Is there a nextcloud app for rss creation [with the latest 2.0 features] and file hosting?

maybe in an alternate enclosure?

The podcatcher can then use the onion link to continue the communication through Tor.

Similar to the auto-redirect in Tor browser.

Bitcoin Lightning nodes are already reachable through both clearnet and onionnet, and other clients can choose how to connect to each other.

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What about adding in a very hot namespace a Tor onion server as suggestion to get the rss field and files?

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Most dense weekly source of knowledge.

Written by David Harding et. al., few have such a sharp skill to articulate advanced magic so succinctly.

LND now can make spontaneous payments [keysend] in a multi path route.

This means that now streaming large value payments will be much more stable and successful!

Feature Request for the chapter namespace:

Add an opt-in value tag to each chapter.

This way a podcaster can say "smash the boost to toss sats to this [group of] individual[s]."

During the time period of the chapter, the podcatcher sends sats [either per minute or boost] to the nodes in the chapter value.

A whole next level of interactive value for value communication.

Can the chapter namespace take a .gif?

And will podcatchers display it properly?

@dave @adam

Listening to the last of yesterdays episode.

Because of the talk I just removed all of the tracking from the Podfriend website. I only used Google Analytics, and I didn't track anything except visits and a few clicks, but it occurred to me that I don't actually use it for anything at all. Even if I was the only user of Podfriend (which I was for a long time) I would still work on it.

Podcasting 2.0 for April 16th 2021 Episode 33: Serving Billions Daily -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on and welcome The Man with the Bag - Bryan Barletta

But this would probably fail on mobile, where the lightning wallet would be running in the background [podcatcher is in the foreground] and thus it doesn't have the power to make complex payments under the hood...?

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How about, a value field enabled podcatcher takes the ln pubkey, creates a payment request with amount, and then asks an external lightning wallet to make this payment?

This way the podcatcher doesn't need to worry about the lightning wallet part. And the user can use his "main" ln wallet for the donations, rather than using yet another wallet with new channels.

Maybe the wallet app can ask for up-front user permission to send sats to invoices provided by the podcatcher.

I want a Jitsi client that integrates payments to the participants of the call.

Stream sats every minute someone is talking, or boost an extra amount whenever something meaningful was said.

Podcasting 2.0 style for live conversations.

2.5 mil sats bounty for whoever builds it.

Wanna earn more sats?

In today's about at we'll be exploring ways how podcasters can earn more with Podcast Index.

Join us.

How about being able to link to a specific episode in

That would make sharing a certain episode more convenient.

It would be even better, if a podcatcher can recognize that link and open it in the app directly...

I had a damn good conversation with Robert Breedlove and Brady Swanson about individual sovereignty and the power of .

Unfortunately Swan Signal is not yet hooked up to podcasting 2.0, but it's worth a listen even though you cannot stream sats every minute 😂

What do you guys think about John Carvalho's podcast, especially the crowdwall?

the mp3 file gets incrementally released to the rss feed as soon as sats are donated over lightning.

So, as soon as one person donates, EVERYONE gets to hear more of the show.

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