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For anyone lamenting the loss of Zap integration with their Raspiblitz, if you want it back in v1.7.0 just open the file and update Lines 135-138 by removing the # comments on 135 & 136, ditch the OPTIONS=( on Line 137 and reindent. Then scrub the # comments on Lines 201-209 or so. Fire up the menu and then it links properly. The issue seems to be that the Rapiblitz Dev had issues with their Android Zap integration and disabled it from the menu - can’t confirm if that’s Android specific but it works on macOS and iOS for me. So much nicer using Zap than the alternatives - even if it’s not reguarly maintained.
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@jamescridland @dave @davejackson @theDanielJLewis I recall having a similar issue when my node was really new. At the time I split each invoice into smaller amounts and found that they would go through more reliably. I also sent some to my Breez wallet then from Breez to home. Essentially routing it manually.
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Streaming sats and boosting are WORKING in Podverse -- happy to be part of the beta (and thank you to @mitch for helping me get my sats figured out)!

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@agates Plugged it in, went to NATube, and it's picking up the CurioCaster test stream.

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Even more enabled podcasts!

- Trek TV - The most ambitious Star Trek podcast on the internet!
- The Canadian Bitcoiners Podcast - Bitcoin News With a Canadian Spin


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New version of Podfriend out on the web. 🎉

I think the only thing I have changed is that now episode progress and listened state is synced to the server, so it should be shared across devices! Woohoo.

Now time to compile a Desktop, Android and iTunes release before starting any other new features and getting sidetracked.

This is a great little device for rackmount stuff like the dbx286s that doesn’t have a built-in on/off switch. $8 on Amazon.

Lightning labs released LND v0.13 yesterday with initial support for AMP:

It’ll take a while for support to spread, and there is no support for recurring invoices yet. Definitely cool stuff though. It’ll make spontaneous payments much more reliable when they get to that point.

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Aww yiss! Five new enabled podcasts!

- School of Podcasting
- Entre Tapas e Espanhol
- King of Kanto
- The Future is not Set
- Mark Williamson Chat Show

Podcasts using Satoshis.Stream: 95

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I started working on a huge refactoring. I'll be introducing webpack for module bundling on podStation.
At the moment it is uncharted territory for me, so let's see where it goes.
This will take some time, and I'll not be implementing more features until this is ready (as porting code between master and this feature branch will soon be too difficult).
I'm hoping this will ease development of new features when it is done.

@alberto @Ben I feel a need to be code transparent when I have silly bugs like this. It's therapy. lol.

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Just fixed a bug with the "add/byfeedurl" endpoint that would miss on permutation checking when making sure a feed doesn't exist already.

Before adding a url to the `feeds_added` queue table it's checked with various permutations like http/https/endingslash/noendingslash/etc. If the url contained "http" somewhere else in the url body, it would get morphed and not match. Dumb bug.

Thanks to @alberto for reporting it.

cc: @Ben

This fixes it:

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@theDanielJLewis @davejackson
Breez says that they will keep the app in beta as long as the lighting network itself is in beta which is not wrong imo 🙂
So the app probably is as mature as any lightning app there is currently.

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@dave @podcastaddict

Yes, in the feeds you linked it's one of the audio types.

The middle one in the attached screenshot

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Next version of Podcast Addict will support the Alternate Enclosure tag. A first beta should be available by tomorrow

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Five!! New enabled podcasts:

- Packers Fan Podcast | Unofficial Green Bay Packers Talk
- Jeunes, volontaires et engagés
- Là d’où je viens a disparu
- Opt Out
- J+7


Podcasts using Satoshis.Stream: 91

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Looking into the m4a binary file format, it's really important for anyone producing audio meant to be delivered to low bandwidth connections to place the metadata ("moov" atom) at the beginning of the file, not the end.

Most do, but @jamescridland I noticed podnews currently does not, e.g.

This means nothing can be played when streamed (web-player) until the entire file is loaded.

@jamescridland @chidgey Does it make sense for me to be running a node in Australia? Will there ever be enough traffic coming from that region, or does everyone host in the US or EU?

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