While I can work round it, permissive CORS permissions on Helipad's /boosts (and /streams) JSON feed could help those of us wanting to play with putting our boost messages onto the web, @dave - I don't really understand how that bit works but would submit a pull request if I could!

Are we in a position, before it gets too ingrained, to rechristen these messages simply "BOOSTS", and to simplify the user interface to talk about "sending boosts" (with an optional message)?

Can we use the same icon - I quite like the rocket ship - in all apps? Is this a best-practice for what it takes to be "Podcasting 2.0 Certified"?

Doing an audit of apps right now, it's hellishly complicated and inconsistent.


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... and

CurioCaster has a "boost" button, and a message saying "hold for boostagram".

This is a bit of a mess. If we want more boostagrams, then why don't we advise that apps remove the functionality for a "boost" entirely, replacing it with a blank boostagram?

Further - should we be actually using the word "boost"?

"Adam sent me a boost saying he linked the thing about the thing". "BOOST" is a much better, shorter word, and more understandable.

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BRANDING - I'm trying to write a piece for Podnews called "What is a boostagram"

Fountain doesn't use that word at all. In order to send a boostagram, you hit a button called "boost".

Castamatic has a "boost" button but next to it a speech bubble - and it's that you need to hit. That dialog is called "boostagram"

Podfriend has a "boost" button, and a message saying "hold for message and individual boost". It doesn't use the word at all.


I responded back to Brigitte, surprising myself by not just saying "fuck off".

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Libsyn now supports the podcast:locked tag. That's pretty good news for everyone. podnews.net/update/libsyn5-lau

I had an idea about cross-app comments.

* simplify the specification
* add our own Mastodon fallback service
* auto-populate comments for new episodes

It might be crazy, but there *might* be something there. Would welcome feedback (in the Github)


When I worked at the BBC, one of the most astonishing data points was the low percentage of people who consumed BOTH live and on-demand on their app. Plenty of people who did one, plenty who did the other, very few who did both. But a simple notification of "that podcast you listen to is live on Radio 538 in two minutes, click to listen" would be an amazing function.

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Additionally, a number of podcast apps already offer live radio, @adam - PodcastAddict and others. But there are of course streams that aren't linked to their podcasts. There is no GUID for a radio station (trust me, after fifteen years trying!). So it would be useful for a programmatic link somehow between podcast feeds and radio station live streams.

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Listening to the latest Podcast 2.0. @dave seems unaware that almost every radio station streams online as well! Most own their apps, and are trying to direct listeners to that (which they can monetise) and to cut off streams from third-parties (TuneIn, etc). Most stations talk about TuneIn, etc, as "pirates" who "steal" their audience, astonishingly. See NPR One, iHeart, BBC Sounds, Global Player, etc.

Opinions wanted - Podnews is currently underlined text for links, as in one of these examples. Considering changing it to removing the underlines, and emboldening the text instead. Enclosed, some examples of that, including one desaturated one to simulate colour-blindness.

Would love some reactions - easier to read? Bad thing?

Hello, everyone. I'd like to propose a change to the liveItem tag, to ensure:
a) 100% of liveItems are supported by every podcast app
b) app developers have a clear understanding of this tag's requirements
c) creators remain in control and can use the services they wish

I've documented the reasons for the change, and the proposed changes, here:


I'd appreciate reasoned debate **on the Github issue** please.

Does anyone know about Aureal, a new "web3" thing that gives you Hive compatibility for podcasts? Might be good to evangelise to them a bit about value4value, @brianoflondon ? blog.aureal.one/introducing-au

One for @ernestoacostame - who asked - but for anyone else who wondered... I wrote this up after our chat here. Hope it helps! podnews.net/article/with-the-s

Little additional feature on Podnews update pages - a "listen" button which plays the audio. podnews.net/update/give-it-tim

And a learning: the HTML audio tag allows you to specify alternate sources. So if you listen on Chrome, you'll get the 16kbps Opus version; and if you listen in Safari, you'll have to make do with the 64kbps AAC version. It uses the order of the SRC as a preference.

The data that the audio tag uses is a subset of the data used in podcast:alternateEnclosure. Yay, standards!

Finally worked out why Cloudfront wasn't compressing the Podnews RSS feed. 60GB monthly data bill now down to 15GB - saving $1.10! I'll not spend it all at once, don't worry.

I get 486,000 requests for our RSS feed every month ($4.86 in fees). Were everyone to support Podping, that would drop to about 2,000 requests a month ($0.02).

This is an interesting listen. Seems to be hosted by someone in a cardboard box, but is quite fun. podnews.net/podcast/i9w4r

Thought: Helipad is great at showing boosts, but streaming sats are still entirely invisible on an Umbrel - without fiddling about with Thunderhub or similar. Really important to show these; looking forward to working out how to build something to show these better in Helipad. Positive reinforcement for creators is always a good plan.

While going through the Podnews podcast page code today, I notice that the only time it ever checks iTunes is if a podcast isn't in Podcast Index (whereupon it submits it there anyway). Had forgotten how much the system relies on it!

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