@dave it looks like the itemId for the latest Podcasting 2.0 episode changed - from 4613905250 to 4693916549

Do you know why this happened / how often it's likely to happen across the index?

Make sure your investors, partners and implementation partners know about Podcasting 2.0. Get them on board via LinkedIn through this handy pre-made post of episode 58: linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:l
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Fountain 0.2.8 is now live:

- Create Custom Showlists
- Episode Level Value Splits
- Support for Serialised Shows


How reliable is the <itunes:type> tag for determining whether a podcast is serialised?

It looks like it's not set correctly for the Podcast "Serial" - which is surprising!


Fountain 0.2.7 is now live:

- 🐛Fixed a bug where deleted episodes were re-syncing
- ✅Added episode and show counts
- 🏎Improved performance so that everything feels faster

For me the performance improvement on this version is really noticeable - would love to hear if others notice the same?


Fountain 0.2.6 is now live with full index search, better download controls and support for chapters!


A fountain app demo combined with a bit of a soapbox youtu.be/Wo8YyHd_9xc

It turns out 20 sats per minute is next to nothing...

@adam @dave - for people wanting to start a new value-enabled podcast today - what hosts would you recommend?

Boostagrams live on Fountain - lots of bug fixes with Android as well thanks for everyones feedback!




Is it worth to spend 100 dollars on a hardware wallet, even if you only store 100k sats?

Yes, because those 100k sats will be worth millions of dollars pretty soon.

Anyone been thinking of buying a hardware wallet but put off by price - we're running a competition - twitter.com/MerryOscar/status/

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