@brianoflondon wiped it and started again.

I think I'll just leave it alone till it synchronizes the whole chain.

Back to my python comfort zone.

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This is flipping frustrating already! I know exactly what the password I used during setup was, it is in my password manager. After reflashing the SD card I thought I'd be back to square one... nope.

Still asking for a password and won't accept anything.

Do I have to wipe the SSD as well? Guess I'll do that and flash the sd card now.

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well that's a let down.... i already can't seem to log back in to the thing with the password I gave it.

I'm pretty good at recording passwords in a password manager, don't think I could have messed that step up....

Hmmm... I think I'll reflash this thing and try again.

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So I drove to Netanya, picked up a little Pi 4, drove to my offices and grabbed a 1TB SSD, raided my son's room for a USB C to USB3 adapter (because I didn't know I needed that...)

And I have Umbrel running and downloading 350GB.

But can I pay 20,000 Sats to it? No. No Route.

Who wants to tell me how to get my routes set up?

Listening to latest episode: @adam specifically the problems of routing and liquidity WILL be solved but only if there is a significant financial reward for it.

You might not like ETH but the mad returns to be made providing liquidity in pools on UNI etc IS the model and the competition for deployed capital that Lightning needs to work with/against.

... this got too long so I wrote a post on Hive about it.


@martin and now resuming after a pause caused by having to talk to my wife and open a picture in WhatsApp podfriend has lost my place and gone back to where I mentioned boosting. IOS.

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@martin resume after a phone call should be a priority for iOS Podfriend πŸ™‚

Finally!!!! The one video on YouTube that solved all my remaining technical challenges!!!


What's the easiest full lightning node distro to set up and is it possible to do it in a virtual environment of any sort?

Hey @phoneboy ... if someone searches the podcastindex for "phone boy" with a space...

have a look what they get... /1

@brianoflondon @martin this is a couple of years ago on the Memorial Day for fallen in war and terrorism but the experience is the same.

Watch for the bat shit crazy Israeli in the black car.


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Huge respect to @martin who just joined me in Israel's nation wide 2 minute silence in memory of the Shoah(Holocaust) as the air raid sirens wailed across Israel.

He couldn't see out my window but this is what I saw.

Anyone else use the iPhone Tootle App for Mastadon? I'm getting dozens of notifications over and over for any activity today.

I feel like I'm making progress: I've just graduated to having a Cors Header problem on my own machine going between a server on port 5000 and 5500 πŸ™‚

Now when I've solved this I want a gold star!

@satoshisstream @brianoflondon @mitch
I'd really like the universal episode id to be something that can also be unpacked to it's original parts. Like base64 instead of hash. That way you don't need to do any lookups to get from id to rss url + guid.

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