Hmmm.... Wondering what would be the best Podfriend experience in regards to what it saves when you are logged in and not logged in.

Currently when logged in, favorites are saved online. However it's also saved locally - even if you log out they are available. But maybe logging out should clean the whole UI? I just kinda like that the app is also usable even without logging in (although then data will not be synced) - but I can also see someone getting confused by how it is now.

@dave @adam

Also... Just for the curious they have about 2000 people with the title "software engineer".

Two.... Thousand.....

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@dave @adam For fun I just looked up Spotify on LinkedIn, they have about 8000 employees that are registered there. Of them 666 are in UX and design.


I know that some of those are not working directly in the App, but...

Compare that to me being one person that's doing programming, ux, server work and marketing.

It honestly blows the mind sometimes how inefficient companies set themselves up to be.

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@dave & @adam Listening to a bit of the show now, and commenting before being finished with it, as per tradition.

Dave, you said Spotify should hire great UI talent. The problem is that Spotify is behaving like a lot of the other tech giants - It's all bogged down by design by committee. I can see that happening where I am too. No one trusts themselves, so everything goes through such disgusting complicated processes where we end with really mediocre solutions. It's such a shame.

Podcasting 2.0 for January 15th 2021 Episode 20: Mapping the Road -- Adam & Dave unveil the next step in Value 4 Value streaming payments for all podcast apps, with an appropriate amount of pre-education

@martin congrats! Another small step on the road to total world domination.

Oh my god... Is that Podfriend in the Microsoft Store?

It is!

(I had to compile it a bit differently to get it accepted, so it lost it's round nice borders compared to if you download from the website - I hope to fix that in the future)

My friends at video hosting site have added an RSS feed for my channel.

This works! Lots to do regarding descriptions but this is now in the PodcastIndex and 2.0 players work and play the video.

They're moving their storage into IPFS and other tech as we speak so this is another front end route.

@jamescridland Can you put in Podnews that Podfriend has also started a 4 million dollar funding round? Just in case anyone wants to invest. 😉

Woah, someone call in a firetruck for that BURN!

Buzzsprout ( @kfinn & @tomrossi7 ) just massacred Libsyn on Twitter. 😅

Phew, new version of Podfriend out, now with the person search, and episode art for individual episodes (along with some bug fixes, and probably some new bugs to replace those).

@jamescridland I discovered I had a bug! If there were only 1 person present then the section would not appear.

I think you were probably the only one the bug hit... But rest assured, you will now appear to the masses that listen to Podnews every day in Podfriend (.... Which I assume is me... But I promise I will appreciate it!).

Big credits to @419monk

On Android (and in Chrome on Desktop) and maybe other places as well Podfriend will now show the chapter art on the lock screen and/or player controls where available

(currently only if the chapter has an image, does not currently work if it's just text... Considering alternatives here...)

@jamescridland Oh, and I just heard that I was mentioned in the daily news! Woohooo! I didn't catch that when reading the email.

The image is broken though, but luckily there's an alt text! However, I didn't know @dave and @adam had been bought by Spotify! Congratulations guys!

@dave btw. I love how the transcribe service several times in the podcast just gave up on my last name and where Adam said "Martin Mouritzen" it just wrote "Martin Martin". 😂

@WClayFerguson I was looking a bit at Quanta. I think you have some really great ideas, however it seems to me that it's also an incredibly steep learning curve for new users.

I mean this in a very positive way, so please take it as constructive feedback :)

Have you thought about either dumbing it down a bit or showing the demos earlier and really explaining the value of the platform vs just the features?

(Podfriend suffers from the same lack of intro btw. - I have to do the same work!)

@adam & @dave

I am actually (pleasantly) surprised how many emails, twitter followers, LinkedIn requests and general feedback that I have gotten since I was a guest on Podcasting 2.0.

I've even had people reach out wanting to do onboarding videos for Podfriend. That's pretty cool.

I've even been asked if I would be interested in being a guest on 2 other podcasts. I guess people really like the sexy tech talk?

@dave Oh, I overlooked a few links, it's also about the podcast with id "1493179070" called "The King’s International Spiritual Care University Podcast – Agape Love Ministry".

What would be the best way to get them included, shall I just see if I can find the RSS file and run them through the add endpoint? (Do I have permissions for that endpoint?)

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@dave I am getting a request for a Christian podcast not being on Podfriend (I wonder how many Pastorcasts listen to Podcasting 2.0? Or if not from there, how they find Podfriend :D )

It's about the podcast with itunes id "1493178953", called "The King and the Kingdom podcast - agape love ministry".


I wonder if there's a niche there for the namespace

<podcast absolution for="sins" target="donators" />


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