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I hadn't written any ..
I'm a system developer with a wide legacy knowledge, currently working as a consultant, system-integrations for customer in the logistics business.
I'm married, Lynn is from Thailand and we met when she worked in Sweden as au pair, our son is Marcus who just turned 7 years old.
I like to tinker with software and hardware, developed an obsession for VIN codes while working with such at previous job, OCR and Barcodes are also interesting.

Ask me stuff.

meh ... http://the-c-boyden-gray-center.local/feed/podcast ... doesn't quite resolve ...


2022-07-29 14:31:09+00:00 video update Putting '' into validation queue ..
2022-07-29 14:31:30+00:00 video update Putting '' into validation queue ..

First, synthetic .. second is regular podping

Strange, zero "podping", "hive-hydra" packets on Hive ..

Has podping changed much lately? Like since yesterday?

@brianoflondon @dave

I found a list and updated all the domains I exclude from RSS podcast discovery:

WTH: Audible must be SO scared .. they have registered everything + sink ..

audible.local should be killed, duplicate

or better, is there a link I could submit duplicates?

Recent: 8205, Hive: 7, Validate: 2577819, Refresh: 7152, Save: 1021

chugging along ..

Who is posting tlc.local -- they need to adjust their feed URLs .. anything .local is just

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http://tlc.local/feed/podcast/movies will be kinda hard to reach ...

Newly updated patterns at

<!-- Author: Christopher Isene -->
<!-- Source: -->
<!-- Top Level Domains: 172 -->
<!-- Domains: 9104 -->
<!-- Rules: 17555 -->
<!-- Revision: 2022-05-22-rev-194956 -->

Watching Hive/podpings .. lots of new domains .. :)

No matter how often I purge feeds from spotify, they creep into the index anyway.

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