Has anyone used Cloudflare's R2 storage? What has your experience been?

@dave What's the best way to update feed URL on Podcast Index by the podcast hosting company *without* the use of a 301 redirect? Would it be by adding <itunes:new-feed-url>? Aggregator code seems to suggest that:


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I can't say enough positive things about @rssblue! If you know anyone looking for a podcast host, this is where you need to look. @dovydas was helpful and responsive. Don't hesitate to recommend RSS Blue to friends. The interface is clean and its easy upload chapters and transcripts. A++! Thanks Dovydas 🎧 rssblue.com/

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We love Markdown!

With it, your show notes become richer: you can make the text bold or italic, include hyperlinks, and more.

Learn about Markdown:

In the GH issue concerning namespace license (github.com/Podcastindex-org/po), I've added a few examples of licenses that other standards' bodies use.

I think it's important to decide on something, not just because of the namespace but because of all the content on the repo. E.g., I wanted to include `example.xml` as a test material in a Rust project (github.com/rust-syndication/rs) for parsing RSS but I'm hesitant because there is no license.

Andrej Karpathy has transcribed all episodes of the Lex Fridman Podcast using OpenAI's Whisper.


@adam @dave I know the site acts only as a redirect but would it be possible to enable HTTPS for newpodcastapps.com ?

Hmm. Is there no Wordpress plugin out there that just imports external RSS feed at regular intervals and serves it *without* modifying it? Because it seems that those that modify often remove important fields (Podcasting 2.0) or even change GUIDs!

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NEW in RSS Blue:

Enter Alby or Fountain username, and we'll fetch the wallet details for you!

@dave Just testing some things on Podcaster Wallet website. Should "here" be a hyperlink? This is shown after registering.

I don't even use PHP, but I guess it's worth a try to someone out there! 😂

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I have a hobby of going through HTTP requests and seeing what kind of vulnerabilities people are trying to exploit.

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🚀 Announcing OP3: the Open Podcast Prefix Project

Wondering what folks here think of this idea - I want this to exist!

And can see a path to getting there...


2. Items in a music podcast feed are songs. @adam often stresses that one needs to *ask* for support for value. But how to do that in a music podcast? Inserting a donation call in the middle of a song would totally ruin it.

I can't even think of anything effective that could be done about this... What do you all think?

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1. Songs are shorter than regular podcast episodes. Even if listened to multiple times, it's unlikely the creator will receive the same amount of streamed satoshis.

I think this could be addressed by podcatchers allowing to set streaming amounts manually for each podcast. But even then, the odds are stacked against a music podcaster because the listener has to put in the extra work.

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