What's the best transcription service?

Free software preferable.

Can I use "seasons" like a kinda playlist?

Frequently uploading different type of show, each in its unique season that runs in parallel?

Thursday 7th October at 1600 UTC we'll have a call about the @castopod Debian package.

@agates & @kixunil will join the brainstorming, would be cool if others come contribute!


As of now, the Cryptoeconomics audiobook podcast is hosted on anchor.

That means 0 of the sexy namespace features.

I'm still stuck on anchor because there's no well integrated Debian package for @Castopod.

If you want to listen to the audiobook wotb the illustrations as chapter art, and the book text as transcript, then help me shout at devs to get a castopod.deb!

My bounty of 5 mil sats is still out there!


Here you go, the Cryptoeconomics audiobook, written by Eric Voskuil, narrated by me, released freely as a podcast, with sat streaming for your treasure contributions.


How about a "machine gun boost" UX?

X amount of sats gets send for every 0.1 seconds that you hold the boost button!

Had the final of the four 2.5 hour workshop on for filmmakers today.

Dedicated to setting up a Btcpay server with a keysend lightning node, then hooked up to podcasterwallet, with a quick explanation of all the sexy namespace features.

I'll share the recording as soon as it's published!

2 million sat bounty for anyone who builds a debian package of @Castopod!

I'll host a 3 hour workshop on how to earn as a content creator, with a focus on BTCPay Server and Podcasting 2.0, at febiofest.cz/en!

@adam & @dave Just saw that there’s an anniversary today!

Today it’s exactly 1 year since I sent you the first open source simple podcast player using the Podcast Index: podfriend.com/simpleplayer/#/ (and github.com/MartinMouritzen/Pod ).

Time sure does fly fast. In some ways it feels like a lot longer time than a year though!

Fountain 0.2.6 is now live with full index search, better download controls and support for chapters!


Can't wait for #54 with Haas about energy usage, he's great!

@adam had a Freudian slip in #53.
"you gotta send thousands of *dollars*!"

Why is only the value namespace "hosted" by podcastindex / podcasterwallet?

This would be useful for all other namespace features too!

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