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I've cloned the PC20 feed and called it "Podcasting 2.0 - Sandbox Feed". You can use this feed to test against the newest tags.

It is feed id 1318635 for devs using the API. The feed url is:

The feed API endpoints now returns "locked" status.

The episode API endpoints now return a "chaptersUrl" for the new chapters tag file.

Going forward I will update this feed when tags change or when new episodes are released.

@tomrossi7 @jamescridland

We now have podcast profile pages:

Thank you for this @steven !! It looks seamless. Now I'm in debt to two people instead of just @drunkplato . 😂

I am going to work my way through your code and see how this all works. I know the basics of node.js/express routing and such. It's just the React stuff that's new to me.

Chapters showing up in the API for the most recent NA episode if someone wants to test against it:

Feed dump:

I just updated with the latest feed dump. I reduced to just the minimum useful column list to hopefully reduce the import issues.

@cisene See if you can dedupe from this ok.

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Release v1.0.0-alpha.12 is out! 🥳
- adds ?_from=
- adds CDN management
- adds Chartable management
- …

This shouldn't break anything existing. But, it allows us to coexist with @bjoreman's format so that his users can author MP3 file chapters and our format at the same time and just drop it in their feed when finished.

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@hypercatcher @codedmonkey hey if you guys want to work on some kind of open solution for crowdsourcing chapters and/or soundbites I’d love to help. The UX for Podverse is primarily designed for clip sharing so we could probably integrate some how. My only concern would be how we can manage spam submissions with multiple sites crowdsourcing the data.

@podcastaddict Xavier, what is the minimum version of Android that PodcastAddict needs in order to run? I’m picking up an Android phone for testing and want to make sure I get the right one.

That'd be great Steven. I don't think anyone is building yet. Thanks for diving in on this. Ping me when you have something for me to test.

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@mikek999 No wonder namespace adoption has take years. Looks like chicken and egg:

Hosting companies that create the feeds wait for apps that recognize new features and app developers wait for hosting companies to implement the new tags.

The PODCASTERS have been left out of this loop due to lack of tools!

We can drive adoption so hard if you let you USERS in on the process!

@mgdell Hey Mike does Blubrry have an API for searching your directory? Something I’d be able to hook into?

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@mikek999 Hey Mike, this is the statement I'm using to generate the hash:

CRC32(REPLACE(REPLACE(image, 'https://', ''), 'http://', '')) as imageUrlHash

Does that look like it'll work? Or do I need some smarter logic to strip out the protocol scheme from the front to match what you do?

This is beautiful. The GitHub namespace project popped up in a webview on @hypercatcher when the chapter marker hit on today’s episode. This is the future. 🚀

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@jamescridland I'm sure this is better handled by OPAWG. But, we will gladly add anything like this that helps if yall standardize something.

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@jamescridland I'm reading:

Since I can see the user agent of the requesting app at call time on our side, what if I just tack this info on to the end of the enclosure url for the API results coming from us.

See attached. This is the Podnews user agent urlencoded as a query string param.

This obviously only helps for those apps pulling episode data from us.

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