Was making the current wallet balance look nice more important than fixing bugs?

Ehhmm.... No, but damn procrastination feels good sometimes.

Slow lazy bugfix Sunday with a hint of app-store re-submit, good coffee in the Podfriend mug and Leonard Cohen in the headphones...

Life is indeed good.

I'm having nothing but trouble with the other apps today, but if you want to be part of the Podcasting 2.0 revolution, you should subscribe to ANA in Podfriend which supports video (LGY!) and is the first link below.

The back-end is NoAgendaTube which you can visit via the second link.

Many thanks to @agates for what he's done for NATube, and to @martin for making Podfriend compatible for video! Amazing times. 😁



@adam @Johncdvorak

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Such an awesome Podcast Roundtable today with the awesome developers/interested parties!

Hmmm, Podfriend was rejected from the App store

"[...]. Specifically, your app provides potentially unauthorized access to third-party audio or video streaming, catalogs, and discovery services.

To resolve this issue, please attach documentary evidence in the App Review Information section in App Store Connect evidencing that you have all necessary rights or permissions to the third-party audio or video streaming, catalogs, and discovery services in your app."

Hmmmm 🤔

For developers and people involved with Podcasting 2.0 or Podcast Index, we're having a meeting right now, no agenda just talking!


Podfriend merch?
This squeaky toy looks a lot like your Podfriend to me!

Good luck with your app. I've used the web browser version and I'm wanting to try it out on my android phone.

You might be 100% correct.

I was just thinking - Let's say you search for "Moe Facts"

SOUNDEX(podcastTitle) = SOUNDEX('Moe Facts')

Where the soundex for the title would of course be in a column so it doesn't need to be calculated every time.

( database.guide/mysql-soundex-e )

So Martin, how are you spending your Friday?
Oh, I’m listening to Podcasting 2.0 and making a QR code by hand because I need it for tomorrow and my printer has no ink (and haven’t been used for many years)

Podcasting 2.0 for April 9th 2021 Episode 32: Lightning in a bottle -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org and welcome The Major-Domo of the Lightning Network - Ryan Gentry @RyanTheGentry @lightning l.curry.com/fpK

@dave Is it todays episode or was it last weeks episode that is pre-recorded? THE PEOPLE ARE DEMANDING THEIR FRIDAY ENTERTAINMENT.... Ahem... I mean. I look forward to listening.

@marnix I'm confused! How can Podfriend appear on the chart?
(I know the payments are being flagged as lnpay.co - maybe a custom_record? I already send "app_name" in the 7629169.

But I'm also streaming (although less than 1%) to my own node.
The address is 03437da0f1e006bb118a43fad3cf2fb7e05b12319a090358928e4a85d11f14ec67 - but I can't seem to find anything like that on the map.

@martin doesn't matter how much work you put it, if you release *anything* some people will hate it.

I'm fighting with myself around releasing Podfriend to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

I feel it's too rough around the edges and need a lot more nice onboarding. But... I also think I might just be delaying because it feels like a big thing and I'm afraid people will hate it and give bad reviews.

So. POLL TIME! Should I focus the next week on releasing to the app stores?

@brianoflondon Seems like it's probably safe to just block the entire federation of "poa.st". What a horrible bunch of people :)

1) It seems like the keys in Field 7629169 are a bit random, Eg. itemID is almost camelcase and episode_guid is snake_case (I don't personally care, but maybe it's better to fix sooner rather tan later).

2) Is it okay to send multiple identifiers? eg. both "podcast" and "url" for the podcast and "itemID" and "episode_guid" for the episode?

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