You can now stream sats directly to Geyser crowdfunding campaigns directly through Fountain.

Send a Boost and see it show up on the Geyser activity list along with your Fountain profile info.

I’m loving how easy Fountain makes it to send value to your favorite podcasts!

I wanted to give value back to Fountain for making an awesome app so I signed up for Premium!

Now I can make playlists and pay $0 in Lightning payment fees.

Thanks @merryoscar 🙌

#newpodcastapps #value4value #boost

Thanks for all the sats! 🙏⚡️

I will be sending these straight back out to new podcasts to onboard them to

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 84: "All Aboard to On-Board!" -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on and we're joined by Fountain's Oscar Merry


Wow, it worked indeed as pictured below. So even artists who are crypto noobs could use it as address of their split for episodes when their artwork won.

Your 3333 returned back via boostogram to Podcasting 2.0 podcast.

I made a quick streaming sats tutorial for Fountain Podcasts. Pretty simple to use, cool social features.


#StackerNews is like Hacker News but it pays you #bitcoin

Fountain 0.3.16 is now available on iOS and Android!

⚡ Lightning Addresses
🍰 Fountain User Splits
🔔 Activity Notifications
⏩ Skip Controls

Learn more👇

Free 1000 sats for new Fountain users this weekend - if anyone you know has been on the fence - nows the time!

SLIEK #20 is now available on all 2.0 apps like Fountain!

Fountain one of our favorite apps that we like to recommend and we appreciate the support they have shown us! 🙏

Listen On Fountain:

This will be the last episode for legacy apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, etc..

@merryoscar #podcast #podcasts #podcasting #newpodcastapps #thankyou #value4value

I want to take a moment to thank @dave for his tireless work on improving the index aggregation systems.

This is a huge task that probably never ends, and is not something that is visible to most.

We officially have a 2.0 Feed listed on the Podcast Index utilizing new tags, boostagrams, and chapters!

We want to give a shout out to some of the developers and apps that have made this all possible! 🙌

@podcastindex @adam @dave @Castopod @benjaminbellamy @merryoscar @StevenB @podcastguru @podverse
#podcast #podcasts

For what it’s worth I still believe that having boots public and allowing other listeners and the host to reply in the app brings so much more to the podcast listening experience.

I get that we moved a bit too quickly on this but I would love to come on the show again one day to discuss the pros and cons.

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@dave @adam new version of Fountain is now live that lets us disable lightning comments for shows that don't want them.

I've disabled on Podcasting 2.0.

@adam let me know if you want me to disable for No Agenda / your other shows.

It's manual right now because I didn't see the socialInteract tag in the index API (assuming because the tag is still in proposal)

We will respect it for all shows once it's there, along with a `visibility` attribute or similar if we can add to the value block.

@adam @dave @jamescridland @Meremortals

I've created an issue to propose adding a `visibility` attribute to <podcast:value> tag.

I think this will really clear up confusion and give choice to podcasters.

Please comment on the issue in GitHub and let me know if you think there's a better solution.


For whatever it's worth since we just post songs and don't do any talking-type podcast the Boostagram as a comment feature is badass and I was excited to see it implemented in the Fountain app.

Hopefully in the future there will be many more music-only type of publishers under this Podcasting 2.0 platform and this feature is a welcome addition to that subgroup.


Wow Oscar, I gotta say...I adore this new UI yall have rolled out. Our gifs look fucking awesome with how big you’ve made the show/chapter art!

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