that looks RIGHT up my alley.

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