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💥 Boom! Sovereign Feeds webhook receiver is in place and working:

Now, to test with Adam tomorrow and if successful we can get @voidzero to set a 302 for us pointing to this new url.

Thanks @StevenB !!

@StevenB Ok, I'm not seeing the webhook come through from Sovereign Feeds. Is it supposed to trigger when I hit the big blue "Save" button at the bottom right?

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The best part about our new V4V feature is it uses an open source library that anyone can add to their website.

To V4V enable your website, just load the webln-v4v script, and pass in the value tag and other information to the <webln-v4v> webcomponent.


Sample <webln-v4v> usage:

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The Podverse website is now V4V enabled 🥳

Compatible with any WebLN + keysend compatible wallet (like Alby).

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@dave We published a new features page today and happily mentioned Podcasting 2.0 Go Podcasting!

Finding a lot of this in the index:

It's across a lot of hosts. Exporting a list and trying to contact each of them.

Hey @StevenB, what is the format for the SF webhook? Is it documented anywhere?

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So, 5 total servers globally. Each is $5/mth and the CloudFlare load balancing is $30/mth.

So, $55/mth total.

Not bad at all.

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Ok, there are now 3 servers in North America (Atlanta, Dallas and Fremont, CA). There is also one in Europe (Frankfurt) and one in Australia (Sydney). The load balancing is geo-centric, but the North America load is spread across all three more or less equally.

One of the podping servers (Atlanta) is giving disk errors. I took it offline and will ditch it and spin a new one. If anyone saw intermittent errors they should resolve now.

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So, it sounds like Apple's "Delegated Delivery" is essentially one click directory submission to Apple Podcasts directory, but with the added option of submitting paywalled feeds also. Does that jive with what others read this to be?

cc: @alberto @tomrossi7 @mgdell

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I'm always happy to help anyone with advice and tips regarding liveItem or v4v music publishing from my own experience. When we're running with scissors it's always good to learn from one another's stab wounds along the way!

Mad appreciation as always to @dave and @adam, and also grateful to @mitch for taking the plunge into supporting liveItem as well!

Hey @merryoscar when will we be able to boost live shows in Fountain? 💪 🥳 🙏

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