In 5 Days, I'll auction My Very First NFT.
I'll donate ALL the funds to NO AGENDA.

Let's see what happens.

phew, all splits green (I sent today because it’s unknown when next keeper pod):

fun fact: before Podcasting 2.0 era, before boostogramming , I was regularly (once a month or so) donating core to some podcasts, but I can’t call it being pioneer as others did it too.

It explains however my mastery of crypto

to diversify my NFT selling,

after successfully selling 6 NFTs on Ethereum blockchain via OpenSea

I’ve just minted my first NFT on Tezos blockchain via Rarible: .

Conversely I’m now NFT techno expert.


The funnest boostogram of all times is this one:

(sent to pod of @darrenoneill and Russian citizenship holder by myself)


@dave @adam

See attached pic,! Last time I developed/added Copy RSS that copies URL of RSS to clipboard.

I have next ideas to improve pod index that I could develop myself too:

— small icon that upon clicking downloads transcript

— same for chapters

Rationale: not all podcast apps support everything and sometimes pod listeners would like to peek what’s in podcast before listening to it,etc.

What do you think?

Boostagram to podcasting 2.0 sent, all splits green (albeit it takes several seconds waiting, I wish it was faster):


what does it mean "NFT-hosted show"? you mentioned it on your newz pod 2day..

AI episode 33: A True Collaborator

of podcast “AI dot cooking” about #ArtificialInteligence , is out,

featuring @GWFF and @jennifer ,

Covers latest AI news + knowledge corner: time series

reachable under easy to remember link: !

Don’t just stand there, boost !


Is your appy app Fountain supporting transcripts in podcasts ?

Podcasting 2.0 podcast just boostagramed by me albeit Fountain app slightly is glitching : showing other time stamp (not 33:33) and divergent sat amounts (3 Sats moar) but main thing all
Splits are green:


Looky at screenshot at: .

So: your appy app is still not purffect: my time stamp was at 00:33:33 but boostogram shows 00:33:31.

Can’t you just take time stamp from
User interface? From this what is shown to the user not from some internal variable?

It’s slightly annoying, not very critical. @csb yes it's much more reliable on our side but there still may be issues if the receiving node lacks inbound liquidity or is offline.

@merryoscar boost button hanging in fountain app, just rotating animation, what is wrong?

@dave @adam

Dave & AC,

I apologise for traumatising you 2 with NFT boostogram.

Next boostograms will be only promoting podcasts...

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