@adam Sound is clean - doesn't have that L-R-L-R oscillation that to my ear is characteristic to your "sound".

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Trollroom acting up...

"We couldn't connect to that server :(
Unknown error"

Will keep trying.

Apologies in advance. I think some of y'all sounded off on this question elsewhere, but what's the current recommendation on a service for a podcaster on a budget (i.e. no real money for this) to stream audio-only (no video) from a PC in a way that would work with Podcasting 2.0 L.I.T.?

TIA. :)

FYI, @js 's validator.livewire.io/ got pickier, and that's a good thing.

1) Flagged some image tags as incorrectly formatted (never did figure out why). SF solved that. No changes that I could see.
2) Flagged my managingEditor value. fixed.
3) podcast:episode still shows bad. hmm. Don't know why.

In all cases, he links to the place in the respective standard (rss, or Podcasting 2.0 github).

Very helpful.

P.S. I really like how the comments unroll in his UI.

Related: my first real go at doing some chapters in my fledgling podcast. Check it out on your favorite PC2.0 player.


Huge props to all y'all building these apps. Nobody around here that I can see is doing this full-time. A jagged edge here and there, but I consider every time I pick up one of these apps an opportunity to provide some helpful feedback/bug reports. :)

No, seriously. I like to break things because that ultimately just makes things better. :)

Go Podcasting!

As I was/am editing the fresh-out-of-the-ai transcript for Episode 5 of my labor of love, I was wondering...

Does anyone have any thoughts on how we might be able to support 'real-time' transcripts in Live audio podcasts?

Nobody expects those to be perfect in 2022, but I have a few reasons why I am motivated to always publish my episodes with transcripts; 'manually' for episodes in the can, but what to do for live episodes?

@StevenB Alright just posted a new version v0.8.0 of the validator

Should support validating a local feed file if you drag and drop it anywhere onto the page


Hope that helps!

FYI: The show today will not be until 8:00 pm central time tonight. We had to move it to accommodate our guest's time zone.


Sovereign Feeds is ready for some beta testers for Chapter creation. Any suggestions, bug reports, or complaints are welcome.

If you're logged in, your saved chapters are synced across devices, so you can mark chapters while listening on your mobile device, then come back later when you're at your desktop to add artwork links.

On mobile, it's best if installed as an app rather then viewing in your web browser.

I absolutely love @StevenB 's set of boxes to read and 'tick' in setting up your wallet in Sovereign Feeds.

"Let's come to an understanding. (check all to setup wallet)"


"When dealing with the creator of Sovereign Feeds, I promise to take the advice of Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted 'Theodore' Logan, and "Be Excellent to Each Other"

Splits math for today''s Alby via Podverse boost to live show:

Total Boost to Live show: 21112
Podcastindex.org: 18705
Dreb (Chapters): 1013
Sovereign Feeds: 1013
Boostagram Monitor: 211 << all that @adam sees. 😅
Boostbot: 211
Podverse: 2112

at least five approvals (all separate invoices via the plugin).

Scissors. All scissors. :)

QOTD: "Soverign Feeds is tougher than Freedom." -- The Podfather


Low-priority Index Architect Question; @dave Observing entries in the Index - where does the Index pull from/look to for determining/setting Categories for podcasts?

Is the Channel-level RSS 2.0 <category>* tag used for this? [guessing not]
The Channel-level
<iTunes:Category> (gag @iTunes) [guessing not]
The Channel-level <iTunes:keywords:> (more gag @ iTunes) [guessing yes]

*Seems to have a specific intent/taxonimy associated with it in the RSS 2.0 spec.

Just about every time I 'log on' here, I read through y'all's stuff and say to myself:


Has anyone actually moved some sats through getalby.com, like through blue wallet?

I created a 'wallet' in blue by linking to my mike@getalby.com 'wallet'. There was no way to fund said getalby wallet directly in blue, so I created a second wallet and funded that guy.

then I went over to my mike@getalby.com 'wallet' in blue and created an invoice and paid it with my second 'native' blue wallet (lightning to lightning wallet within blue, but of course not really - cuz alby).

-blue >> (*poof*)

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