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This feed url is hidden in the itunes api. Not sure why:

1585382774 =

It's an Acast feed. Does Acast allow submitting directly to Apple from their dashboard?

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2 million sat bounty for anyone who builds a debian package of @Castopod!

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Can anyone help me with the "Ben Hammersley invented the word podcasting in Feb 2004" vs "Dannie J. Gregoire invented the word podcaster in Sep 2004" argument? Is there a canonical understanding of this?

Back in the saddle today. Traveling is done for now. Chicago was lovely, but the trip home sucked. Glad to sleep in my own bed last night.

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@Kolomona yes, keep fees low, 0 base fee, and below 500 ppm fee.

I would go for fewer large channels, rather than many small ones.

Tough to say which peer to connect too, pick some that are online, and try to connect two edges of the network.

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I'll host a 3 hour workshop on how to earn as a content creator, with a focus on BTCPay Server and Podcasting 2.0, at!

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And this is why I still buy and rip CDs and DVDs, or download and save in DRM-free formats: so that what I’ve bought remains with me, unless *I* delete it.

QT v0max: Just a reminder that when you "purchase" music online, you're not buying the music, only a temporary revocable license.

I noticed that several albums I had purchased years ago had silently disappeared from my library. When I contacted @apple, they told me it's not their problem.

I’m done with Mozilla:

I switched away from Firefox last year and haven’t looked back. This confirms my thinking.

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“Clubhouse hires a head of news from NPR to build out publisher relationships”

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I've been all over the world. Literally.

I think one of the reasons there is so much BTC resistance in the west is that people don't see problems that it solves.

That is not the case in developing countries. It is a small step from receiving remittances to daily use.

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Podlove Podcast Publisher v.3.6.0 adds support for the <podcast:soundbite> RSS feed tag.

Just need some cable management and some sound absorption to make @theDanielJLewis happy.

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Breaking in the new podcast bunker tonight. Now with fresh paint AND an actual desk!

When was anchor going to stop giving people rss feeds by default? Can we speed that up? 😃

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Happy to announce the new beta of Castamatic (build 3984) supports chapters and funding tags.

I have a need to export the full episodes table in a format like ND-Json. I think the most efficient way to do that is just do a standard .sql file dump and then run it through a translation script that will convert the INSERTS to json objects. Any better ideas?

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