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I've cloned the PC20 feed and called it "Podcasting 2.0 - Sandbox Feed". You can use this feed to test against the newest tags.

It is feed id 1318635 for devs using the API. The feed url is:

The feed API endpoints now returns "locked" status.

The episode API endpoints now return a "chaptersUrl" for the new chapters tag file.

Going forward I will update this feed when tags change or when new episodes are released.

@sphinx_chat is actually out of beta now. It’s in the App Store. You’ll want to update to that version if you’re still running the test flight build.

Let me clarify, not a "new site". New version of the site.

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New site is now up with some bug fixes, layout improvements and new apps added.

If your app isn't listed as using the correct features/tags let me know. Or better yet, tweak it in the web-ui repo and send a PR.

@jamescridland this has your layout stuff in it, and I fixed the double-_from thing in the player.

Namespace: Don't forget to add your name to the contributors.txt file if you participate in any way. Even if it's just a comment in an issue. All voices count.

@jamescridland You’re using Superfeedr for your websub I think. How much does that cost you per month?

Namespace: In discussion of the podcast:season tag it came up that maybe there should be an attribute to specify (if there is a name in the season) whether or not to display the number along with it or not. My inclination is that app devs will have to ignore this in many cases because of overriding UI design.

Any input on this from you guys?

Namespace: Should there be a simple tag in the namespace just called <podcast:private>[Yes|No]</podcast:private>?

There is an itunes:block tag currently, and there have been proposals for more fine grained blocking controls. But, a tag like this would allow for not having to guess whether a feed is private based on url regex voodoo.

I put some extra defense in the "add/byfeedurl" endpoint to reject things like "", "" and feeds having basic authentication username/passwords embedded in them.

Having to remove some private feeds from the index. Not a lot. But I did find a few in there with basic auth creds prepended to the front of the url. Will have to automate that.

@Lehmancreations Just found the soundbites duplication bug. Will fix tomorrow when I have some fresher brains.

Does anyone want to guess what exact time @podstation released lightning support? lol!

Just checked and the Freedom Controller IPFS integration still works fine. I just saved this file after firing up my IPFS daemon and it gave me back a hash:


@steven @drunkplato I went to deploy the lates build of the site tonight and the Apps page is broken (blank) so I rolled it back.

I think there is a syntax error on the JavaScript for that page but I didn’t have much time to troubleshoot it. I plan to dig in and find the issue tomorrow. Just figured I’d give a heads up if one of y’all spotted the issue before I do.

When I update it I typically do:

- git pull origin
- npm install
- npm audit fix
- npm run production

"Maybe farm out each feed to multiple agents, and create some sort of simple points system." In your mind, what would that look like?

Let's just hope they don't drop dynamic ads for these in between verses. 🙂

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Our cultural narrative right now is pretty sick. Even if you're non-religious, this has to be refreshing to see:

It would be a new way people could contribute value back to us (and each other). Just run an agent. Kind of like Folding@home, but doesn't melt your processor or cure cancer.

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I have this idea in my head to create a small agent that can run on any machine. The agent would contact the index once per 24 hours and ask for a block of (non-websub) feeds. The index would hand back maybe 10k. Then the agent would start polling those feeds for changes and ping back to us when a feed changes. Whenever a new agent comes on-line it gets a new block of feeds that haven't been assigned yet, and things get re-assigned on the next round if need be.

Distributed aggregation.

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