is giving me 523 Origin is unreachable unfortunately.

Was trying to find a video I saw there of Bob from Alabama.

Can a localhost api work on a iPhone or Android phone? What methods of cross app communication are there?

I'm woefully ignorant of the plumbing of apps on mobile.

@brianoflondon when Steem was attacked by Justin Sun of Tron and the Hive Blockchain fork was created early last year, Dan lost millions of dollars worth of Steem because it was transferred out of his (and a few other people's) accounts with a hard fork of Steem.

Little holders like me got new Hive and were able to slowly sell our Steem. Dan is suing Steemit Justin Sun and Bittrex but he is a major force on Hive.

The largest Hive owner owns less than 3% and is anonymous.

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Check out this episode: Own Your Account - Let's Talk About It, from the podcast theycallmedan 3Speak Podcast

This guy, TheyCallMeDan is one of the large stakeholders on Hive and the financial backing behind 3Speak video site. This is the experimental rss feed from

He's saying important stuff about decentralised community.

What is the correct way for an app to find out which podcasts have new episodes? How often should one check?

@martin what is the buffering time in your app? Is there a way to extend the resiliency to dropped data? I lose data going in the lift down to my car and don't regain it till around the time I have to phone a number to get the garage door to open.

This is the main reason I have to use Overcast which simply doesn't care about data.

My friends at video hosting site have added an RSS feed for my channel.

This works! Lots to do regarding descriptions but this is now in the PodcastIndex and 2.0 players work and play the video.

They're moving their storage into IPFS and other tech as we speak so this is another front end route.

This is my Hive page served from IPFS. There are links there to all my other accounts. There is no single entity that can pull this page down or disrupt the servers.

This entire site is static and uses clientside JS to fetch all the data from the Hive blockchain.

This is the IPFS Hash if you want to try:


This is an important discussion on Blockchain. Dan Larimer is a legend who helped start Steem which became Hive.

He's just left EOS and VOICE and is now sharing his thoughts on Hive.

He was a multi million last I heard. He's probably a billionaire today.

Following up on what @martin @adam @dave discussed on their last podcast show (see I didn’t say pod!) about video podcasts I'm hoping to have my friends at 3speak build an rss feed engine for their site asap.

I'll speak with their lead dev and if he doesn't have RSS experience I'll encourage him to come here for resources.

This should be very easy for them and Podfriend has an amazing video interface already!

What is the correct way to return a kind of 404 for RSS?

So if someone asks for an RSS feed from a hive account that doesn't have one, what format of data shall I return?

Is there an empty RSS feed or some sort? I'm new to dealing with RSS.

This is a reasonable explanation of how the Hive Blockchain appears to be free to use. It's not quite free but it is very cheap to use and self sustainable.

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