The final episode of Season 2 of the 'Value For Value' podcast is now officially out! I want to thank everyone who let me review their show and examine their implementation of v4v.

As I did a round up of everything I've learnt you'll find lots of helpful tips and tricks in this episode. And I have subsequently used most if not all on my Mere Mortals Book Reviews podcast.

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Alby has COMPLETELY ripped off our Podcaster Guide.

Fountain's Podcaster Guide published 18th August -

Alby's guide with the EXACT same format, content, and case studies, even WORD FOR WORD copy -

This is really messed up as we spent a lot of time and effort on this guide. I wouldn't have expected this kind of behaviour from you.

As yours is on GitBook I challenge you to publish it so we can see the dates you wrote it.

I’m the last episode of the dudes and dads podcast I decided to have the chapter art for our first chapter be this image Its only the chapter that is in the json file and not in the mp3 chapters so people only get it if they are on a 2.0 enabled app

Fountain 0.4.8 is now live on iOS and Android!

🎟️ Referral update
🔥 Search editorial
⚡️ Faster boosts
✂️ Faster timestamp clipping
⚙️ New options in podcasts menu
🐛 Bug fixes

After some improvements to our APIs today - boosts are now much faster on Fountain!

Try it out!

Bad time for our node to have issues again 😕 - congrats @adam and @dave on 100 episodes.

I think we've managed to get things back up now - apologies for anyone who had issues this evening.

To help @StevenB with the BOOSTdrive if you boost with Fountain you can possibly win some stuff from Coinkite. If your interested do it sooner than later because it resets tomorrow. 😱


Do you think we can break 10,000,000 sats for the boys this week?

That's 100 x 100,000 sat boosts.

It is their 100th episode after all.

Let's break Adam's liquidity.

Maybe we can keep a running tally by commenting here how much you donated.

I just donated 100,000 sats.

Hey all you big baller boosters. Just a reminder that this Friday is the 100th episode of Podcasting 2.0

Hot on Fountain 🔥🔥🔥

You can now find the top 50 most supported shows and episodes (and the biggest boosts) at

The charts are updated hourly and show you the top results from the last 7 days.

The Fountain Guide to Value for Value

Ten essential steps to get started with Value for Value podcasting on the Bitcoin Lightning Network

Fountain turned 1 yesterday!

Thanks to everyone in this group for all the support and of course to @adam and @dave for pioneering Podcasting 2.0!

Would anyone here be up for testing a new beta version of Fountain? 🙏

This new version contains a complete re-write of our audio library that should fix the streaming cut out issues and improve performance around battery / overheating.

We need some more testers to check everything is 100% before we release this version.

Please join our telegram group if you'd be up for helping out and view pinned message -

Will be rewarding good feedback / bugs with sats too!

@dave - just a thought - would it be possible to get some kind of webhook for all change events on the PodcastIndex database?

I think this would be incredibly helpful for developers wanting to build new services on top of the index - instead of having to download the full db at regular intervals or hit the API again and again.

If anyone happens to be travelling in a car With Apple CarPlay / Android Auto today - could you do me a favour and show me what the interface looks like for Fountain?

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