More information on the two banks I discussed as part of this weeks episode. Buckle up..if we are lucky it will only be a “rough landing” but I’m pretty sure we are beyond luck at this point..

In just a few hours the next episode of Generational Wealth with Cryptocurrency will be released. This week was a little different. There is so much news to discuss because the macro economic environment is directly affecting the crypto prices. It's important to understand where we are at .. and where we are probably going. Join me for the Deep Breath Before the Storm (with all apologies to Tolkien!)

How is the Macro environment affecting Crypto prices? Are they related? Can Bitcoin decouple from traditional assets? We explore what all this means in todays episode.

Episode 73 of Generational Wealth with Cryptocurrency scheduled to be published. I have a little fun with some numbers for what bitcoin might achieve over the coming years as well as take a look at the Debt to GDP numbers for many of the countries of the world and how those figures might affect the world (and maybe even bitcoin).

I'm going to be uploading a special episode in a bit over an hour about the Ethereum merge that is happening in a few minutes.

What is the merge? what's happening after the merge? How is this going to affect the price of ethereum? Join me as I discuss the single most important event in the Ethereum ecosphere since the ETH blockchain was created.

Generational Wealth with Cryptocurrency is a V4V podcast available on any podcasting 2.0 app.

Episode 71 of Generational Wealth with Cryptocurrency has been released! Our second interview and Brian of London (@brianoflondon) killed it!

We talked about the Hive ecosystem. It's a fascinating place that emphasises what is very closely aligned with the V4V (value for value) model. I'll be exploring it more in the future most likely.

Best place to listen is your Podcasting 2.0 app (avail here: http://newpodcastapps)

Episode 70 of Generational Wealth with Cryptocurrency has now been posted.

I discuss innovation solutions using Bitcoin mining that can combat climate change.

I think we broke the internet- or at least some part of the lightning network. Trying to squeeze in a last minute donation for todays 100th episode and it’s failing .. over and over

Did the abacus break and too many beads on one side???

@adam @dave @StevenB

It’s good to know California won’t be leading any crypto revolution…

Next episode of GWC (Generational Wealth with Cryptocurrency) coming out in a few hours.

If you can't's a link ...

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@brianoflondon That type of behavior is what makes people not only hate bitcoin, but hate all of crypto-currency. It's intolerable.

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@mcintosh It is all good! Thanks for your response! I want to become a "shrimp" sooner or later! ;) As a use case, what could you do if a transaction is stuck in cyberspace? @merryoscar :Have you written a post on how the Satoshis are going from the listener to the podcaster? I know that @csb created a nice flowchart the other day.

Last night I realized that one year ago last Tuesday (August the 16th, 2021) I released the first episode of Generational Wealth with Cryptocurrency!

Sixty-eight episodes and still going strong! Happy one year anniversary!!

@adam and @dave I boosted a note similar to this Friday or Saturday while listening to the latest Podcasting 2.0 but i can't wait until next Friday to find out the answer :)

I asked if you knew of anything to manage the accounting of streaming and boosting for podcasters. Someone boosted last Friday about the LISTENERS and taxes on sats (no taxes). Got me thinking about it from the podcaster end.

Know of anything? If not I might be able to start a project. It might benefit a lot of people.

Episode 68 of Generational Wealth with Cryptocurrency is now available. With the turmoil in today's market's along with various systemic failures it's more important than ever to self-custody your crypto assets. What does that mean and how can you do it? Come join me as I discuss this important topic.

Available on all the old podcasting platforms and on the best podcasting 2.0 apps as well.

Episode 67 of Generational Wealth with Cryptocurrency is now available!! Due to the ongoing situation with Tornado Cash I have recorded an episode about your financial privacy rights.

The banning of Tornado Cash should be a time when we pause and think deeply about why we are in cryptocurrency. Is it just to make money or is there something more that should be just as, if not more, important?

I’m in Waycross, GA taking care of some family business. A nice town but small .. not much here. Went to dinner at a downtown restaurant and came out to go back to the house. The Jeep Gladiator parked next to us had this on his/her back window ..

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