At best we get some ~700000 new feeds to add to the PI index. Realisticly, I think about 50% of that .. ~400K?

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I started import of dump yesterday and will match up and de-duplicate from my index tonight. Last count was a ~2050000 or there about, dump is at ~1.3M ..

cat podcasts_2020-10-26.csv | cut -d"," -f2,4 | sed -e 's/\x2c/\n/gi' | sed -e 's/\x22//gi' | sort -u > podcasts_2020-10-26-prepped-for-import.txt

Something that struck me when you were talking about storing JSON somewhere for transcripts; wouldn't it be possible to store it inline?

data:text/json;charset=utf-8;base64,{base64 stream}

No need for referencing external resources.

Just an idea.

1959257 podcast feeds, I'd love to deduplicate these against current PI index, 1.3M .. and submit the reminder for inclusion.

I hadn't written any ..
I'm a system developer with a wide legacy knowledge, currently working as a consultant, system-integrations for customer in the logistics business.
I'm married, Lynn is from Thailand and we met when she worked in Sweden as au pair, our son is Marcus who just turned 7 years old.
I like to tinker with software and hardware, developed an obsession for VIN codes while working with such at previous job, OCR and Barcodes are also interesting.

Ask me stuff.

I'm pulling an all-nighter today, been on since 8 this evening and are working untill 8 tomorrow morning, companion located in NZ, 12h time difference .. just got off for a late evening snack here while he goes for lunch.

Migrating a build environment from multiple AWS VPCs to a single, Subversion, multiple Jenkins and LDAP, as a first phase. Next phase includes Ec2's with development environments, but those will be done some other day.

All I want to do is tweaking transformation patterns...

Sigh, anyone that can hire me for remote-only work? Development, API Management, Integrations .. I'm a clown of many trades ..

Spent the better part of the morning and a few hours after lunch in a conference call with my mgr, that micro-manages everything, by todays new rules .. I would need to write a services request to use the toilet. The process.

@dave What is the API site running on? Could it run Python?

I pointed them at and as examples of API usage

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Haha .. they woke up when I closed it .. and they are interested .. "what would the benfits be over iTunes?" ..

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I closed my issue on .. and pointed at -- This is the podcast app in Gnome.

The seem to juggle some similar issues with feeds .. maybe we can become one of, or default search engine for podcasts?

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