Does it mean fee for this bitcoin lightning transaction was 18/5000 = 0.36 %? :

@dave you listen to Windows Weekly and Security Now?

I ask because guys at NAS always were laughing me out that I listen to it...

@csb iPad version is out on the App Store now, just FYI. Thanks for the suggestion

anybody can help me with BlueWallet?

How can I charge bitcoin lightning wallet in BlueWallet from my bitcoin classic wallet in Coinbase ?

My podcast now has ability to receive bitcoin donations: .

If you have bitcoin lightning feel free to donate !

(it’s bi-weekly so next episode middle of May)

@dave you can delete

(It was buzzsprout version of hosting that I just deleted because buzzsprout has no yearly billing and free hosting only for 90 days instead of for ever at anchor dot fm)


is it feature or a bug? (wallet says it aint in index but it is in index)


@martin I owe you 0.00033 bitcoin

you have bitcoin address for me to transfer?

new episode of my podcast released:

AI, episode 2.

Podcast page:


In cooperation with: @GWFF .

Please listen and subscribe!

@brianoflondon @agates


I was able to run it from within jupyter notebook inside of Google cloud - see attached image.

during presentation you can tell me to press "play" and I can run it again (I will be not speaking due to recording, just listening)


Join us at 6pm UTC today for our weekly developer roundtable.

Find your timezone at the page below.

9:00 pm IDT
8:00 pm CEST
7:00 pm BST
6:00 pm UTC
2:00 pm EDT
1:00 pm CDT
12:00 pm MDT
11:00 am PDT


Idea for podcast index dot org :

Friendly URLs for podcasts

For example this podcast at anchor has URL: - with thecryptoconomy in URL so easy to remember or dictate in audio

And at podcast index dot org: - with 1000839 so not easy

It would be great you could add friendly URL

Like : pod/ thecryptoconomy

And provide it on first-come first-claim basis

@tomrossi7 any chance that you will offer yearly payments for plans at buzz sprout ?

(I dislike monthly payments)

@dave can you submit my pod to podcast index dot org? URL of RSS:

(It’s on Anchor so I can’t do it myself)

Great episode of @Genen ’s potcast with @shill : !

Excellent crypto talk and also podcast monetization talk.



Martin, I need this (easy!) feature to switch from overcast to your appy app:

Some potcasts like this one by AI expert from MIT don’t have chapters but have such time stamps that enable jumping and skipping. Overcast recognizes them but your appy app: not yet:



What’s the roadmap or estimate time when split on episode basis will come?

Rationale: I’m about to launch AI potcast (without my voice) and need split.

PS. I’m coming tomorrow to jitsi and I will not speak just listen (unless you explicitly allow me to use demon voice via voice changer tech).


Marco Arment says he will NOT integrate bitcoin into his Overcast appy app, so more opportunity for podcasting 2.0 developers ? @adam @dave


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