It's been a couple of months since I posted one of these. I've been thinking about it, just a lot going on, including two other podcasts!

That said, thanks to Daniel M for the 2 sat boost! Your contribution inspires me, and I appreciate it.

@dave Although, in theory, an app developer could display whatever splits happen based on the feed. For example, doing a BOOST they could display the following, but again, it is up to the app dev.

Boost Amount: 100
App Fee: 20
Splits from the podcaster:
Hosting Fee: 16
Guest: 12
Podcaster: 52

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@dave Lastly, I agree with Adam that everything should be disclosed/up-front for app users. When they connect a wallet, there should be a warning saying "this app takes x% of any bitcoin usage to support the app's developer". What happens to the donation after it leaves the app, regardless of whether it pays for hosting fees or not, is really more of the business of the podcaster than the listener.

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@dave I understand Adam doesn't like the idea of the listener paying for the podcaster's hosting fees or something, but at the same time, isn't that what happens with businesses in general?

When I pay for my groceries, I'm not sitting there thinking to myself "Gee, I'm paying for my food PLUS paying for the store's electricity".

The only difference is that the money is divided in real-time instead of first going to a bank account and then being paid to someone else.

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@dave Here is my opinion on the whole fee vs. split thing regarding V4V.

Fee = used to denote a cost for a podcast host or app. Gets subtracted from the gross amount being boosted or streamed.

Split = Dividing up what is left after fees between guests, hosts, etc.

AA#5 - Fungicide (2002)
A fungal fantasy that makes you laugh while being one of the jankiest productions you will ever see.

The @collectivecast and @anusapples websites are currently being upgraded to the latest and greatest versions of @Castopod !

There are some minor potential hiccups during this time, but nothing serious.

@chrislw at first glance your toot looked to me “boobs in space” LOL

RT @castopod
Castopod 1.0.0-beta.16 is out! 📦🚀

+ New REST API to get podcasts, thanks to a community effort (@mspanc, @Patryk_Mis and Sebastian Janik)
+ You can now search in your episodes list in the admin (suggested by @ernestoacostame)

Grab your package on

I already recorded the episode that will go live after the Plan 9 (2016) episode! I watched Red Letter Media's film Space Cop the other night and recorded the episode the next day!

You can find the film here…
The original Plan 9 From Outer Space episode is recorded and scheduled! Now on to the horror that is the remake, just called Plan 9 from 2016. What horrors await us in this dumpster fire? We'll find out soon!
Unfortunately, the colorized version of Plan 9 From Outer Space is not available any more on Tubi. Here is the original version.…
AA#4 - Hobgoblins 2 (2009)
In this episode of Anus Apples I question how it is that a bad film from 1988 can spawn a sequel 20 years later that contradicts the original and somehow ends up being an even WORSE movie.
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