I honestly don’t know who Mitch’s Doppelgänger is lol (see screenshot) they make a lot of No Agenda clips though

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Latest UI updates for Podverse episode and clip pages on web:

- Replaced subscribe button with clearer text version instead of star icon

- Move header buttons to new line on mobile display

- Bigger play button

- Padding, borders, and misc style updates

@dave @martin hey just a heads up, I’m planning on writing a podcast RSS feed parser wrapper that uses fast-xml-parser this weekend. I can give this a go on my own but wanted to let you know in case there are resources we can share to reduce duplication of effort. If you want this module could be shared under the PI organization, otherwise we can make it under Podverse. I know you’re plenty busy so no problem at all if you need to focus on other things right now.

Dev question:

We have an Ubuntu server with 160GB of storage. When I run `df -h` it says that 122GB are used and 34GB are free.

I want to know what is taking up so much space, so I downloaded `ncdu` and ran it on the root / directory, and it says disk usage 42GB.

Anyone have ideas why ncdu only can find 42GB of storage used, but `df -h` says 122GB is used?

I'm trying to figure out how much storage our Postgres db uses. Our backups are 4GB gz files but I don't know what the live db uses.

@dave pardon the long message. Please lmk if there is a better forum for this kind of discussion.

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@dave but even if we scrap doing our own server-side XML parsing, we will still need a reliable feed parser in the mobile app so people can add custom RSS feeds. So I'm thinking we'll need a reliable podcast feed parser we can use in the mobile app either way.

I'm not aware of an actively maintained JS lib for parsing podcast feeds. Maybe a lib like that would be an asset for PI and adoption of the namespace? (Or maybe you're already using/building what I'm talking about?)

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@dave my thought process is that, for performance reasons, we want to continue to store parsed podcast/episode data in our own db, and basically keep it in sync with PI, so we don't have to make a request every time to PI from our mobile app and website for that data.

I'm open to scrapping Podverse's server-side XML parsing entirely and just reading data from PI and storing it in our db that way. Seems like that could make my life a lot easier but I don't know if PI is ready for that use case?

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@dave so we have our own podcast RSS feed parsing setup and db at Podverse, but we need to extend it to support the podcast namespace. I'm wondering if you have advice on how to proceed?

I was thinking of writing a JS podcast-focused RSS feed parser library (MIT), but my XML experience is limited and I don't want to reinvent the wheel if there is an existing library (by Podcast Index?) I could contribute to instead (doesn't have to be JS).

Namespace update - We now have the following:

- transfer locking (formalized)
- owner verification (formalized)
- transcripts (formalized)
- captions (formalized)
- location
- chapters
- platform/directory id's
- funding/donation links
- alternate enclosures
- guest/host bio information
- multiple image sizes
- contact info

All in a very small and efficient spec so far. This is looking great. Thanks to @tomrossi7 for writing the declaration for these as we finish them. Onward!

@mitch @phoneboy @adam @csb The same goes for things like reviews, comments, etc. that are attached to an episode of a show. If the show moves to a different host, then all of those are "gone" without some way of identifying the connection.

@csb I think you’ve discussed this here before, but one of the biggest/simplest problems I’m aware of in the podcast app world is the lack of reliable unique IDs for podcasts and episodes. Apple has been the de facto authority on IDs for 10+ years, and Podcast Index is on its way to being the next big one...but the most authoritative ID of record would ideally be provided by the podcasters themselves. Are you familiar with any blockchain based solutions designed to solve something like this?

Does anyone have any theories why media files for the podcast "Free as in Freedom" fail to load in the browser or mobile apps? I see that they don't support HTTPS, but is it really that simple? Are HTTP media files usually blocked when served through a HTTPS website?

Episodes are blocked when played on our site:

But they work when you go directly to the file URL: faif.us/cast-media/FaiF_0x6A_L

This question was asked in r/podverse: reddit.com/r/podverse/comments

@adam @dave thanks for the kind words about Podverse on Podcasting 2.0 😄 my mom was thrilled when I shared the clip with her this morning.

FYI anyone can create clips using Podverse, you just need to sign up with an email (we require it to help control spam).

Thanks again and I’ll do my best to support PI’s mission of keeping podcasting an open platform for free speech.


@dave scaling to this degree is new territory for me (I'm primarily a mobile app / front-end dev). I guess I need to do some research and figure out how to do Blue-Green deployment? I imagine there are other surprises I will run into while scaling. I have some friends I can ask for advice. Anyway that's the status for now. I'd guess it may be a week or two before we're closer to the 1:1 sync with PI.

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@dave I wrote a script to sync the feed URLs in our database with the PI CSV dump, and it seems to work as expected locally. I thought I would run it on prod this weekend, but I noticed a scaling issue.

I added a podcastIndexId property to our Podcast model, and when I deployed the API with that change, it synced with the db, and took our site down for ~10 minutes. We only have 100,000 podcasts, so we need figure out a smoother deploy process to scale up to 1,000,000+.


Introducing the Podcastindex namespace for RSS:


Will discuss on the show today.

Let's move things forward or die trying. 😃

@mitch Sorry for the delay. Too many rows for Google Sheet so here is a CSV file. There were 101,103 unique URLs (some overlap in HTTP vs HTTPS). This encompasses all of the episodes that are currently available in iTunes. You can see, Chartable and Podtrac URLS may be an issue for you.

Top 10:



Does anyone have a list of the most popular podcast media file hosting domains? This info would help us address an SSL mixed content warning someone reported recently.


@mitch @dave Podverse.fm looks great Mitch. I haven’t tried the app, but like podfriend, I find web podcast players refreshingly appealing.

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