"Mark Cuban is getting in on the audio and podcasting hype. Alongside co-founder Falon Fatemi, he’s planning to launch Fireside, a “next-gen podcast platform” that facilitates live conversation"


For IPFS heads, Cloudflare is providing eth domain name resolution to ipfs cids using their gateway: blog.cloudflare.com/cloudflare

Solving the distributed naming problem seems most useful for addressing the feed itself, but couldn't we start including cids for item enclosures today?

Item-level urls are for robots, not humans anyway, no difference.

Could start implementing these today using an additional enclosure element or atom:link, but maybe an explicit <podcast:contentAddress> tag is in order?

Just heard about Buzzsprout's new dynamic content feature buzzsprout.com/help/154-dynami on Buzzcast, interesting stuff!

@tomrossi7, does this play nicely with external chapter files? Do you happen to know of any Buzzsprout feeds that contain both dynamic content and chapters?

“Closely held Wondery is the last large, independent podcaster on the market—and could present the final opportunity for a major tech or media giant to buy its way into the exploding field.”


Spotify said it will make its “Streaming Ad Insertion” tool available to all podcast publishers through Megaphone’s technology, the first time it will open that tool beyond its own original and exclusive podcasts. The company has said that tool makes ads “targetable—they’ll be relevant to the people who get them; measurable—we’ll more easily prove that they’re effective; and interactive…” 👀


Hey @dave, would you mind bumping up the limit (e.g. to 10000 or higher) or introducing paging/skip for api.podcastindex.org/api/1.0/r ?

Looks like there were more than 1000 feeds added since yesterday.

Cursed podcast

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