After the very kind shoutout by @adam on the latest P2.0 episode I'm happy to announce my dive into 'Podcasting 4 Value' by @floydianslips. The name will ring a bell because you've probably seen his 'satvertising' boostagrams floating around on a bunch of shows. If you're interested in what the experience of using IPFS podcasting is like, Josh's show is the place to be.

Couple of handy links below:

Is anyone having issues with making clips using Fountain on Android?

Once the clip button is pressed it looks like it is transcribing but then reverts back to the clip button.

Is this a known bug @merryoscar out am I perhaps not competent enough to do it?

Does anyone know if the day of the week is required for RFC 2822 date format?

Having issues with Breez and the date format. This is what I found about the spec:

"A date-time specification MUST be semantically valid. That is, the
day-of-the-week (if included) MUST be the day implied by the date..."

Does the PI expect the day of the week? I haven't seen any other players having this issue.

@dave I don't see anything in the API docs about medium queries. Are they simply GET /podcasts/bymedium?

I had an idea for a V4V music streaming service.

Stream sats to listen to Free Range Music and a split goes to the artist. Like a radio station.

Probably already thought of, but I found it interesting.

I'm a legend in my own mind!

Just had a boost bot error in a PC2.0 boost split. Not sure who maintains the bot, but an FYI.

Anyone have any experience using Blockonomics to accept BTC payments? They facilitate P2P transactions taking a 1% cut. Seems like something that could be coded fairly easily, but I don't have the chops.

@cameron is there any way to pin images from the RSS/chapters file to IPFS Podcasting? Or could someone pin the files to IPFS and then use the hash in the chapters JSON file?

I have been using IPFS Podcasting as my main RSS feed for about 13/15 episodes of my podcast. There aren't many downloads, but I haven't seen any drawbacks.

Of course I have backups of my audio files, but most the heavy lifting/bandwidth usage is through IPFS.

The RSS feed that I entered into the PI is from IPFS Podcasting. Dave helped me change the feed over from my hosted RSS and after a bit of work by @cameron it has been solid.

My main goal is decentralization and open source tools.

Woohoo! IPFS Podcasting is now in the Umbrel v0.4.18 App store!

Turn your Umbrel into an IPFS node for self-hosting, crowd-hosting, and archiving of your favorite podcasts to the IPFS network!

Of course, I'm available here for support & questions.

I started a podcast awhile ago and I am trying to add a new 2.0 tag every episode. This episode it was podcast:soundbite.

I used the clip feature in the Fountain App. Wow, @merryoscar that is impressive. Is there any way to integrate the soundbite tag to automatically generate clips?

Also is there a way to export the transcript Fountain creates? Or can you at least tell me what you use to transcribe? That is a missing piece that I have been trying to research.

What's the best way to give attribution for the chapter images? I don't see any way to do it in the chapter tag. Would I have to credit each individual in a separate person tag? Currently I am using free images in chapters and want to give credit to the creators.

@SirSpencer Do you know if your having issues with your node? I can't boost Bowl After Bowl from the Fountain App. Not sure if it on your end or theirs.

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