Getting caught up on Podcasting 2.0 and for me working in tech support moderating comments is a NIGHTMARE. Not sure if we can use something like Disqus (again, I'm Jean's Mom). I just know finding the balance of blocking spammers while letting legit comments is a never-ending struggle.

Bandrew Scott was banned from YouTube without (it appears) a human ever looking at his appeals. He shares the whole story (audience pressure lead to a reversal)

So someone asked, "Should I have a website?" (again) in the Podcast Movement Facebook group. I left some reasons why, and in going through the process of saying, "This isn't spam" Facebook notes that repeating the same answer over and over is considered spam. But they ask the same questions over and over.

My friend Thomas Umstattd Jr from talking about at the Spark Christian Podcast Conference explaining how a Podcast Can't be de-platformed if they have an RSS and how Podcasting 2.0 provides a value for value model. Another piece of kindling for the fire.

I'm looking forward to talking to famed Radio Decibel host John Holden today.

wait, is this the symbol for a hand job? 👋 oh.... wave....I see. Nevermind...

@dave I got my node setup in voltage. Got all my passwords, Macaroons (so tasty), and in the value4value, it states, "After you verify your podcast feed, you will be prompted to choose a node provider." but in my screen is showing "Below is your "value block" for each feed you have claimed." and I have no code, just links to setup a node. I'm probably "this close"

OK, I understand RSS, but aside from a coin base account, CLUELESS on most of this (I listen to the podcast, but mostly it goes over my head). I see I have three options (sphinx, Voltage, and I'm assuming these are wallets. Does it matter which one?

This is a classic. Adam dropping an MF as Jobs introduces podcasting to a crowd.

Working on my next episode explaining how podcasts are your babies. Their diapers need to be changed, and Apple doesn't seem to care. I'm going to read James Cridland's article about jumping into P2.0. My question @dave is how close are we to having people with @aol email addresses ready to use this?

I was ready to poo-poo chapters (even though I use them on my show via Hindenburg) but I think it depends on how controversial you are. The more you trigger your audience the more they engage.

Bought my first crumb of bitcoin. Was checking out Podfriend.

My knee-jerk reaction to chapters was, "I'm never looking at my screen so I don't get it." (But I do put them in via Hindenburg Journalist into the School of Podcasting as that tool then allows me to export a timeline).
Now that there is something to see, I might keep my phone out of my pocket.

Sounded like you needed some users. I can barely spell bitcoin, so I might be a good test case. Podcasting I get. Bitcoin not so much.

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