@mitch can I get in the Testflight gang for iOS? You need my Apple ID or can you send a link?

I posted about the failure we had with over on Hive, I'm looking for dev help there specifically on how we can catch errors like this better in the future.


We're set to have another Dev Jitsi call tonight.

Does anyone want to table a motion so we can put it on the (no) Agenda?

Probably good to hear something about the alternate enclosure stuff and I'll try to shut up about Hive for 5 minutes, OK?


@adam Hello Adam. Might it be of interest for you to speak about podcasting 2.0 at the “Festival del Podcasting”? They have both online and local sessions.

Biggest event in Italy. Audience is mostly indie podcasters. Last year they had talks by Spotify and Anchor, whose positions I did my best to “assassinate” in my own segment about open podcasting vs audio-exclusives.


@agates I added the command control system and [puffs up chest] wrote my first test script :-) I hope its not shit 🙂

@agates if I want to play around with a new feature can we merge the testing feature branch back into develop and then I can branch off develop?

@agates the .env file is great, I can run the docker with --env-file .env and don't have to put everything on the command line.

And I'm continuously testing the build docker thing whenever you change stuff. Also VSCode on the Mac fixed itself and now I can build dockers with a right click.

search for Analysis instead, BBC show comes up on top, no issue clicking through.

And I'm wondering if every show by the bbc if flagged as "Government" because I love that 🙂

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strange little thing I'm getting on the Podcastindex.org search.

I search for bbc, get a list of many shows...

Every click leads to:

@agates I think trying to build asyncio code around a non-async core (the for loop pulling posts from the stream) is not suitable for my first try at asyncio.

I'm tying myself in knots trying to do it.

Not sure if I should have a thread and a Q or something. I'll wait till you get to look at the watcher but its not urgent at all.

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@agates i'm kinda stuck on how to get out of a async for loop that just sits waiting for the next URL and never yields back.

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It turns out converting old procedural code to an asyncio model is a bit of a mind bender!

@agates !!!

@agates if you're still up... is there an easy way to check if a REQ ZMQ socket is working without actually sending a URL and looking for a response?

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