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Slow lazy bugfix Sunday with a hint of app-store re-submit, good coffee in the Podfriend mug and Leonard Cohen in the headphones...

Life is indeed good.

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@vinnl I’ve always mentally edited that expression as I read it from: “Would you like more relevant ads?” to “Would you like no more ads?” to which I then look for the “Yes Please!” button and am then disappointed...

Still not sure I can get used to not writing "return" at the end of functions. It feels icky.

This syntax is cool. Feels Swifty, but even more compact. And, you can really see the assignment happening because of the lack of line terminators within the blocks. I like it.

Starting to develop the basic structure for the distributed aggregator client:

This code compiles but doesn't do anything that makes sense to anyone but me. It's current form is the code equivalent of thinking out loud to get my mind right.

@steven Currently the list is short because only the new ones from today have a date marker. The previous ones did not. So, it will be accurate going forward.

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New API endpoint to list feeds that have added a value tag in reverse chronological order:

It takes the same filtering arguments as the trending endpoint. I will add to the docs repo so as not to trigger @steven . 😉

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Starting implementation on item level value tags. Tables created. Will get it put into partytime.js tomorrow, time permitting.

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@martin @TigerMcMeowMeowFace
Uncancellable microtransactions in games, martin that would be so cruel! EA would love it

Example code repository: We now have code for PHP, Rust, C#, Python, Go, Lisp, Dart/Flutter, Java, Javascript and Swift.

Anybody want to write up a Ruby example?

Any other languages we need represented?

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Podnews now links to podcasts doing "value4value" (as well as the funding tag). Here's an example - or

I like the boost icon; it's explainable but avoids tying back to money. is a funding-only one (which also has a location tag, though not being used correctly, sadly - it's not "about" Brisbane, it's "from" Brisbane, grumble grumble)

Out of the 1,043,511 Anchor podcasts in the index, only 150,927 of them have published an episode since January 1st, 2021.

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Decentralized chat over IPFS, how am I 4 years late to this?

"Tutorial: How to build an application with IPFS PubSub Room"

Rust example code is now up for the API:

This was a good exercise for me. Hit quite a few snags that made me go learn stuff.

I tried to match @csb's Go example code for consistency of output, variable naming, etc.

Thanks @janriemer for the lifetime help. The difference came down to the ownership of String vs passing &str in the header building calls.

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@dave All good now. Successfully sent myself sats from Strike.

Thanks for your assistance!

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