Tommy Robinson's new video about Muslim rape gangs will trend in Gettr over the weekend.

I'm currently putting together a 15 min presentation for Web 3.0 conference and I'm doing it on Podping rather than Value 4 Value.

V4V on Hive is nice, but Podping is a transformative protocol for the new internet.

The most ridiculous advertising moment is Scott Galloway doing host reads for bullshit services just after announcing that he's too rich to pay $50k per year on health insurance for his family because he can just pay whatever if something happens.


Is Podlp on here? I'd like to talk to him about how we could make the feeds work well for him. Very curious if his app does anything with video but I really want us to put audio in an alternate enclosure soon.

If I dig it out of the cupboard in the hall I can get it back but I'm just puzzled why this machine is definitely on my Lan but I can't connect to it.

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Can anyone think what could do this?

I have to old Lenovos running Ubuntu both on Wifi at home.

I had a momentary internet drop earlier while I was out. Both machines reconnected fine and are running doing their things.

One of them, which does podping for 3speak is working, I can see the pings on Hive, but internally I can't find the machine on my network!

It's but a sweep of my lan, pings and ssh all fail to find it!

I'm sure this mail shot was prepared and planned days ago. Nevertheless bad timing.

On - very soon we should have a publicly accessible API which will search back through a month or two's worth of Podpings.

Which shows have pinged and which hosts etc, stats and all that.

It will be run for us but the code to run it all yourself will be available and if you want to dial it back to the start that'll be possible. It will then keep itself up to date.

Now please tell me, if I want sats to magically move back toward me, should I set a very low fee on that channel or a high one???

I need to think about this a lot more.

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Lightning is such a pain in the arse....

I opened up a 1m sat channel to zero fee routing, and went to bed before I could adjust the fees on that channel (which I barely understand).

This morning I see that Podcast Index moved 1m sats through it!!!

I was hoping to have a few sats on my node's side!

If I want to check whether a download of an MP4 file will work without actually downloading it, can someone tell me how to do that reliably?

I have to check a lot of 3speak feeds later.

OMG I just registered Charles Proxy, installed the SSL certs and watched calls to a and everything is more clear now!

How did I not do this before??? It is so obvious what's going on!!!

Something broke within 3speak's fairly ropey code base a few days ago and MP4 links are no longer working in most of the shows.

I'm really hoping they can solve this fast. It took even me a while to notice which I guess means it's not a widely used feature.

Kinda frustrating. Sigh, it's not the fault of the main guy currently running the site, he inherited a shit show from a former dev who was a very bad guy.

A few months ago, we implemented some performance tweaks to our podcast website using CloudFlare. Unbeknownst to us, CloudFlare's "bot fight mode" was blocking the bots from many 2nd tier directories. iHeart, Stitcher, TuneIn, CastBox, and Blubrry all failed to pull in the RSS feed.

So for over a month, no one on those platforms could see new episodes or listen.

These directories scraping my feed looked to CloudFlare like a DDoS attack. Why can't they just switch to PodPing?!

Not seeing chapters in no agenda 1417 on Castomatic @adam not even the placeholder.

I've written some comments around Moxie Marlinspike's eviceration of Web 3.0 in as much as he thinks that means using ETH to do NFTs and DeFi.

Tangentially this also tackles what I believe is the fundamental problem with Activity Pub for comments.

But I know that the only way I could move the needle would be to build something to show you all how Hive could do cross app comments. Soon.

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