“A better business model for video folks.

Publish videos on RSS, just like podcasters. Make money from subscriptions. Free to publish, we only make money when you do.”


Inspiring interview with SQLite's Richard Hipp. And not too long!

His philosophy of writing his own stuff when possible instead of relying on 3rd party deps really resonates with me, maybe some folks here too


What's the deal with <podcast:guid> values? Should we treat them as opaque strings? (like item guids) or consider them invalid if they are not v5 guids?

Found a v4 guid in this feed: podcode.tv/briefing/feed/

Messaged @iamsteadman who may own that feed, but no response yet

Here's a new one - I guess they just want to make sure everyone knows

@jamescridland Can see the problem using a test page with an audio element pointing to the file, and network throttle to "slow 3g" in dev tools.

@dave, is there a place somewhere on gh that you are keeping best practices for podcast publishing for stuff like this? Along with cors headers, etc.

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Looking into the m4a binary file format, it's really important for anyone producing audio meant to be delivered to low bandwidth connections to place the metadata ("moov" atom) at the beginning of the file, not the end.

Most do, but @jamescridland I noticed podnews currently does not, e.g. podnews.net/audio/podnews21061

This means nothing can be played when streamed (web-player) until the entire file is loaded.

Poking around in the new Safari on iOS 15. Looks like it supports web-standard Media Session API - big deal for web-based podcast apps


Any client-side devs wanting to listen to all Podpings in real time, I've just made them available via standard Websockets, totally free as a service to the community.


(Can also monitor the live stream on that page)

Hope that helps!

Amazing what people can do for free these days. Today I found webhook.site - a free, login-less service based in Denmark to test/debug realtime webhooks.

Added a button at the bottom of my podping-via-websub test page to use this service and watch the http pings roll in...


Podping via WebSub 👀👀👀


This might be useful for anyone wanting to mainline the Podpings without installing any blockchain stuff

“'We’re looking at [bitcoin] in crypto years,' dogecoin millionaire Glauber Contessoto, 33, tells CNBC Make It. 'We just like to tease bitcoin people. They’re so serious all the time.'”


Hey @brianoflondon, are you the Hive guru? I'm using the server api [1] to poll for podping operations.

I can get_ops_in_block, but only once the block is "irreversible", which delayed from "head" by about a minute or more.

To try & get more realtime, I can get_block on "head", and look at the operations inside the embedded transactions, which seems to work.

Any downsides to this approach? Will it miss any ops? What are the odds that a podping will be "reversed"?

[1] developers.hive.io/apidefiniti

“As you browse websites, Chrome will show a “Follow” button when you open the overflow menu (from the top-right corner).

It appears at the very bottom and includes the site’s favicon and name.

Once subscribed, new content from those publishers will appear in the New Tab page as part of a “Following” tab that makes use of cards with cover images, headlines, and shows when something was published.”


Hey @dave, who does the validation on the podping url payload? Check out block 54010618.

One of the urls (podnews) in the array is url-encoded ("https%3A%2F%2Fpodnews.net%2Frss") , whereas non of the other ones are, at least in any of the blocks I've seen today.

It would be great if whatever is writing to the blockchain does quick validation/transformation, so that all clients don't have to put the same workaround code in place.

Just ran across a feed returned by the api with type: 9


@dave, any idea what 9 represents? Feed looks like bog-standard rss

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