Bad security thing @dave - panoply(dot)FM has been bought by spammers and carries virus-ridden webpages. Would suggest removing all and every panoply link from the index.

Hey, @dave and @adam - just listening to the Podcasting 2.0 podcast. J and K are also shortkeys in Gmail.

Fiddled with some SVGs to make them look a little more consistent. That's nicer.

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Related: all Podnews pages now link to Fountain (if there's a valid PodcastIndex ID). If you're a podcast player and I've not linked to you, please let me know. (This is the "all devices" view: different devices see different things)

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With the new build of Fountain, so a new simple redirect has appeared.

If you link to then it'll automatically redirect to the correct URL using their internal ID.

Thanks, @merryoscar for sorting that.

It’s still a shame that streaming sats are invisible on Umbrel, and on Helipad. How can we change that?

One to look at - - and I think Will, the writer of this, would benefit from learning about value4value for music. Is there an article about that I can point him to?

"Using RSS feeds gives creators or publishers all the control, managing these feeds from the center wherever you listen to the content." - no, not @adam , but iHeartRadio's Conal Byrne.

Regarding Spotify's RSS whinge. Would anyone like to write a short thing pointing out the things the new podcast namespace offers that Spotify claims isn't possible? I'd like to carry it on Monday.

Spotify's so-called "enterprise podcast host", Megaphone, has forgotten to renew its SSL certificate. For four hours, all their RSS feeds and audio files have been unavailable. :eek:

Does Helipad work remotely via Tor? I can only assume not, but perhaps I'm typing a wrong port number?

At a radio conference. Heather Small from M People being interviewed. Some press coverage flashes up on the screen... a familiar name appears! @adam

A bit of fun...

Probably not going to mention this for a few days, but I think those here might find it amusing.

...and now written up, including a link to the Podcast Index website (since it's unlikely to be accepted into Apple or Spotify).

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Partially powered by Podcast Index, here's a brand new podcast feed with... trailers for brand new podcast feeds! New shows for you to discover every (week)day.

This week, Podland talked about Facebook giving up on podcasts.

Sam posted it on Facebook.


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