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I hadn't written any ..
I'm a system developer with a wide legacy knowledge, currently working as a consultant, system-integrations for customer in the logistics business.
I'm married, Lynn is from Thailand and we met when she worked in Sweden as au pair, our son is Marcus who just turned 7 years old.
I like to tinker with software and hardware, developed an obsession for VIN codes while working with such at previous job, OCR and Barcodes are also interesting.

Ask me stuff.

Order restored -- found replacement charger, 4 of them .. if they break down at this rate .. once every 13 year, I'd be out of chargers by 2060

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My main workstation just gave up, or rather the laptop charger.
Dell E6500 from 2008 on Ubuntu 20.10 .. I have a bag of chargers somewhere ..

This is why Trickling is a bit slower at the moment, validating 260K new links, most are known and skipped, some new and a fair chunk is stale as in DNS no longer available ...

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Found yet another directory, trawling it and this far 17000 links deep.

How disconnected and dense do you have to be to completely avoid and miss out on the fact that there is a "Fireside" in the podcast sphere already .. established years ago?!

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"Apple Podcasts … features more than 500,000 active podcasts, including content in more than 100 languages."

On PI, with our mapping in place, we could map more than 7000 languages and dialects.

Suck it, Apple! :)

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"Also, a common question is “how many podcasts are there?” and most of the data out there is outdated, but we have an accurate method for determining the number of shows – and it’s currently over 1,950,000."

Currently on PI ... "Total podcasts in the index ...
1,950,723" ...

... I just checked, I've got additionally 1.5M queued up.

"Even shitty podcasts deserves to be found"

-- Christopher

Comment to PC20 E30 -- My server costs; 250/100Mbps home broadband at flat rate, ~ $45/month, server hardware; 3 pcs Dell Desktop machines (2014 - 2016 models) bought from employer on Linux, 2 x OrangePi Zero+ for Pihole (DNS-cache/filter)
Indexing 2.98M on a rolling schedule, at the moment ~230K/day refresh .. slightly lower now when Trickling feeds to PI, otherwise > 400K/day.
Bandwidth and time are my only costs.

Yay! Friday, got solid chunk back on tax returns .. got "easter egg" filled with candy from employer (1.5kg/3lbs) and got auction winnings in the mail, DVDs (rip, copy to NAS, stream to all devices).

@dave I tweaked a query slightly, should give better performance on Trickle .. as I'm removing potential collissions. Running batch now, 200+ entries in .. still no "existing".

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