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I added podcast chapters to the latest episode of "Podcasting 2.0" top hopefully demonstrate what's so cool about podcast chapters. These chapters are only viewable in HyperCatcher for now, but I'm hoping with the new chapters tags it will unlock the ability to share / view chapter content on more players.

Awesome Podcast today. Definitely gonna look into LNPay

Asking for a friend... how would you go about creating an anonymous podcast? Are there hosting providers that accept Bitcoin and registration via ProtonMail for example?

Just wrote a blog about how Podcasting is censorship proof:

I'd appreciate any feedback or corrections before I embarrass myself more widely 😆

h/t @Castopod which I mention in the blog as a way to self host. I need to setup my own installation soon so I can learn more about it, but seems like a great way to ensure podcast freedom

I finally got in to Clubhouse. Anyone else on there yet? They are basically live podcasts with some big names. I was in a room with Marc Andreesen and another with Eric Weinstein. I couldn’t talk of course. Not as polished as podcasts though so it takes a long time to get to any good info. So far I much prefer podcasts, but it’s an interesting experience.

Nvm, it’s not cool at all. It’s not automated (real people translating) and takes up to 48 hours...

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Ooo, a new speech to text API

Just saw an interview on the lex Friedman podcast I’m gonna listen to next.

I’m definitely having some (fresh) worries about developing a podcast app on Apples platform right now. I think open podcasts are safe until this page disappears from Overcast. Then it will be time to do something new.

Listen to @adam & @dave talk with the creator of Podfriend (Hey that's me!) about Podcasting, Podfriend and extremely long willies in Denmark!

Listen in your favorite friendly podcast app:

Where do people get their podcast news from? Are there any alternatives to Podnews or are they the only game in town?

Wow, breaker was actually accepting in-app payments for podcast subscriptions and then forwarding that payment on to the podcaster I guess? Apple would take 30% of that, minus taxes, paid by all three parties? Doesn't seem like that math works out at all in Breaker's or the Podcaster's favor.

They've disabled new signups for some reason so I couldn't create an account, but this looks like it will be perfect for chapter based LN Tips / Boosts.

@martin Sorry for the delay, I deployed an updated that should allow CORS. Let me know if there are any issues still

Also, using wallet deeplinks instead of an embedded wallet would mean you definitely couldn't do streaming payments.

Ultimately Lightning makes sense to use because of the low fees, but Lightning wallets seem very early in development whereas some of the "older" wallets like Trust that unfortunately don't support LN yet would probably be the best candidates for doing sophisticated deeplinking

Just a few observations I thought I'd share

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Deeplinking would allow you to send a single payment as a podcast donation. This could be used as something like a poor man's "boost" and would allow apps to play in the bitcoin space using the User's favorite wallet instead of an integrated podcast wallet. However, deeplinks to a wallet would make splits kind of unreasonable because it would require linking the user to the wallet multiple times to complete the different payments.

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I spent some time looking into Lightning Wallets over the past couple of days. I don't think I'll be integrating a Lightning Wallet into my app (just yet). It sounds like there are some cool solutions coming down the pike that Adam and Dave discussed on the last podcast that I will probably wait for.

However, I think a way to make things work now would be to deeplink to a wallet. Blue Wallet was the only LN wallet I found with documented deeplinks, but they don't seem to work. I opened an issue

The Breez wallet isn't available in the App Store yet, just TestFlight. Interesting. I wonder if they have plans to become official?

This might be an interesting way to handle payment splits. Someone could write a Lightning App (LApp) that handles Lightning Payment splits and just embed the deeplink to a LApp browser in the RSS Feed.

That would open up a lot of different experiences I think. Not sure yet.. just learned about LApps from this post and posted immediately :)

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