Interesting test - my dormant podcast ("James Cridland - radio futurologist"), which has been dead since October 2019, has sprung back to life with a new episode. But will any podcast aggregators see it?

Podping - which Captivate supports - means that Podcast Index is already updated.. but I wonder how long the rest will be?

(The audio quality is surprisingly good - the Opus file is 382KB for 4min of audio. The 64kbps AAC is 2.1MB; the 112kbps MP3 is 3.6MB).

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Very cool - Hindenburg read my question regarding lower-bitrate Opus encoding, and released a new version of the audio editor with additional bitrates for Opus all the way down to 12kbps. So, is today's audio (in the alternateEnclosure) at 12kbps. Knock yourself out! :)

Anchor - - big news here: they are only making an RSS feed if you want one, rather than making an RSS feed anyway.

Also - they are no longer going to submit it for you into Apple Podcasts, and instead you'll have to do that yourself.

So - `podcast:guid` would be lovely to fully support within the PodcastIndex. I'd like to be able to request a show by guid; and like to see the guid in all responses. @dave - I guess this is in the works?

Thanks for the votes! On Twitter, 'account' and 'login' tied; I was going to use 'auth'. I've elected to use "account", which is a little more descriptive. And the code's live. :)

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A set of pages that allows you to log in or register for your “example network” account, used across a number of websites with different domain names. What would you call it?

I love being able to dig into the Podcast Index for stories. Is Anchor full of dead shows? And what if it is anyway?

The Podnews RSS feed now supports alternateEnclosure.

Of note:
1. The alternateEnclosure default is set to the AAC file. This differs from the standard enclosure, which points to the MP3 file
2. There's an MP3 file there too, and...
3. There's an Opus file at 32kbps.

The Opus file only appears from June 8, but will be an automatic enclosure from now on.

Good luck everyone!

Can anyone help me with this Sphinx error?

--> failure: could not pay invoice
ERR paying invoice no_route
[lightning] [ 'sendPayment' ]
[pay invoice] lnbc1m1ps2s7supp5x060pfge6u794yrhqj9s3agkp69c5l9stfd6u4hdh2v9ewvhdryqdqu2a(snip)

One day, journalists will either a) understand that Google Podcasts is literally a window onto the web, and doesn't check or approve anything, or b) acknowledge that they print this stuff just to outrage

So, Libsyn reckon Apple has 60% of podcast downloads, while Spotify has 13%. But Buzzsprout thinks they're both on 29%. - no, neither are right (though Buzzsprout are right-er).

The most fascinating thing, though - only 60% of Buzzsprout's shows are in Apple Podcasts at all.

Interesting and slightly random bug - an old RSS feed forwards to someone's front-page. That HTML front page appeared to have been successfully parsed as XML, though, so my code agreed it was XML, but then barfed looking for podcast values. I do like having

sudo tail -f /var/log/httpd/error_log | sed 's/\[[^]]*\]//g' in a window while I work. Judicious use of PHP's error_log function makes life easier.

Updated the 'availability' page. Fascinating how few podcasts are in iHeartRadio, or Stitcher. (Podcast Index has 100% here, but then, Podnews pages auto-submit to Podcast Index, so...)

So, Spotify, how's that exclusive content doing? - this seems to have been quietly released across all podcast platforms

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