So... It seems like Sats has slowly stopped flowing to Podfriend again over the last couple of days. I am guessing it's because some/most of the channels have closed πŸ€”

I wonder what the heck I can do to make this more stable for myself?

But I am guessing this is also often a problem for podcasters(?)

@Drebscott It's a pleasure to listen to the 2.0 show today with Chapters done! I normally listen to it so fast they are not done.

Excellent work my dude!

Wow, listening to the rest of the 2.0 show this morning. Got to the clip from the New Media Show.

Look... I really like Todd & Rob. But holy smokes for a show called "New Media Show" they really have such an almost luddite view on things.

It's like they deliberately discuss things with the goal of "how they will not work"

Here's a challenge: Let's start thinking and promoting these things as if they are already a success and help get them even more successful!

We have lift off!

The custom satoshis update for Podfriend was just in time.

Time to listen to the future recorded in the past in the present!

@dave psssst, can you ping the index regarding the new Podcasting 2.0 episode?

New version of Podfriend out on the web. πŸŽ‰

I think the only thing I have changed is that now episode progress and listened state is synced to the server, so it should be shared across devices! Woohoo.

Now time to compile a Desktop, Android and iTunes release before starting any other new features and getting sidetracked.

Did we ever reach any consensus on how to have an ID for an episode? I have so far been able to not have any episode relations in my database, but I do need it right now, and I'm wondering what kind of keys/hash to use to uniquely identify an episode. (Maybe @dave @mitch or @cisene has comment on how you do it?)

@agates For the alternateEnclosure. I'm having a bit of a tough time figuring out WHEN to pick the different items. (Except low quality/highest quality maybe).

I know there's the "title" in the standard, but it's not really being used right now, and if I personally don't know the difference between bitrates (except higher is better) then it's not data I want to surface to the users.

Any thoughts here? :)

Also they "
"mock, and spam Black people, especially even more marginalised Black people like fat, TMA, poor, disabled, lesbian, and/or sex working Black people. They use slurs for them, including the N-slur, C-slur, T-slur, D-slur, A-slur, and H-slur"

I am not even sure what all those slur's even are!

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Someone sent me a lot of emails (bug report, feature request, general feedback, other) to "report" The Tim Dillon Show.

"They appropriate Black culture, including BEV and hashtags, events, and movements by and for Black people, delete much of this, are pedophilia and incest apologists[....]"

Wow. I've never listened to that show. I almost feel like I should try listening to the horror :D

Still super busy, but Podfriend on the web got a new version where you can change boost/stream amount and a few other fixes.

If there's no bugs I'll update Android/iOS/Desktop during the weekend :)


Hey Dave.

I have a very small feature request.

Wouldn't it be cool if we made room in the standard for an "avatar" url of some sort for each individual split?

It's a small thing, but it would be nifty to show the podcastindex logo, LNPay logo, A photo of Dreb, etc. in this listing :)

@adam & @dave

I am still here! I've been sooo busy with work and house hunting - but finally TODAY(!!!!) we have bought a house and sold my girlfriends appartment on the same day.

The house hunting involved signing the deal for 3 other houses and it falling through at the very last minute. So yeah, it will be so nice not having to worry about that anymore.

Time to do some more Podfriending!

Wohoooo, it's Friday. Which means that later I can listen to Podcasting 2.0 while coding!

I was just cleaning out some old files, and I encountered my last side project before Podfriend, which was a game! I thought I'd share it, since it's a bit fun to look at:

Intro to the game:

2D version of the game:

3D version of the game:

(of course I was way too ambitious, so it never got done - but maybe some day!).

@adam Chad ( @farrocha ) has been playing No Agenda and the Satoshis doesn't seem to be streaming.
Before I dive into debugging it heavily on the lnpay side, I thought it would be most efficient to ask you, if you have any idea if the problem is on your side or the lnpay side of things?

@dave Also I just searched for a new podcast. I searched for "A death in crypto" because I knew the name was "A death in cryptoland", but I got 0 hits. I guess it's because of the incomplete word, but I instinctively thought it wasn't in the index and started to add it, but it was already there.

So to sum it up: gives a hit

does not.

I feel this is (very close to being) a bug. :)

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