@adam From looking at the activity on my node I'd guess the liquidity on a fountain.fm to Podcast Index channel got blown out somewhere.

PayPal wants to control your live streams and user interaction!

"PayPal requires pre-approval to accept payments for certain services"
"Any activities in which people transmit video, voice or text content in a live environment with the potential of user interaction."


@behindthesch3m3s @harvhat @mitch @moritzk @BoostBot @kiwiidb @iben the no route error?
sadly this is still too common and manage nodes and liquidity still needs to get easier.

If one wants polls in a podcast, I would recommend to use the podcast:socialInteract tag and then post a poll from ActivityPub, the way Mastodon already implements it. cc/ @adam @dave

@adam @dave

Hmm.. my new PI channel force closing *again* today. (I'll reopen again but grrrr, I think I'm up to 20k in sats for force close fees in the last month or so.)

Stock market down, BTC up, some divergence happening.

Seems my boosts haven't been getting through to podcasting2.0 yesterday (22k twice, partially went) or MoeFactz today (84k). (Though a 9999 one to BowlafterBowl didn't have issues. I have better luck under 10k it seems)

Also the wallet shows the Sats missing until I refill it, then it all re-appears, along with the new deposit. Being able to see a list of pending transactions would be handier then trying to second guess it from looking at the balance.

Doing the micro-payment thing!

A record 24 hrs on my lightning node in regard to number of forwarded payments. 3116 of them and the biggest was only 151 sats!

count = 3116,
average = 7 sats
low = 1 sat
high = 151 sats
median = 1 sat

My take on fees: as an app developer I have control on the amount of fees the app takes, but no control on those put by other services or intermediaries: the hosting company and podcast index come to my mind at this time.

The app is chosen by the user, so the app’s fee should be payed by the user on top of the total amount. Intermediaries like the hosting service or podcast index are chosen by the podcaster, so their fees should be taken from the podcaster’s cut.

@adam @dave

@adam @dave

Finally, I'm working on the UI/UX to let the listener decide the percentage of each transaction that goes to the app, letting CCs fees truly be v4v. I'm trusting that v4v will be the best course, but if I'm completely honest, it can be daunting to trust that v4v works when it really does seem like it's 5-10% of the users that actually provide treasure, but then someone like @petar comes along with a 5,000,000 sat boost and make it seem like it all may just work out.

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When I walk into a coffee shop to buy a $2 coffee I don't need to have $500 of liquidity in my pocket.

Anyone have any idea why lnpay has 5 mil sat limit on opening a channel to them? Whats the logic in that?

Last thing I've managed to boost was at 22 Jun 2022 1:20:26 AM eastern time.

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Seems CC is having trouble live boosting to rare encounter podcast. Not just me either. Also not streaming sats either.

It's not like you couldn't have done that on CD's or Vinyl.

New song by Signs Of New Growth (S.O.N.G.) - USA.

This is our poetic eulogy for the United States of America:


so if one was making a music video feed would you select "music" or "video" for the *Media Type* tag? Or do we need a "music video" type? 🤔

I have channels that the activity is balanced but the channel is not merely because I am the one that opened it, but now for some reason that means raising fees. I might start closing these channels if sats aren't allowed to flow both ways.

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