@adam @dave excellent board meeting for this week.

It's an exciting time to be a podcaster, the 2.0 movement, and part of this community.

@adam @dave I'm looking forward to hearing tomorrow's board meeting!

I'll need to make a decision as to whether it is better to save up and purchase a Raspberry Pi to use as a lightning and Sphinx node or to rent a lightning node and connect that with Sphinx.

My podcast has such a small audience it probably doesn't pan out either way but, this is also the future of funding in general and if you have a lightning node, other payments can pass through it and you get a small percent in exchange.

@adam You mentioned a company that allows people to purchase a hosted lightning node on several of the podcasting 2.0 episodes. What was it?

Also, why are the podcast episodes for Podcasting 2.0 not listed on a Podcast tab/page or on the blog page on podcastindex.org ? Yes, I understand the Podcasting 2.0 podcast is IN the index but, wouldn't it be better to have a tab up top on the site so people could find the weekly board meetings more quickly?

@WClayFerguson Hi Clay,
I never knew about quanta until I saw it in your profile. Would a good definition of Quanta be "a single person federated social presence"? Basically each person has their own node which in turn connects to everything else.

Also can this run off a raspberry pi? MySQL/php?

@mattodell do you know of any good mesh-driven decentralization platforms? I think the real key is eventually separating out the internet driven by ISPs and instead relying on local mesh networks only using the internet to communicate between them.

The problem is adoption though. Try getting your neighbors within a mile to all use a common wifi standard and applications on their phones/computers.

@adam @dave I'm glad you are both concerned about making the value piece easy to adopt for both Podcasters and Listeners.

I think that will be critical to ensure that the whole value-block model works. If people don't have an easy way to adopt it and need to jump through technical hoops, they likely won't do it.

Granted, I don't mind geeking out every now and then. :)

@podcastaddict Have there been any issues with Chapters in the most recent version?

I used to see them in the Bookmarks area for both No Agenda and Podcasting 2.0 podcasts. I don't see them anymore, even after refreshing the episode content from RSS.

I do still see them in the Airline Pilot Guy podcast but, they bake the chapters into the MP3 instead of using the new standard.

Just popping in to say THANK YOU for Podcasting 2.0.

I intentionally went with Buzzsprout as my host and have been using as many compliant features as possible when I recently starting a new podcast.

I also switched to Podcast Addict as my Android player of choice as my previous one didn't have plans to support the new namespace elements at this time.

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