Now on my way to Linz 🇦🇹 to give a talk about tomorrow at the “Building a European Cultural Backbone” convention. 🇪🇺

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@benjaminbellamy this is a great conference. Interested in your talk! Is the event recorded?

cc @sl007 you'll find interesting stuff here for Redaktor.

will watch in full, stepped through at work.
Is there something online already for “Common Data model for Community Media” ?
(saw the podcast spec. already)
We're working on a similar thing and maybe you want to attend the ActivityPub meeting.

@humanetech @benjaminbellamy

PS, I guess it will be interesting for @hamishcampbell as well
--> - wind back or recording later (?) …

@humanetech @benjaminbellamy

Thank you for mentioning EBUCore, my lovely monster which I have to feed for tv pieces :)
Also XMP DM and the IPTC things might be relevant.
We can get the people in, they were interested. Also NYT.
It seems really we want to do the same. You're an audio expert, I'm an image guy, do you have meetings ?
Began with collecting things in and going to structure and base it on the as: OWL …
I would really like to document all the used extensions there.
We are watching now for work.
Benjamin, would be happy to talk.


In the end you spoke about 'widgets' …
That is where most of @redaktor 's (unfunded) work went in. The widgets are in
We spoke about Topics/Context in the last 4 meetings, so also ccing @cpmoser

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