@dave I boosted you while the show was on, but I don't think it was read out. Did it fall through or did I boost too late for this week?

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 70: Testing the TAM -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org and welcome Thomas Barrasso to the board meeting, who's podcast app has 9 million users in India l.curry.com/fwf

My dad left me a voicemail saying he installed podfriend @martin

Turns out I have Covid. Oh well, hoping for a mild case!

@adam & @dave listening a bit late this week 😪
But damn, the Cobalt Cube & RaQ talk brings back memories!
I was part of starting one of the first mass-hosting companies in Denmark when I was in high school, and we ended up transitioning to Cobalt RaQ's! It almost seemed like magic back then that Linux could be that "easy".

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 62: Dockerized and Good to Go -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org with updates on MkUltra and Bucks Fizz l.curry.com/fuL

@dave @benjaminbellamy & @yassinedoghri

Ben and Yassine, will you change Castopod to be in alignment with the socialInteract element + the way the rootnodes work according to this example? :)

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@dave Urgh... I just tried to see if I can display the comments for the newest episode in Podfriend, but Mastodon doesn't seem to be CORS enabled, so trying to access the socialInteract URL gives an error. 😱
I can proxy it of course (which I do with other types of content) but it does mean an extra unnecessary hit to the webserver.

@adam & @dave I happily had forgotten all about my Apple lawyer experience. Did not expect that to come up at the end of the episode 😂

@adam & @dave Ahh... I agree SO MUCH with the transcription talk - why are companies doing it individually?!

Also, I was looking (but sadly I'm just so busy these days) to make a button in my app where people could group-boost for a transcript for any podcast. This would then go to Podfriend, that when it hits the threshold (of whatever it costs for the third party service) would start transcription of that show, and of course all the apps should then have access to the .srt :)

@dave & @adam I would like to have you know that I was in charge of the "360° Review platform" workstream at my company last year 😂

@RyanHirsch Why are you ending your function names in podping-client with a dollar sign? Is it some convention I'm not aware of?

Preparing next version of Podfriend for taking part in the baller boosting.

@csb I have taken thursday and friday as vacation days next week to give Podfriend some focused loving! :)

@dave @kyle @ChadF I just released a new version of Podfriend on iOS.

I'm transitioning to a new UI structure - most of the app should feel like the same, but let me know if something is broken!

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