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Dave & AC,

I have namespace suggestion: new tag or attribute for NFT

What's an NFT?

NFTs are unique cryptocurrency tokens used to represent assets. In this case, the asset is a digital work of art.

NFTs can be bought and sold, but they run on blockchain.

So when an artist puts up for sale an NFT-based artwork, the buyer would purchase a unique token that represents the asset/artwork and can then prove authenticity and ownership of the digital art through blockchain.

In last week's Podcasting 2.0 with @hypercatcher @adam brought up the idea of leaving a publicly visible timestamped comment on an episode along with a crypto payment. It sounds to me like "superchats on the blockchain" and I think you might be onto something.

Re: "that one magical piece in the middle", I imagine many blockchains can work as the database/processor, so maybe our goal in PI should be to define the open standards that would enable media file superchats to work with any blockchain?

Thank you to the ~10 people from the Podcast Index community who helped us with Beta testing the iOS and Android builds 🙏 you were enormously helpful with identifying bugs and areas of improvement.

If anyone else would be interested in joining our Beta testing program, please let me know here or email contact@podverse.fm and we can get you setup to receive the pre-released versions of the app.

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Podverse 3.0 is not yet live on F-Droid, but a PR for the build is ready for the F-Droid developers to review and publish, so if all goes well I'd guess it will go live on F-Droid within a couple weeks.

Link to the PR: gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-

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This update also includes support for password protected RSS feeds. Here's a video demo of the feature using a premium RSS feed for The Higherside Chats.


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Podverse 3.0 is now live on iOS and Android 🎉

This update includes a major UI redesign, and full support for the <podcast:chapters> feature.

Check out the link below for a demo of the chapters feature. Any questions or feedback would be appreciated!


@dave we noticed a podcast not updating properly in the index. "React Native Radio", while it is in the index, uses the old RSS feed URL. That feed URL however should redirect to the new one, so I'm surprised PI has old data.

I went ahead and added the new RSS feed to the index, but realized afterwards I probably created a 2nd React Native Radio for you, when really I'd think we need to update the existing listing. Is there a different process for updating feed URLs vs adding a new one?

@jamescridland AntennaPod is my choice, because it's open source and does the basics so well.

Really, a shining example of Free Software.

“Every single industry is a software industry...and the ultimate software is Bitcoin.” - Max Keiser podverse.fm/clip/PnT0riTUs

10.7% of podcasts now use a Podcasting 2.0 namespace tag. 7.9% use the locked tag; 1.2% use both locked and funding. (This is based on all podcasts Podnews has inspected last week, a sample of 10,964 this time round).

Attn Podverse 3.0 beta testers: we should have an update with a round of bug fixes out tonight, including a bunch for chapters. If you run into bugs feel free to hold off on reporting them until after this update. Thank you!

Podverse 3.0 is now in Beta for iOS and Android ⚠️

This update features an all-new design, a ton of under the hood improvements, and full support for chapters!

If anyone is interested in trying the Beta before it goes live, please let me know here or email contact@podverse.fm.

All we will need is your email address and your device type (iOS or Android), then we can send you a link to install the app.

Any feedback or bug reports would be greatly appreciated!

Good and exciting work from Libsyn - they've added the namespace for Podcasting 2.0 in all their feeds, so you can now hand-code tags into Libsyn feeds. @podnews

Libsyn has added in the namespace for Podcast Index and Google Podcasts by default in their feeds “in preparation on productisation”. This work now allows podcasters to hand-code Podcast Index tags into feeds at their own risk - “picture a big flashing neon proceed-with-caution light”, said Rob Walch in The Feed episode 185 (47’04").

@mitch @dave I guess a slightly different process would be:

- Get all podcast feed IDs from the latest PI dump

- Get all podcast feed IDs from Podverse’s db

- Remove all IDs that are in both

- Take the IDs that remain, and remove them from Podverse’s db.

That seems simple enough, but scary. If the PI dump were incomplete for some reason I would run into BIG trouble 😳

How about a PI endpoint that returns the IDs of all feeds that have been deleted/deactivated since beginning of time?

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@dave as you know Podverse’s db is currently syncing with PI’s, but we don’t currently have a way to automatically delete feeds when they are deleted from PI. Are there any endpoints we can use for that purpose?

I suppose what we can do now is using the PI db dump, take all of the PI feed IDs, then get all of the podcasts in our db with IDs that are *not* in the dump, then remove them. That seems like a massive select query though and I’m not sure how to handle that...am I on the right track?

Happy 20th birthday, podcasting. The first podcast feed was made today, Jan 20, 2001. The history of the medium is over here (which I'm publishing later in Podnews). podnews.net/article/first-podc

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