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Podcasting 2.0 Episode 35: Fully Noded and Double Gated -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on and welcome The Swiss Army Knife of the Index - Aric Mackie

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I am pleased.

Time to stream some SATS!

Listen in your favorite podcast player using this link:

Send some boosts and support the cause!

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@martin @agates I guess you're stuck with C because that's what Cordova is?

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Here the historical event when Marco Arment joins @dave & @adam in podcasting 2.0 and podcast index dot org enterprise :

Audio snippet:

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This week has been a reminder that platforms can change at a moments notice and why centralised infrastructure is not always the right answer.
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Here's an interesting podcast. - it's hosted with Libsyn, but this one has one strange quirk...

@martin transfer funds to Podfriend easy and flawless!!

Only request: downloads ! 🎉

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Podcasting 2.0 for April 16th 2021 Episode 33: Serving Billions Daily -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on and welcome The Man with the Bag - Bryan Barletta

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Sir Gene Speaks kicks off a series of interviews with developers of podcasting 2.0

Weird. Suddenly closed channel on Breez app and - 80831 sats. Balance is zero. Will ask what happened there.

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New value enabled podcasts:
- On Hiatus
- Buidl Crypto
- The Lucas Skrobot Show
- Animated No Agenda
- Bible Prophecy Talk – Bible Prophecy Talk
- Join the Wasabikas - a Bitcoin Privacy Podcast
- The Techwipe Retrospective
Podcasts using Satoshis.Stream: 45

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Congratulations for now being officially bigger than Apple Podcasts (and therefore the largest open podcast directory in the world).

(Is there a simple method to send podcasters to "add your show to the Podcast Index"? I notice you're missing from )

@adam and @dave was going to put more details in, but I think the picture is clear of what I mean :)

So, maybe we need something like this: ExtraValue for ExtraValue.
For the podcast producers the ability to track the amount of support gotten from a producer (supporter). A producer consistently supports with X amount of sats per month. That producer gets access to bonus episodes or whatever. (Patreon style)
A producer supports No Agenda with 1,882,246 sats, it's a Knighthood!
On the other side, the producer also would like to know where he is at with that knighthood. Visualisation. @adam @dave

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Somebody on email just said that I had been really helpful and wanted my manager's name so they could let them know I needed a raise. 😃

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Podcasting 2.0 for March 26th 2021 Episode 30: Digital Abolitionists -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on and welcome Mitch Downey from Podverse.FM

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