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I hadn't written any ..
I'm a system developer with a wide legacy knowledge, currently working as a consultant, system-integrations for customer in the logistics business.
I'm married, Lynn is from Thailand and we met when she worked in Sweden as au pair, our son is Marcus who just turned 7 years old.
I like to tinker with software and hardware, developed an obsession for VIN codes while working with such at previous job, OCR and Barcodes are also interesting.

Ask me stuff.

@dave if something is using this, please check functionality as I've added a layer of TLDs to ease and speed up lookups through XPath.

Noticed that my filters were faulty, letting thousands (guesstimation) of teeds fall off when running large batches .. trimming, optimizing and adding patterns en mass now. Going ot re-run old material to do catch-up.

"Anything done more than twice should be a function" .. also when sprinkled with "breakers" to bail out makes execution fast.

Shaves off lots of time when doing hundreds per minute ..

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Optimized code and could kill off 60+ lines of code with ~ 10 lines.

Also increasing quality and recognition of feeds, to be further refined later in the process.

I'll be AFK for a few days as short vacation trip to Gothenburg with family. Will still check messages here but will have no access to my machines.

Hah! Pocketcasts are trawling my OPML collections, funny as I mirror a few of theirs ..

2021-07-13 17:26:53;typlog-pod.opml;;PocketCasts/1.0 (Pocket Casts Feed Parser;;

Mirrored some OPML sources as they seems to have gone stale and may be purged off the net ..

As usual: OPML collection are available at

I committed blog post 2 years ago .. before even knowing or imagining PI .. .. I think this is still relevant, or most if it ..

Reaction to PC20 E44: QR-code using protocol podcast://{guide} .. podcast app on device can register handler for this protocol and fetch feed through GUID .. would work in browser too as extensions would be able to register handlers too. Each app would be free to resolve through any backend, assuming they have support for GUID-to-feed endpoint

Sigh ..

: get_headers(): Filename cannot be empty in
on line
This in the middle of an RSS feed...

@dave latest run had dupes ... dupes are " .. /rss/rss/rss.xml" those can be killed on sight.

Drilling into some slavic territory podcasts .. Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian and Serbian. There is much there untouched.

Looks like there is som slow progress in Gnome Podcasts, somebody has coded up a mock search, which i suppose are requesting at PI API backend ..

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