I suppose I'm the closest "IPFS Guy" here, but I'm really a user trying to build a practical implementation that uses IPFS. Thus... IPFS Podcasting.

As far as a native IPFS client for a podcast app. This could be a place to start. docs.ipfs.io/reference/js/api/ A truly native podcast app would be able to communicate as a node on the IPFS network and even share content/media stored on the device.

@adam @dave Thanks for discussing IPFS Podcasting on PC20. It was a pretty good explanation for a first try : )

The craziest part is that the feed (hosted at IPFSPodcasting.net) changes dynamically based on the status of each enclosure.

Since any node can favorite or un-favorite at any time, the number of hosts are always changing (and could even disappear).

If an enclosure disappears from IPFS, it reverts to the original host.

Just updated IPFSPodcasting.net to add alternate enclosure tags to any feed using the PC20 namespace.

Let me know if anyone finds a bug or has issues using the ipfs:// alternate enclosure. IRL testing is the only way to be sure. "Do it Live!"

Woohoo! IPFS Podcasting is now in the Umbrel v0.4.18 App store!

Turn your Umbrel into an IPFS node for self-hosting, crowd-hosting, and archiving of your favorite podcasts to the IPFS network!

Of course, I'm available here for support & questions.

@StevenB @adam My feed reader missed the latest PC20 episode because there was no "length" in the item/enclosure tag (not the liveitem, just the regular show item).

Is length truly optional, or should it at least be set to "0" if unknown?

It's embarrassing to not post an update for over a year, but IPFS Podcasting now allows participating nodes to favorite feeds providing unlimited hosting on IPFS.

This offers decentralized storage & hosting of entire feeds with a single click.

Podcasters & listeners can collectively self host podcasts, contributing value through the sharing of bandwidth & storage.

Here is a brief explanation how to Favorite a Feed.

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Does anyone have tips on detecting dynamic content (ad insertion)?

It's wreaking havoc on IPFS because the file changes every download. Never get the same hash twice. 🎱

Added support for loading video podcasts into IPFS. Corbett is the first test. ipfspodcasting.net/Feed/30/Cor

Though some public gateways (which the site uses) have banned video. reddit.com/r/ipfs/comments/al8

Performance may be intermittent.

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Here's my attempt at distribution of podcasts via IPFS. Hopefully easy for all. No special apps, clients, or IPFS software.


Submit a feed and use the alternate "IPFS enabled" feed in the podcast client.

It honors the lock tag, so unfortunately none of @adam's shows work. : )

It's still experimental, but could use some public testing.

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