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Thomas Jestopher posted this on Telegram:

“We recently released a new web widget feature that might be useful for the livestreams or websites (depending on the audience). We haven't announced it in a big way yet, but I'd love to see it deployed!

This URL will give specific node stats and can be embedded:[]

There's customizations in the docs as well:

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@Todd_Blubrry @robgreenlee Any chance y’all can put a value block in the New Media Show feed? I’d love to stream some sats to you.

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@dave @adam @Meremortals Oh, thanks for the mention, im so proud of your work and am a evangelist of P2.0 for latinoamerican people. BTW Boost is IMPULSO in Spanish.

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chapters for Podcasting 2.0 Episode 69 have been published. enjoy in your favorite modern Podcasting app. don't forget to booooost!

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Somehow mastodon has evolved into a place for really high quality conversations. Not sure if it's just feed-gardening or what but this place is awesome these days.

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Podcasting 2.0 Episode 69: All Aboard! -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on with Alberto & Ben from including the live tag, podping and value4value on-boarding news

@jamescridland That'll give the UI you need until we put in the new UI that @kahlil built.

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@jamescridland Would it be possible for you to reimplement your Helipad UI changes after the Umbrel release happens and submit a new PR? If not, I can add them manually.

The code has been fragmented a bit since I moved things around for the v0.1.5 release.

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Chris Fisher's epic rant about why Linux and the Free Software Foundation should support Podcasting 2.0 and Value-4-Value Bitcoin donations

From Linux Unplugged, Episode 440, ft. @dave

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@Aerostatica We go camping up in Huntsville sometimes. It's an odd city because it's simultaneously government contractors and a bit of hipster.

Man, what a day job week. I'm exhausted.

Hoping to get some coding time tonight on the polling agent rewrite. I hate when you get into a coding rhythm and then you get time sink'd for a few days and can't follow up. It worms in my brain and drives me nuts.

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