@csb @dave @adam oh! Good find with the way back machine! I went to his site the other day looking for the Overcast support for that button and didn’t find it! That explains why he removed it. Oh well, I think I’ll be able to fly under the radar for a while anyway. It does seem crazy that they wouldn’t allow donations though. I just checked and Paterson has an app. I’ll have to see how they do it.

@adam it is pertinent to podcasting so i post it here on podcast index dot social, not on noagendasocial dot com:

topic suggestion for or for 2.0 podcast:

Christina Warren ("film_girl" on twitter) who works for microsoft as cloud evangelist

just started sellout podcast about 5G (how great 5G is) funded by Verizon:

podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ .

... and hosted by this podcasting company of name ART19:

art19.com/about .

... and her podcast has no RSS.

maybe podcasting 2.0 / podcastindex.org needs visualization of what it is?

here is example for Software 2.0 - an approach that predicts that classic software development constructs like programming languages will be replaced by non-shallow neural networks of deep learning (subset of AI).

or is it too early for such visualization?

example of such visualisation for Software 2.0:

Monthly Jitsi meeting about podcast index org: good idea or bad idea?

(I already was on jitsi - audio only - with @martin )

@dave regarding JSON: I’m sad about your decision (as discussed in last pod) but I accept it


@csb @theDanielJLewis @dave @tomrossi7 @kfinn

I was thinking "What's the problem" and created a proof of concept. I can get it working reading chapters from the mp3, but A LOT of times it fails, because of CORS.

That means it cannot realistically work from the client side.

Having chapters in the mp3 might be a lot of work on the server side too (too much overhead doing a head request to every mp3 file out there).

I am unsure. I think the mp3-way had it's chance. Time to try something new!

@theDanielJLewis @dave @tomrossi7 @kfinn


and yet no web player can access this chapter info from MP3

I guess it’s impossible from JavaScript in web browser

there is big difference between “should be able” and: it works, here is example

@mitch @csb —> but the most authoritative ID of record would ideally be provided by podcasters themselves<—

They are well represented here!

#NoAgenda #Vegas #meetup I made sure to meet Tina first. She is really personable and gorgeous. They make a lovely couple 😍@adam

please go and like my tweet to Marco Arment to add podcast index dot org of AC to Overcast app, so that Marco notices this tweet

please, with vodka on top!

twitter.com/CSB/status/1313993 .

@adam @adam @dave :

I’ve just tried:

I’ve asked Marco Arment to add support for podcast index dot org to his appy app Overcast:

@adam @adam @dave :

I’ve just tried:

I’ve asked Marco Arment to add support for podcast index dot org to his appy app Overcast:

Regarding phrase “Re-tool podcasting into a platform of value” of @adam @adam


does it mean every Podcaster will get at podcast index dot org her/his own bitcoin wallet?


interesting reading about boom of new crypto economy : coindesk.com/what-is-defi .

@adam , I know you wanna use bitcoin not shitcoins in podcast index dot org, but maybe it's interesting reading for you...

@adam @adam

howdy AC,

Good interview with a Stacey & Max! I like ‘em as they are anti Brexit + they even once were showing my cartoon in their TV show (see image attached to this toot).

It was nice to learn that podcast index dot org will offer bitcoin wallets to podcasters to help them in monetization of their podcasts.

Just 1 question: how can value for value / donations model work out for people who didn’t have pre-existing audiences, who are unknown, not celebrities like you?


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