Hmmm Castomatic has chapters already @francosolerio but Podverse doesn't @mitch. On latest No Agenda

@Drebscott you'll want a still from here for Anarcho syndicalist commune Hey @Johncdvorak the pronunciation guide for "anarco syndicalist commune" is at 1:40 in this clip. 😎😂

and SQL people... cry more about the "Mixed" field types I have everywhere in my no-schema database 😂.

PS Nobody's using GUID yet for the podcast identifier.

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These are the fields that identify podcasts and episodes as sent by different V4V apps right now that I've detected.

If we're moving to per-episode splits I think it would be useful for those who only send a text version of the show title (which can change) to start adding in either a GUID or the podcast index ID for the episode.

The Missing Cryptoqueen podcast which I listened to the other day really got me thinking about how we can tell the difference between a scam and a real project.

So I wrote a blog post about it.

Ok... I know this has come up before...

What suggestions do we have for an embeddable Podcasting 2.0 player?

@mitch @agates are either of you guys able to isolate where in the source code you're using this chapterisation actually happens? It must be in some library you're using right, neither of you went off and implemented this last night!

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OMG @agates that was quick... you've already got YouTube style chapters working in NATube 🙂

All I did was type them....

I'll be around to start the Jitsi meet for Podcasting 2.0 devs in 40 mins but I'm time limited to 30 mins. Happy to let it run longer and I should be able to close the recording when you're done.

@brianoflondon more precise: Video podcast hosting providers who host video and deliver an rss feed formatted as a podcast.

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I actually binge listened to a fascinating podcast which @jamescridland mentioned on the bird site.

It made me think how hard it is for normies to know how to tell Bitcoin apart from a multi level marketing scam.

It gave me a better appreciation of how rare it is to actually understand blockchain.

I presume you all noticed me taking the day off for Yom Kippur 😎

Was just on a call with the dev in Nigeria who's doing the podcaster config page for 3speak creators to set podcast descriptions, title, image, categories and languages. All of that info will also be stored in the Hive user's account meta data.

Everything needed for 3speak to be the first and only 100% value 4 value enabled video podcast host and feeds should show up in Apple Podcasts and videos will play inside Apple Podcasts app (and all the better Podcasting 2.0 apps too 😎)

Obviously YouTube extracts images from their videos at the right moment and clearly the chapters tag we have is way better, allows for community help etc..., but this is pretty good and can be done with very minimal effort.

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