Business idea for someone: a rock solid RSS mirror, but one that allows you to add all the Podcasting 2.0 namespace tags. So you can turn any podcast host into a compatible Podcasting 2.0 host - keep your show where it is, but get support for all the new tags, and also support PodPing etc. Should be relatively easy to code/host.

Here is my presentation about the Open Web and Podcasting 2.0 I delivered at the Festival del Podcasting in Italy. I translated the slides and added presentator’s notes in English.
It’s available as a zip file containing Keynote, PowerPoint and PDF formats. Free to use for anybody.


Thanks to @benjaminbellamy , on whose presentation and slides a lot of this is based.

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Castamatic 8 is now available on the App Store Now with Podcasting 2.0 / value4value support, new CarPlay UI and remaining episodes badges. Enjoy your favorite shows, support your favorite producers!

@dave Hello Dave, I noticed today the Podcast Index entry for the Podcasting 2.0 show has iTunesID == 0. Is that the default for any show that is not on the iTunes index?

2209 Value 4 Value podcasts are receiving streaming payments in real time. Is yours?

What are the podcast hosting providers that support PodPing at this time?

New build (3996) is available on TestFlight with a fix for missing episodes.

Current Castamatic beta has an issue preventing the latest episode of Podcasting 2.0 show to be shown. A new build will be available soon on TestFlight correcting the problem.

@benjaminbellamy Hello Benjamin. I would love to use pictures from your post ( for part of my speech at the Italian “Festival del Podcasting”. Of course I would never do that without your permission and giving credits.

@dave Hello Dave. I noticed the main chapter artwork for podcasting2.0 show has some black padding in Castamatic because it is not square. I will change the UI to aspect-fill instead of fit to correct it, but maybe you want to check it out.

Happy to announce the new beta of Castamatic (build 3984) supports chapters and funding tags.

Epic vs Apple judgment out -> maybe I'm getting this wrong but isn't this huge news for us?

"Apple Inc. [...] are hereby permanently restrained and enjoined from prohibiting developers from (i) including in their apps and their metadata buttons, external links, or other calls to action that direct customers to purchasing mechanisms, in addition to In-App Purchasing ... "

I'm glad to announce that Castamatic new beta with support for Value4Value is available for testing.

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What do you suggest an app should display as the default boostagram amount? And what about boost amount and stream rate if the podcast’s feed doesn’t have a suggested value?

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One can never be sure, but I think I just sent the first public boostagram from Castamatic. Please let me know if it gets there.

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Many apps already use this technique for x-callback-url functionality.

If you scan this with the system camera app on an iPhone with Castamatic installed it will open the app and propose the user to subscribe to No Agenda.

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I don’t know much about Android SDK, but on iPhone if the app registers for a custom scheme, there is no problem in opening the app from the system camera.

The only requirement is not to use podcast:// or other reserved keywords.

We might use: podcastindex://subscribe&feedurl=“[urlencoded feed url]”

or podcastindex://subscribe&guid=“[podcast guid]”

or podcastindex://subscribe&id=“[podcast id in podcast index]”

We can even support all three in our specs.

A Podcasting 2.0 logo in our apps only for shows that support the specs maybe would foster adoption by podcasters.

@dave I’m a little lost on TLV record keys. Are they documented anywhere?

@adam Did you receive the invite email from the guys from the Festival del Podcasting conference? They would love for you to talk live at the conference or remote about Podcasting 2.0

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