Podcasting 2.0 app idea for iPhone + Apple Watch:

To show in big modular “watch complication” (i.e. NOT watch app but programmable part of watch display) the CURRENT CHAPTER image and text.


— so far podcast apps don’t use this huge space - see big complication from Overcast that just shows stars not chapter info

— the “Now Playing” complication doesn’t show chapters

— newly launched Series 7 has bigger screen = place for 2 (!) big complications so demand is huge

New, freshly cooked,

“AI episode 15 : Black-Box Models”

of podcast “AI . cooking” about #ArtificialInteligence , is out,

featuring @GWFF and @jennifer ,

reachable under easy to remember link:

ai.cooking !

Please download or subscribe or retweet !

I need a script or website to convert MP3-embedded chapters to Podcasting 2.0 chapters.

Is there such a tool?

Feature request to @satoshisstream :

getting texts of boostagrams

As my podcast AI.cooking received some boostagrams but can’t read them …


Just had a listen mate. Lot's of cool news and tidbits in there. Haven't heard about AI news for a while so definitely intend to keep coming back. Sent through a couple of boostagrams so I hope they come through!

@dave @adam

I've gained access to the most intelligent AI on the planet and I asked:

Human: what is the difference between podcasting 2.0 and podcasting 1.0?

AI: Podcasting 1.0 was the normal form of the product, where people could create episodic series of listings around music or special interest topics. Podcasting 2.0 is created using blockchain technology to allow compensation for all production costs come from advertisers, rather than podcast producers who are often personal hobbyists

New, freshly cooked,

“AI episode 14 : Breaking The Loop”

of podcast “AI . cooking” about #ArtificialInteligence , is out,

featuring @GWFF and @jennifer ,

reachable under easy to remember link:

ai.cooking !

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I’ve just chatted with the most intelligent A.I. on planet Earth as of now:


regarding voice changer in your new gear I can recommend this USB microphone:


which has even more built-in voice changer voices, including "Voice of God" as you can hear here reviewed by knight @bandrew :

youtu.be/19RjP7LTkUU?t=765 .

not found in shownotes so I post here: link to Umbrel server discussed on Podcasting 2.0 episode 56:

getumbrel.com .

quote aboot it: "Umbrel runs a Lightning node out of the box so you can start leveraging the power of Lightning today."

That’s why @overcast is still the best podcast app for iPhone: not loading images by default including tracking images, my only problem: no support for podcasting 2.0 transcript search:

Satoshi earnings from AI.cooking podcast: not growing but it’s short bi-weekly podcast with few listeners, most using old players without podcasting 2.0 :

Yay, there is podcasting 2.0 app with search in iPhone App Store (not TestFlight) after all:


@csb Fountain and Podverse have chapters. The only app I’ve ever tried to search transcripts in is Podfriend.

please correct me if I’m wrong: I checked various podcasting 2.0 apps that are available in iPhone App Store (not TestFlight) and only one supports chapters - , pictured in this toot - and none of them supports transcript search, right?

practice is the key to mastery in everything, including podcasting:

audio snippet from an excellent jabbery podcast of @darrenoneill with @Genen :

I wish this custody, in the sense “imprisonment”:

“You can still use your account but only people who are already following you will see your posts on this server, and you may be excluded from various public listings. However, others may still manually follow you.”

could end because I can’t contribute to podcasting 2.0 as I can’t interact with all, only with those who follow me:

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