I saw this "HearHere" app advert on my Instagram feed. I love maps, and occasionally I drive a long way and back.

Just like with Music, methinks some creative UI/metadata (aka playlist) working alongside maps.fm (they already have Stories and Audio Tours - @StevenB was already discussing such a use case re: Chapters a while back) could have most of what is needed?

Just add a quasi genius creative app dev (you know, to do dev stuff). :)


btw, I really like Breez. it's my go-to for several things. I'm just going to have to check-double-check every single sat-related setting.

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ok, ok. "Breez".

And yes, I should never, ever, pick up any graphics editing tool. ever.

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In the spirit of Running with Scissors, the first two episodes of The Mike Neumann Show podcast are out and about.

12 Podcasting 2.0 tags doing their things at podcastindex.org/podcast/53730

Huge thanks to @StevenB @js @dave @hypercatcher @Drebscott and of course @adam for the audio and "just get out there and do it" inspiration.

I've left plenty of room for improvement.

P.S. re: the name of the show - no ego, just pure lack of imagination. A rag-tag static website is at mikeneumann.show

@js Hi John, thanks for sharing your gist on setting up an ec2 instance of a mastodon server. gist.github.com/johnspurlock-s Easy to follow.

I may end up doing the same (on ec2) for $$/RAM reasons and that I failed at the final step (assets compilation) due to running out of memory (apparently) on my 1Gb $5 Linode (even with 1.5Gb swap). Feels like 2Gb is a true minimum for at least installing a mastodon instance, but unclear if 2Gb RAM is needed for operation.

Lets see if this one lasts
RT @BowTiedStag
RT @DocumentingBTC: A mining company saved an entire town.

In 2021, a winter storm overwhelmed Denton's power grid, pushing the Texas city into crushing debt. Like magic, mining helped repay the $140 million in debt and create a more r… buzzfeednews.com/article/sarah

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FWIW - I think it would be really cool if the location tag were optionally available within the chapters, in addition to where it is already in scope.

@CurioCaster @dave

Gents, I've taken my 'tire kicking' to finally posting a feed.

I'm not looking for any special handling, I'm just looking for understanding. :)

In Soverign Feeds, I saved the rss file, put it up on my server (my hosting site for now - mikeneumann.show/themnshowrss.), and then went back to SF, did the math and I assume that engages SF to use StevenB's API key to push the feed to PI.

when might it show up in PI?

<insert post of Scotty's bridge - "I like this Ship!" again here>

Just about every time I 'log on' here, I read through y'all's stuff and say to myself:


In the spirit of "Name that Tune", what is the absolute minimal content required for a podcast feed to be considered "valid"; even if it is practically useless?

Speaking of "Live Item", @adam was just on Glenn Beck.


(* reads four-day-old thread on FoS "vs." PC2.0 *)

I wish my 'day job' had as much potential real world meat to it as that (admittedly frustrating to read) thread did.

Some wish to hide behind skirts and 'not offend'. Others push through the Frontier.

Carry on, good folk of The Index and Namespace.

Mike's Stumbled Upon Domain of the day: rssmedia.com

Some clown has a $100,000.00 minimum offer on that domain

Did I stumble upon @adam's exit strategy? lol.

Zion - The Social Network built on Bitcoin (er, LIghtning, er Voltage nodes, er build your own Zion node and host it on AWS (* gag, but interesting *))


Ok, so it's down to me and Steve. 😂

I think "Steve" intercepted my MOTU shipment and subbed in a RNDI-S in it's place. 🙄 Seriously. I buy a MOTU UltraLite MK4 on Reverb and open the box to find a RNDI-S.

Well played, Steve.


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