@CSB This guy is hilarious and makes some clever specific AI for a variety of things.


Hey all! Bitcoin dropped $1 to 2400 sats this morning! I bought a little extra and will probably do the same if/when it hits 2500 Sats/Dollar.

@dave I just updated to the latest version of Umbrel and then IMMEDIATELY installed Helipad!

I don't have my podcast linked to my node yet, but when I do, I'll know if/when I get any boosts now!

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Bitcoin Magazine "Joe Rogan Has High Hopes For Bitcoin!"

This has a clip from Adam's recent JRE appearance but they are more excited about Joe's high hopes for bitcoin then they are about what Adam is doing with PC 2.0. 🤦‍♂️


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One for @ernestoacostame - who asked - but for anyone else who wondered... I wrote this up after our chat here. Hope it helps! podnews.net/article/with-the-s

@adam you mentioned on the boat recent No Agenda show that you got a mining rig. What rig did you get?

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Man Overboard here... I hadn't planned on posting again, but I wanted to warn anyone using Exodus Wallet that mine was hacked and over $100K of btc, eth, and ltc are gone.

I still have no idea how it happened. The wallet was on a linux machine that was shut down at the time the coins were moved. I thought I had taken every step to secure the keys, but they still accessed it remotely. All I can think is Exodus backend is not secure.

Seriously, if you are using Exodus wallet, it is not safe.

Has anyone explored the LNBits app for Umbrel?

Has anyone set up wallets for friends, family, etc?

Watching an episode of Hotel Hell and saw there was room 404 in an episode.

I tried to look it up, but it couldn't be found. Weird...



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Step 1 will be complete this afternoon. I'm guessing step 2 is use Coinbase to buy around $500 worth of Sats and then transfer those to the on-chain node wallet.

After that, when I set up channels it should move the funds from he on-chain to the lightning/off-chain wallet. If I understand correctly.

Although, I can't figure out where to manage fees and all that. Can you not do that until after the channel is set up?

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Yesterday we launched The Podcast Font (thank you @podnews @jamescridland for the annoucement!).
The Podcast Font provides all the icons you need for your podcast website, your podcast app or your podcast documents.

Another question, now that I have an Umbrel node, I was thinking about something. My friends and I have a podcast but they don't have their own node.

If I wanted to set up V4V on that podcast, is there any way to have my node receive the sats but then automatically split and send those sats to three different wallets?

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For those running Umbrel and lightning

What apps do you recommend installing?

I was awakened at 5 am by the call of nature. My body literally woke me up for this shit.

(I also thought of this joke during that time)

Was at 20% about 15-20 minutes ago. Not bad for only around 8 hours

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