Sigh. To update the iOS app of Podfriend, I have to update the iOS SDK. To update that I have to update Xcode. To update that I have to update MacOS. What a rabbit hole. And of course every single error message doesn't mention what to actually do. 😅

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I made a PDF to help explain Apple CarPlay and show what the apps look like while using it. A couple people keep asking about it and I use it so I threw this together incase it help anyone.

StevenB - I didn't include Curiocaster because the app has to be in the foreground and the phone unlocked to work.

Sorry for being a bit distant and slow this week.

I have a lot of colleagues in Ukraine, and it's affecting me a bit.

I'm still working on it, but creating distributed comments in a podcast app just feels a bit meaningless with all the horrible things happening to real normal people like you and me by an evil empire led by some comic book villain.

And if I had spent just a tiny bit more time and updated my user before posting, it would have looked magnificent like this. But as @StevenB said, we're all just running with scissors here.

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First cross app comment. Thanks to @js and his magic minipub library.

Wohoooo. First cross-app-comment user created!

Thanks a lot to @js for being so patient. I now expect to have the cross-app-comments ready this weekend! (maybe even today, but probably not before the show) :)

@csb I have added serverside logging of boosts now. So whatever boosts you make from this moment and on (disclaimer: Unless there's a bug) should be saved. I will work on the UI for it in the weekend :)

Had a great Podcasting roundtable with @benjaminbellamy , @agates and @js

Time to do some Pod™work!

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 73: Spinning Gold out of Yarn -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on with guests Kevin and Tom from Buzzsprout.

Oh my god. I don’t think Russia could be more comic villains if they tried. (Photo of a visit by the french president). This is like taken out of a comic movie.

The (free) domain service I use has been bought by and is being migrated. It might be fine, but I thought I'd ask everyone here what they use to administer their domains and DNS?

@js What should "path/to/storage.db" point to? Is it a file that minipub creates itself, or what format should this file be? :)

@js Ah, I read on, and I see it's probably the latter. It's 23:06 here and I'm getting tired 😅

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@js Trying to set up the minipub. So far so good. But, I just want to make sure I don't mess up by being naive.

When you mention "", do you then mean exactly that, or do you mean like ""? :)

Why is it exactly I have a voltage node?

I just changed my code so that if the destination is Podfriend, then it moves it to my own wallet, so I can immediately use it for boosting! It's the circle of life! :D

Something clicked in my brain today. The passion to program on Podfriend came back.

The break has truly been good for me, and while I do still want to work on my other project (because it's relaxing in another way) I feel completely renewed and passionate about Podfriend again.

What's been extraordinary is seeing how many people still use Podfriend every day. Holy crap that's motivating. Thank you truly.

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