Je suis Sir Brian de Londres et moi-même et mon ami Andrew invitons tous les producteurs de No Agenda à monter à bord du catamaran "Sea Explorer" dans la Marina d'Agde dans le sud de la France.

Dimanche 26 juin 19h30

I just posted a new Meetup in the South of France. It has to be cleared by the back office but just to give the jump on it...

Sunday 26th June, 19:30 CET in the marina in Agde, South of France.

Montpellier and Beziers are the two closest, largish size towns.

The venue is not a Russian Oligarch's Yacht.

I was just following up with a podcaster on Hive who added value block manually and noticed that his show is repeated because of podbeam dealing with subdomains.

This is the right one which has value block info:

I was about to tell him to email @dave but I think its pretty obvious what's going on here.

Is this thing supposed to be caught automatically?

Mempool is absolutely slammed. No cheap channel opening or closing today.

Is it safe to upgrade my Umbrel to v 0.5?

Its not a primary node for me anymore but was wondering if the upgrade worked for everyone here?

I did a pretty major upgrade of my Hive Lightning bridge today including adding quite a lot of info to an existing Mongodb collection.

The code managed to self migrate and upgrade on the production system with only a few minor tweaks. Quite happy.

By the end of this week I want it running on a new cloud server instead of a laptop at home as next week I'm off sailing again.

Oh dear @adam I really didn't think you would be so scared of confronting the bitcoin supremacists with one of the only useful things a non Bitcoin blockchain and infrastructure can do! 😂

Podping is on Hive and add as we watch all the other silly VC funded chains crack you'll see Hive chug on like the Little Engine that Could.

hopefully we will publish the full judgement after Shabbat. I've read it multiple times and it's excellent.

This case is really on.

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The court in Australia gave us permission to serve legal papers on Facebook Meta and Google in America.

Game on. 22 months to get to this point. Judge acknowledged that this case matters for all Australians and beyond.

In other news... we heard from the court in Australia. At 09:30am (my time which is 16:30 Friday afternoon for the Judge) we have been invited to hear the Judgment in our request to serve our class action case against Facebook and Google.

It's taken 22 months to get to this and 7 months since our last hearing with the judge.

Little bit nerve-racking to see what she says.

Link to the MS Teams room where you can watch live tomorrow if you wish (don't record it).

No Agenda No Agenda Episode 1458 - Live

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Podping is the absolute bees knees!"

via CurioCaster

Podcasting 2.0 meeting in 15 minutes.

Hopeful we get to see more details around live items and LIT.

I'm hoping to have someone from a streaming site which is integrated with Hive for account management join the Podcasting 2.0 meeting tonight because I want them to get excited by Live stream notifications.

I wonder if @mitch or @StevenB can tell me if either of your apps can play a stream from Vimm right now if it were to be shared in an RSS feed?

For example this:

I don't really know what the direct URL would be

P.S. @mitch Podverse seems to be a bit slower at fetching new episodes.... that episode was podping'd 5 minutes ago.

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I did quite a long show on Hive last night talking Podping, Podcasting 2.0 and Hive Lightning stuff.....

Wow... I have now got Alby working in my browser on my own site.

Once you generate a lightning invoice on that page there is a direct href="lightning:lb...." link on the page.

If you've set a payment limit for my site one click and it's paid!

Alby in the browser really is super cool.

If you have a Hive account you can move back and forth (I take a small fee).

Interesting thing I just noticed: Alby is using the Muun wallet infrastructure behind the scenes (I'm not sure if they declare this anywhere).

I noticed this because i'm about to put into production code which monitors which nodes I'm sending and receiving from and where I'm paying fees.

Muun is very strange in the way it works, somewhat like Breez but I have to say it's a bit of a high-fee system taking 2500 ppm on every transaction in and out.

This is the dumbest ask but one of you might save me 30 minutes of javascript hell

I'm trying to add a correctly escaped string onto another string so it can be passed along later in an axios call.

@mitch ?

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