I come bearing a geeky data gift - how many shows from each podcast host are on Spotify? Some wide variances here. Quite interesting.

Podnews now links to podcasts doing "value4value" (as well as the funding tag). Here's an example - podnews.net/podcast/1558250051 or podnews.net/podcast/269169796

I like the boost icon; it's explainable but avoids tying back to money.

podnews.net/podcast/746026885 is a funding-only one (which also has a location tag, though not being used correctly, sadly - it's not "about" Brisbane, it's "from" Brisbane, grumble grumble)

Podcast pages using AMP on Podnews - I was quite pleased with this.

I wonder if there's a preferred way of indicating that a podcast is using value4value? Is there an icon or something? (Retooling the now AMP-less podcast pages on Podnews.)

The next ep of Podland - good interview with Alban from Buzzsprout about Podcasting 2.0, as well as value 4 value with Sam and I.

If you're looking for "the oldest podcast", then you can't use either createdOn, or something like this, which looks for the oldest episode being published in 2004 - since it turns out RSS feeds lie. ;)

SELECT * from podcasts WHERE oldestItemPubdate>1072915200 ORDER BY oldestItemPubdate ASC LIMIT 10

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Boringly, another heads-up if you're using the PodcastIndex data: createdOn means "created in PodcastIndex" and not when the show was created. The earliest date is Thu Aug 06 2020 22:21:27 GMT+0000 when @dave turned everything on.

@dave Today, I learnt that a 907 code is a thing. And, seemingly, a 902! Goodness.

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@dave ...and there are 39,499 rows which don't have a lastUpdate set at all. Can't see any particular reason here - this grouped by HTTPResponse code.

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Another boring heads-up for @dave - there are 16,000 RSS feeds in the Podcast Index which have no episodes from Librivox. The RSS feeds have no valid dates in them. podcastindex.org/podcast/42387 (as one example) reports an error.

Just *love* having a local copy of the PI database. Working on a story I'm planning in a few days time with someone else - great to have a play with things.

A heads-up: there are some shows in the Podcast Index that have a lastUpdate in the future. This may break something in your app if not caught. @dave - would suggest

if (datetime>now) {datetime=now)

Launched a new podcast today all about time. Turned on value4value for it as well, because why not. *So* many episodes already in the can. (And already looking as if it's going to break Podcast Index, too!) podcastindex.org/podcast/13869

Congratulations for now being officially bigger than Apple Podcasts (and therefore the largest open podcast directory in the world).

(Is there a simple method to send podcasters to "add your show to the Podcast Index"? I notice you're missing from podnews.net/article/our-podcas )

Question for @dave - should broken shows (i.e. ones with 404'ing RSS feeds) still appear in PodcastIndex? Examples are podcastindex.org/podcast/13673 podcastindex.org/podcast/13673 and podcastindex.org/podcast/13190

(See if you can guess why I'm asking)

"It is not a simple matter of sending from lightning address to a bitcoin address." - so how do I get sats out of Lightning? This is still hard...

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