Howdy from Kansas. Driving Austin to Des Moines today. Listening to Podcast 2.0 Eps 9-onward today. Ep 10 changes everything. BTW, wondering if/when hashes and signatures on various bits of the feed would solve some of these duplicate feed issues. Publishers could do it. podcasters could do (part) of it. (* Blog post, Mike. Blog post. *)

Howdy! Who at , and also at could I email about some issues I'm having with these apps? (losing its place in an episode on app restart, and crashing when loading "Podcasting 2.0" after search, respectively). Thanks!

alert: I'm drinking from the "Podcast 2.0" podcast fire hose at the moment, and one of the early concerns was basically hijacked/cloned content finding its way into the index.

I read with some interest the existence last year of as potentially technically useful in this regard, but I don't necessarily know if that group is a good/bad fit. I'll just leave that at that.



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