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I added podcast chapters to the latest episode of "Podcasting 2.0" top hopefully demonstrate what's so cool about podcast chapters. These chapters are only viewable in HyperCatcher for now, but I'm hoping with the new chapters tags it will unlock the ability to share / view chapter content on more players.

Saw this on breez and seems like a pretty big deal that Jason Calacanis has a value block in his podcast. Are we sure it’s him or his staff and not someone with a rip-off anchor podcast? That seems very unlikely from what I saw in the podcast index response for the podcast, but just wondering. Huge news if it’s for real!

Got this running today can’t wait to try out some of the other software I just got from eBay.

@dave (Or anyone else who sees this) Low priority question. Is there a name for the auth method used for podcast index. It's a more advanced method than I'm used to, but I'd like to keep the same style auth for chapters integration with @Castopod

@Drebscott @adam Could you try adding the new bucket url to podcast feeds instead of the API url for a bit. I'm keeping both options incase there is an issue and you need to revert back to using the API url instead.

Here's what you'll see now. "Copy Bucket URL" is the new option I'm hoping will work better but let me know if you have any issues!

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Hi @adam and @Drebscott I'm doubling down on HC Studio. I just released an update that gives you a new Cloud bucket option for adding to your RSS feed. This won't hit the HC Studio API directly so if the studio goes down podcast chapters will still work. Also it should be a bit cheaper to server json files from, hopefully making this more scalable.

Cory Doctrow needs Podcasting 2.0 audio books. This is just what @adam was describing on the last 2.0 podcast

Just finished up the Offline Playback and Podcast download basic feature implementation for HyperCatcher. I'd love some feedback from anyone interested in that feature. You can sign up to get a beta releases of the HC App here:

If everything looks good it should be available in the App Store in a couple days

@phoneboy @Muppet1856

Here's the API I have established so far:

Definitely makes sense to have an API Key associated with a user account to allow that user to update and get info about their podcast in HC Studio.

I'll work on that first step as soon as I finish up the offline playback and lightning pay integration stuff on the listener side of things.

Let me know if you think of anything else we might need for this and I'll be thinking about it as well, thanks for the suggestion!

Does anyone have any suggestions for how big a transaction I need to make to get my channel funding transaction to complete in a reasonable time? Been waiting 2 weeks for my first attempt. Gave up on that one and opened a new one yesterday and 24hrs later still waiting for my transaction to get picked up. Here's the details of my most recent attempt to open a channel to the podcast index node

Just ran across what look to be some fellow travelers in the free speech / crypto podcasting space.

@adam you just got a shout out on Tim Pool’s podcast for podcasting 2.0 and he said he’s going to look into having you on in case you’re looking for road show ideas.

This GPT-3 generated chapter pretty much sums it up. “On HyperCatcher... and how it can be expanded to work” 😂😂😂

Re: NOQ Report, I wrote this last week after discovering one of my favorite podcasts had been shadow banned by Overcast

Interesting note from Clubhouse press release today. Looks like they will pay creators for audio content via tipping, tickets and subscriptions.

Awesome Podcast today. Definitely gonna look into LNPay

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