Woohooo! My iphone arrived.

But yikes... I see now that Podfriend doesn't really work at all on iOs...

Time to fix that this week!

@adam @hypercatcher @dave

That part I agree 100% with.

We do have some innovative hosting companies aboard here that will be at the front.

However we do face the challenge that currently it's also difficult and bothersome to move a podcast feed. That needs to be another problem we tackle at some point.

We basically need a combination of blockchain + torrents for 100% dynamicly hosted podcasts, that are 100% in control of the podcaster and could never be deplatformed.

Build a simple RSS editor.... It will be simple I thought...

Well, it is simple, but damn it takes a long time to make it somewhat user friendly - and aaaall those attributes takes a long time to implement!

@dave @hypercatcher I guess we also have to consider that showing URL's that do not want to be iframed is basically being a "bad" browser that doesn't follow the standards.

Also, the more I think about it the more unsure I am about the value of iframing external content.

Images, rich content (like text, animations, photos, a poll, a newsletter signup) sure.

But an external website... Besides having a "wow" factor the first time, I'm not sure it's that usable?

I'd love to have a discussion!

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@dave @hypercatcher Implementing chapters I'm encountering further difficulties operating in a browser.

Both the urls @dave implemented in the last Podcasting 2.0 episode returns headers saying they do not want to be iframed.

Now of course those were a bit special (Github & Paypal) and they obviously return those headers to prevent scams.

The question of course is how often that will happen - if it happens often I guess I will move it to a "native-app" only experience, which is a bit sad.

@dave & @adam Thank you very much for the kind words during the Podcast!

A new PWA. Yikes! I have to up my game, and I like that feature. That was exactly what you talked about early on Adam. - I'm still going to do that at one point. Right now I feel like I just had to focus a bit on core functionality instead of shiny new things - but I'll get back to those soon!

@dave Haha, you're stealing my rich-content chapter thunder in the podcasting 2.0 podcast! (which I love. Let's make it happen!)

@jamescridland @martin @adam @Castopod
How the query string should be named to specify the origin/app/service when there is no meaningful useragent?

I feel like I probably have to start proxying podcast audio files through my own webserver (unfortunately) because of cors issues (if I want to do interesting things like skipping silence, etc.)

Now I'm a bit hesitant to do that, and I guess might give up on the idea and let it be a PWA/Native only thing, because I have the assumption that it will be very resource heavy.

Anyone have any better ideas (or knowledge about performance) for doing this kind of thing?

Just a comment, I think "overflow-y: auto;" is much better than "overflow-y: scroll" on the elements in "The latest..."

Please don't hate me, but I've added a proposal for an attribution querystring for audio over here: github.com/Podcastindex-org/po

It's probably the wrong place. But I'd love to get some feedback and suggestions for where to put this.

Particularly, one for @martin

@dave & @mikek999 I know you probably hate questions about it (since you're not replying :D ), but it would just be great to hear anything at all about the image service.

I am not trying to be annoying here, but the mixed-content is creating real trouble.

I also fully appreciate that you are both busy, so even a "it's probably 3-4 weeks (or months) away" or a "We dropped all plans for it" would be super nice, just so I can know how to move ahead.

@siebe I just updated Podfriend, and now that I also installed Firefox I can see that I have the very same problem as you. Chrome updates the moment I close the pwa, firefox is being very stubborn.

But at least I can recreate the problem, so now I can work on it!

@dave is there a reason why the Podcasting 2.0 image is not completely square?

Also, did that image service ever happen? I saw you talked to someone about it, but I don't know if it is working or if it was a dud?

castcoverage.com - now with the option to like/dislike every random podcast episode!

-- improve grafix √
-- remove overlay with enter key √
-- skip to next podcast with enter key √
-- add rate buttons and build rating system √
-- tiny bugfix for language filter √

Thank you guys for the support, feedback and inspiration! @siebe @martin @dave @adam and the rest of the awesome podcastindex crew


Also @dave Is it correct that pretty much only the Podcasting 2.0 podcast is returning categories right now?

I'm thinking it might be super awesome if we mapped the itunes categories to the podcastindex categories?

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