I'm experimenting with a new podcast. As I list my show in all the different places, the one thing new podcast apps need is a way to get a link to your show on their platform.

Found my own answer,"Zap iOS is not actively maintained at the moment. If you're looking for a simple way to make lightning transactions take a look at Strike." so I can send it to strike who can send it to Trezor. Ahh the smell of fees in the morning. Nothing huge to transfer.

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Proving again, "I don't know a thing about crypto" I bought a trezor 1 hardware wallet, and when I go to send sats via my zap app it says my on-chain balance is 0. I'm guessing 2 different payment networks lighting and whatever this is?

Just Got word from Hindenburg (after asking them about altering their chapters to be 2.0 compatible and showing them hypercatcher studio), "We will do that very thing.: Proving again, it never hurts to ask...

For those looking for Adam's panel appearance at bitcoin 2022 Here it is youtu.be/bXAtm6-tA4Y?t=90

Here is something we all know, but it's still weird to see it in your face. youtu.be/wqn3gR1WTcA (Last week tonight Data Brokers)

Gonna try a new brief segment on the School of Podcasting called, "I heard it on a podcast" I listened to Mo Factz today and learned Henry Ford was an anti-semite. I never heard a single ounce of that in School. zero. Amazing show.

While I see this plugin hodlhard.io/bitcoin-satoshis-t that shows what $1 will buy in sats, I'd love to have a widget that shows 10,000 sats = $ X.XX in USD. Does anybody know of any non-WordPress tools? (Just trying to educate the audience)

@dave I'm back to break things. Playing with chapters. Added <podcast:chapters url="" type="application/json+chapters" /> to the "Advanced" part of my episode in Libsyn ( feed feeds.libsyn.com/18414/rs ) I went to listen to the "Cross promote your podcast while you get paid" (the episode with the chapters) in fountain and got a whole lot of nothing.

So do I then rip the operating system on the hard drive and run it out of a folder? or do I still put it on a card?

I lucked out. I had a 2 TB sitting around just in case.

Man looking at a Pi 4 with 8 GB and the only place you find them is on eBay for $150-$250 (for just the board, not a kit).

@dave If we do a "leading the bleeding" meeting in late March or April (plenty of time to promote)we could put your affiliate links to the hardware on Amz to earn additional income for the index, and then do a "getting started on umbrel" zoom meeting to walk a group of people together. I'm ready to break more stuff. It looks easy, which means I will wreck it. Thoughts?

As there is no "submit" button at podcastindex.org. I know if you submit to blubrry's directory you are added to the index. I think @jamescridland had something you can do on his site? What's thee easiest way to get into the index?

It was just a matter of time. Apparently, Kid Rock is now getting paid by the F*ck. NSFW youtu.be/JKfm4rqMd78

somehow I don't see this getting much airplay

@adam I just got off the phone with Tascam and told them that the Podfather did not like their mixcast 4. Can I pass along your email? They would like to talk to you and get input.

OK, Take Two of the Leading the Bleeding Roundtable Tonight at 9-10 PM ET. I realize there was some confusion so we're going to try again tonight.

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