For most of the day, I've written a history of podcasting in the UK. It's been fascinating to discover what's on the Web Archive. Omissions/Corrections very, very welcome.

Can anyone help me with the "Ben Hammersley invented the word podcasting in Feb 2004" vs "Dannie J. Gregoire invented the word podcaster in Sep 2004" argument? Is there a canonical understanding of this?

Transcripts - how does the transcript tag work with dynamic audio insertion? If I put a 20" message for people in Canada in the front of my podcast, but nobody else gets it, what happens to the SRT transcript?

In a discussion on Twitter about what the first UK podcast was. Anyone know? Here's the first I worked on (I even credited myself in the RSS feed). Mar 2005, before Apple Podcasts - the instructions are... wow.

@dave @adam @samsethi Hoping it makes amends. Also, contains @merryoscar and lots of talk about Podcasting 2.0. And the return of Boostagram Corner.

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Coming shortly - a hamfisted attempt to make friends with @dave and @adam on Podland News with @samsethi

YouTube has just launched its first podcast. It was nowhere in any of the podcast apps; but I just put it into the Podcast Index so at least proper podcast apps will be able to find it... :)

Stupid question alert. This is Fountain. What do I tell an ordinary human being to do, to add sats into their wallet?

This ordinary person is in Norway, in this particular case. Where can I point them for a service that will take his funny Norwegian money, and put it somewhere that can be used to pay a lightning invoice? I actually can't think of how to do this simply - I don't know what service to use.

(And how could you scan this QR code on your phone?)


(I still reckon that the transcript tag is the trojan horse to getting more podcast hosts implementing Podcast Namespace tags).

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WIRED magazine says we should do transcripts, but didn't go into where to put them. The new transcript tag would have been good for them to mention.

Sooo, just listened to the latest edition of Podcasting 2.0. That was, um, a fun walk in the park (literally, I was walking in the park).

Hmm. - scroll down a little. That's a lot of bright-blue podcasts in the Podcast Index.

Interesting project - works with Lightning and essentially transfers SATs/BTC into fiat-based virtual credit cards. Might be of interest to those getting into value4value, since it works with any simple lightning wallet.

@davejackson PS - tidied this up a bit now. is rather better, and this link will search value4value ones only.

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Also, @davejackson - you asked for a value4value podcast search engine. now has an option for value4value podcasts. It's a bit ugly.

@davejackson - shows that your "Leading the Bleeding" podcast is in the Afar language, spoken mainly in Ethopia and Djibouti. Impressive that you're fluent in that; and/or you might want to fix that in your Libsyn dashboard. (It also notices that you are now value4value enabled. Yay!)

@keunes I'm trying to make it simple. Would welcome any feedback.

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