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I hadn't written any ..
I'm a system developer with a wide legacy knowledge, currently working as a consultant, system-integrations for customer in the logistics business.
I'm married, Lynn is from Thailand and we met when she worked in Sweden as au pair, our son is Marcus who just turned 7 years old.
I like to tinker with software and hardware, developed an obsession for VIN codes while working with such at previous job, OCR and Barcodes are also interesting.

Ask me stuff.

"application/mp4" ... if you want to be sure to NOT be indexed.

@jamescridland @samsethi Lastest Podland had a silent hole where the interview with Chris Messina should have been, like a ~30 second gap .. Listening through Google Podcasts.

Thought you'd like to know.

I'm really sorry if I came across ... the wrong way .. about the atom format .. I usually discuss with colleagues where one of us takes on the devils-advocate hat .. to flip things around 180° .. to do pros/cons to find a consensus solution.

Sorry if I stepped on toes. :(

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Haha mentioned barely a minute into PC20 E57 .. about the Indian SEO dudes charging $20 for inclusion



Most bits are one reading here, one reading there, out of sync and order, still in his regular podcast feed .. or they might be a pile of mp3's just dumped on

Either way, I'd like to bring order to some of it as I'd like to consume some of the stories .. I could as well do that by making proper RSS and let others enjoy it too ..

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Python and some yaml, generating RSS and OPML .. what could go wrong.

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This afternoon i started something that i have wanted to do for a while now, building a framework-ish for rendering RSS feeds out of bits and pieces.

My itch: there is lots of good stories on Cory Doctorow's but no easy way of consuming episodes/bits .. so by stitching bits together into RSS feeds i hope to expose and consume these as separate feeds.

Cory won't mind as he has all material released under Creative Commons .. He might even copy-paste them to made it look like my script had broken in some way ... title "["CORVETTE TODAY", "CORVETTE TODAY"]" .. but apparently the title is correct ...

Commenting on tweets .. here and there .. driving the knowledge about Podcasting 2.0 a little further every day.

I'm a little disapoint that it's not possible to attach that sound bite with @adam ... "GO PODCASTING! [mike drop]" to tweets.

@adam .. podcast related domain, linked in regards to namespace ..

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