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Guess what @dave :D

@cam helped me out a lot.

We are flirting with the idea of adding UI filters (by show, date, has message, by sender, etc)...very excited by this running in front of my face tho!!!!

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This month is kicking ass for my show so far. Up 25% over last month.

@jamescridland I just gave Podland a boost. Did you receive in Helipad?

This just makes sense:

let number = if condition { 5 } else { 6 };

...and is very readable and intuitive. Not everything in Rust is that way, but a lot of it is.

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@mitch Just fetch that same url with a custom Accept header:

Accept: application/activity+json

Some notes I took about it earlier:

: I was talking to @mitch yesterday about feed submissions. Does anyone want to volunteer to add a captcha protected feed submission form to our website? I’m not good with React so it may be easier for a React dev to do it. I already have hCaptcha credentials if that can be utilized.

Hope to get improved change detection knocked out by the end of the year.

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Working more on podcasterwallet this week to clear up some lingering issues I’ve been informed about and get ready to start working on our wallet hosting in January. Our lnpay node is running. I’ve just not had time to work on it much.

As soon as that’s done I’ll switch over to finishing change detection in partytime.js, which has been on the back burner way too long.

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@dave @evoterra For anyone interested, here is a simple breakdown of Podcast Index Feeds by Month added, using the latest sqlite db dump (createdOn column)

@csb Thanks for talking me into putting feed url support in the search box on I use it _all the time_ now.

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We are going to submit all our podcasts from to @podcastindex

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Testing out the Static QR code to accept   while you’re watching the visual episode (if you’re not already streaming from Podcasting 2.0 Apps ⚡️

Feel free to drop some Sats during today’s episode with @ameenharron coming out later today 😋

- ’Spread the word like Wildfire 🔥 in the Bushveld' ⚠️ Not suitable for 🔞

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Very excited to have the artist formerly known as "Helipad" installed on my Umbrel. Switched Podnews, Podland, Podclock and my radio one over to point to my Umbrel directly, and tested - I got the boost message within five seconds. Exciting! Awesome stuff, @dave !

Ok, first Chex mix of the Christmas season. This year’s recipe:

- rice Chex
- wheat Chex
- honeynut wheat Chex
- Flamin’ hot cheetos
- snyders jalapeño pretzel bits
- cashews
- pepitas
- Stacey’s bagel chips

Top notch. This might be Chex mix perfection.

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Just updated my podcast analytics service ranking by episode share post with November's episode data.

FeedBurner dropped quite a bit (relatively) from October to November, unclear why (it was low but steady last month)

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Riding in the car today with the 5yr old. We were listening to the most recent @funfactfriday with guest @kyle.
She was obsessed with the chapter art changing. We listen to FFF every time the two of us are in the car, but this was the first time I let her hold my phone while we listened. (usually my phone is off limits, but I wanted to hear her reactions)
She loved it!
Also, feedback from a 5yr old can be brutal if you’re not in the right headspace! 😂

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