@adam & @dave Just saw that there’s an anniversary today!

Today it’s exactly 1 year since I sent you the first open source simple podcast player using the Podcast Index: podfriend.com/simpleplayer/#/ (and github.com/MartinMouritzen/Pod ).

Time sure does fly fast. In some ways it feels like a lot longer time than a year though!

I love constructive feedback! Now if only he would tell me how he really feels.

(of course public progress could be in the form of mockups and designs that people could give input on 🤔 )

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Suffering from the age old developer question "should I start over from "scratch"?" (of course with HEAVY code re-use).

I feel like I learnt so much from making the first version of Podfriend that I would do things differently if I started today (and there's so much garbage code...)

I know it would mean months of no public progress at all - but it would create so much more of a solid (and pleasant to work with) foundation, which might actually be so much more worth it in the long run. 🤔

Last year or half, I've been slowly developing my own podcast app. During that time I've come to realize that creating a decent UI is actually hard. It's not just @martin complaining how difficult his job (hobby) is. It's actually really hard 😃
And because of that, the UI is still a bit confusing even for me. But as it does not seem that it will get much better in the near future, I thought I'll just throw it out there if people want to test it out. But before I do I want to make a few points.

@dave & @adam Can't wait for todays episode. I got an extra weeks of withdrawal that needs fixing!

Also, if you guys could just send me some good karma aimed at fixing up my basement, that'd be great.

@dave & @adam Listening to todays show - I was actually talking with @benjaminbellamy and @yassinedoghri about the idea of creating episodes, changing art/description etc. from Podfriend, and Castopod specifying an open API that could be used through a "Connect with Podfriend/Castopod" type bridge (so you verify yourself).

I think this could be a cool side project to phase 4 (or in the pause between 4 and 5, since it's very very niche).

Listening to yesterdays Podcasting 2.0 episode while assembling Ikea furniture (last week I think I was painting walls). Go podcasting!

Just had a great meeting with Hindenburg systems (located 10 minutes from my day job office in Copenhagen) where we talked about Podcasting 2.0, @adam & @dave , Podnews and @jamescridland

Super fun and passionate people!

@dave Listening to Podland. IP adresses going away and podcasts losing all tracking… is this a resurrection of the unique and anonymous listen guid?

@dave Someone just wrote me on LinkedIn.... Damnit, I will be forever known as Michael now 😂

@adam & @dave listening to the episode from this sweet location. Thanks for the greetings! ❤️💙 I hope to be developing more recklessly again when I get home 😅

Going to try a lot of other podcast apps for inspiration this week, listening to shows (true crime mostly 🙄) at the pool. What are some apps you think I should get inspiration from, and what do you like about it (eg. Navigation, discovery, lists, etc.)?

Goodbye to my DVD collection. Thank you for many fun hours. It’s not you, it’s me. 💔

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