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Namespace: Ok, I have cleaned everything up and bug checked as much as these 44 year old eyes can. Everyone please take a minute to look over the current docs and make sure I haven't made typos or mistakes in the Phase 1 formalization:


The more eyes the better.

I set up a lightning node at

Very easy process. Free test nodes.

Really good way to get to know how to interact with an Lnd node and api’s

Hi all, for anyone interested in how podcasting with lightning/bitcoin works, would a webinar be helpful? We could hold one on Monday at 18:00pm GMT and record it. I'll post the link here if there are takers. - Paul

Every day I stand at the threshold of the post apocalyptic future where Skynet hunts down the human race!

I think we are safe for at least the next week:

@adam loved the recent podcasting 2.0 podcast. I would love to see a geo location for a podcast, maybe in the namespace. Or even like chapters, imagine a walking tour podcast that would track where you are and could non linearly spit out sections

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