Any one looks at Spotify's green room yet?

At least it works on android out of the box and you don't have to upload all your contacts

Is there any podcasting 2.0 clubhouse - like endorsed solution?

I am guessing something from Spotify ain't ever going to be it

Aww yiss! Five new enabled podcasts!

- School of Podcasting
- Entre Tapas e Espanhol
- King of Kanto
- The Future is not Set
- Mark Williamson Chat Show

Podcasts using Satoshis.Stream: 95

@dave I am unable to reset my email address to gain API read access to the podcast Index. And after that, how did I get write access, all I want to do is add 2 new feeds

We really need some tutorials and infographics for stuff. Especially <podcast:alternateEnclosure> and . Those are killer tech, but hard to explain. I think some sort of graphical/visual help would go a long way. I have no idea who would be capable of such a thing.

Anyone who is interested in clubhouse and what that type of medium is to podcasting /content creation needs to watch documentary,

People's Republic of Desire

This is value 4 value on steroids laced with crack!

The Chinese seem to be 10 years ahead of us!

@theDanielJLewis you seem like the guy to ask. I am looking to add podcast 2.0 namespace values straight into the mp3 tags per episode. I see you have posted a few blogs on tagging, have you thought about this at all. The model I am thinking about is how musicbrainz add their tags.

I am currently backing up a friends podcast for prosperity so I am doing a full wash through of all the episodes so it is timely for that.

From podnews/theregister today, the new owners of audacity are off to a great start trying to insert "basic telemetry" into the code base. At least it is open enough that users can see it and push back. I love audacity, it hasn't gotten much love for a while though, not sure if these guys are it however!

Has anyone looked at running lightning over litecoin instead? It wouldnt suffer from the same transaction costs as bitcoin and the value of any of them (crypto to fiat) are just a function of when you decide to loop out.

I have had a few queries now on how one can setup a full website, mp3 links and rss feed under IPFS. So I decided to write some of it up, if you are interested you can find it here:

Constructive comments welcome

Are there any recommended lighting channels or peers to join for people? I finally have a working lightning node, built from the ground up (I think) with 35k sats burning a hole in my pocket

This week has been a reminder that platforms can change at a moments notice and why centralised infrastructure is not always the right answer.

@dave am I imagining it, or did you have the whole podcast index available on ipfs, not just the list of podcasts? I am looking for episode with durations numbers, is that captured?

I got my "Dear Podcast Creator" email from apple. It is still not clear after reading it if for their premium option if they will supply hosting or is that something you still need to figure out before you engage them

This episode we are joined by London based stand-up comedy MC and room runner Alfie Noakes.

We discuss what is an Open Mic in the comedy world, from the beginners starting out to the training ground of the big comics. Why it is a controversial, but also a very important space. Both Alfie and Dave have spent many years plugging their trade around the open mic scene and bring some fascinating insight into that world

@dave what does it take to get a podcast on the front page of podcastindex? And who do I pay off?

Seriously though, it says recent activity, but some of the episodes I am seeing are from 2017, are they supposed to be recent in time or recent in addition to the index?

Submissions are open for talks, live demos and lightning talks for the Libre Graphics Meeting, which takes place 27-30 May 2021, mostly online.

If you have knowledge around any free and open source graphics software that you'd like to share with the world, please visit their website at

to submit one or more proposals.

Submission is still open until the 19th, so hurry to make an impact in the free + libre graphics world!

#ArtWithOpenSource #lgm

I used to think awards were there to recognise some one, then I came to realise it is usually just used by an organisation to attach themselves to some else's success:

I wrote a new tool for fediverse: search Peertube via Matrix. It uses Sepia Search API to search on all participating public Peertube instances. You can also select any single instance. It's implemented as a module for Hemppa the bot - see docs here: #peertube #matrix

In this episode, we welcome to the show New York based stand-up Shaun Eli.

Shaun tells us about the New York stand up scene both pre and post covid. He also discusses writing for Jay Leno opening monologues back in the 90s, performing in 5 continents (not 7, yet)

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