Unfortunately, it will not be possible to get an episode out today. I have been struggling with some things lately and motivation is at a low. I will get another episode out soon.
Today's episode is delayed, but will still air at some point later today.

I bet y'all didn't know that "The Running Man" was a documentary.

Note: I've looked at OwnCast, Open Streaming Platform, and PeerTube.

None can act like a proper Twitch/YouTube hybrid system because while they have webhooks for chat and overlay alerts, they do not provide those tools in-platform.

So, an individual would need to code or find another platform for their chatbots or HTML frames for OBS.

That isn't even to mention Value for Value funding via Bitcoin streaming/boosts and other subscription/donation models.

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I look forward to a day when there is an open-source game streaming and video hosting platform that has all of the alert overlays, custom emotes, badges, and subscription methods (bitcoin and standard).

Once I have a solid alternative to Twitch and Youtube that has all the features I like, I'm self-hosting.

Do you like crazy? Do you like comedy? Do you like people who like fun at all the weird societal stuff? Also, fake commercials and one-off segments?

Then check out the Aural Malpractice podcast! A new episode is coming soon!


(If you're easily offended, you might want to avoid it)

🔔 1.0.0-beta.20 is here, with a new notification system! 🚀📦

Castopod now notifies you when you get social interactions from the fediverse! (thank you @chrislw for the suggestion!)

+ a few bug fixes!

As always, grab your Castopod on castopod.org/

AA#8 - Space Cop (2016)
Red Letter Media's space/sci-fi adventure. Sorry to Mike Stoklasa for mispronouncing your name.

DOS games! Woo-oo!
Everyday we're out there playing
DOS games! Woo-oo!

🔊🎵 #DOSGaming

@adam Someone remastered the first two hours of MTV going live. FIgured I'd share because, nostalgia.


This guy has a treat for those who are lovers of the classic MTV and Nickelodeon eras! The audio engineer during the original Double Dare and Finders Keepers tapings has access to and posts copies of MASTER tapes for the shows!


Seeing the behind-the-scenes on shows I grew up with is pretty awesome—that and me enjoying video and audio production and behind-the-scenes stuff.

AA#7 - Plan 9 (2015)
Plan 9 (2015) has the tagline, "The film Ed Wood wished he had made". Does it live up to that proclamation or is it just another bottom-of-the-barrel rip-off?
Thank you to the amazing team at Ad-Aures developing Castopod. They fixed a bug that prevents un-publishing certain episodes, which I needed to correct yesterdays update issue.

v1.0.0-beta.19 is here! 🐛🚀

This version comes with bug fixes regarding episode publishing.

Thanks to @chrislw for the precious feedback!

As always, you can grab Castopod on castopod.org/

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