I'm loving the return of the morning show on Apple TV. Especially bout 8 minutes in. Sound familiar?

@jamescridland Can I use a clip from Podland about paywithmoon.com/ ?

I think between meetings I might have mini-episodes with a theme of "What I learned today" where people could leave a quick message. Your report on Moon is a good example. Another example might be how to remove sat from satoshi.stream.

Is that OK with you?

so if you watched the first video on how to enable your podcast to receive, this is how you withdrawl from SatoshisStream.
Is Breeze the current Favorite Wallet? I thought I saw where it was NOT custodial, but after installing the app, I never got a private key.

The edited version of our 9/2 meeting is now published as an episode, and a video showing you how to set up your show leadingthebleeding.com/how-to-

@dave Here I come to break more stuff. I switched Leading the Bleeding (LTB) to Libsyn (off of red circle) over the weekend and in the process ended up creating a duplicate. I went to the one with Libsyn, and thought the lightning bolt link would work. However, the screen shows my current podcaster wallet with the School of Podcasting only (no value block for LTB see vid. loom.com/share/0ce1270f9a48497

A fountain app demo combined with a bit of a soapbox youtu.be/Wo8YyHd_9xc

It turns out 20 sats per minute is next to nothing...

Thursday, September 2nd 9 PM ET.
Leading the Bleeding
We all know a little bit about something, let's put it all together so we can understand it, so others can follow us.


All are invited.

I guess we can start with Wallets. Can I have more than one show on a single wallet? Different types, the good, the bad, the ugly, etc.

Don't know where we are going, but it will be fun when we get there!

Enjoy some Kings X!

I had a quick chat with @harryduran about my idea of "Leading the Bleeding (if podcasting 2.0 is for developers this is for the producers)"
I am embracing the role of Gene's mom. Should we meet on Zoom, Clubhouse, Both?

Think of it like those group reports where each person read one chapter then you all share your knowledge.

Current ideas:

@hypercatcher Dave, in Hindenburg I can copy and paste their chapters into a text file see this video I made for you:

I embrace my role as Gene's Mom. Originally I was going going to start an online meetup called stacking sats (not shocked that is taken). For now
genesmom.club (coming soon)

Downloaded and installed Fountain. It has many of the features of overcast (set a speed for each show). I miss playlists (I see where playlists are for clips, not shows) but it's early and I can now support Dave, Adam, and John as I listen. Dave using Strike to fill my wallet was super easy. JEAN'S MOM Approved.

Getting caught up on Podcasting 2.0 and for me working in tech support moderating comments is a NIGHTMARE. Not sure if we can use something like Disqus (again, I'm Jean's Mom). I just know finding the balance of blocking spammers while letting legit comments is a never-ending struggle.

Bandrew Scott was banned from YouTube without (it appears) a human ever looking at his appeals. He shares the whole story (audience pressure lead to a reversal) youtu.be/W5PKg7h4rYk

So someone asked, "Should I have a website?" (again) in the Podcast Movement Facebook group. I left some reasons why, and in going through the process of saying, "This isn't spam" Facebook notes that repeating the same answer over and over is considered spam. But they ask the same questions over and over.

My friend Thomas Umstattd Jr from authormedia.com talking about Value4value.io at the Spark Christian Podcast Conference explaining how a Podcast Can't be de-platformed if they have an RSS and how Podcasting 2.0 provides a value for value model. Another piece of kindling for the fire.

I'm looking forward to talking to famed Radio Decibel host John Holden today.

wait, is this the symbol for a hand job? 👋 oh.... wave....I see. Nevermind...

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