@StevenB @mitch @brianoflondon Yes, that is very much the goal! With the "budgets" we already go the first step. There you define a budget/allowance per host and until that budget is used you don't have to confirm anymore.

This will be extended to do real streaming sats with the user in control over amounts/time/etc.

@dave We published a new features page today and happily mentioned Podcasting 2.0 Go Podcasting! rss.com/features/

Listening to @mitch on Episode 85 highlighted to me my issue with Soundbites - it’s on the podcast creator to create them. I want to get agreement on a format so we can develop some simple, easily self-hostable tools for people to create and submit their own Soundbite suggestions to podcast creators. Not only that, I agree that we should extend the Soundbite tag to include streaming value to compensate those Soundbite creators (soundbiters) when others listen to their Soundbites in a compatible V4V app. It’s doable.

The best part about our new V4V feature is it uses an open source library that anyone can add to their website.

To V4V enable your website, just load the webln-v4v script, and pass in the value tag and other information to the <webln-v4v> webcomponent.

Library: github.com/podverse/webln-v4v

Sample <webln-v4v> usage: github.com/podverse/webln-v4v/

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The Podverse website is now V4V enabled 🥳

Compatible with any WebLN + keysend compatible wallet (like Alby).


Podcasting 2.0 Untitled Episode

🦆🦆 Mitch boosted 22 sats

"This is the first boost from the new Value-4-Value feature in Podverse, live in production 🥳

If anyone wants to easily add V4V support to their website, try the new open source webln-v4v library found at github.com/podverse/webln-v4v

Thanks for having me on the show last week guys. I had a blast. Go podcasting!"

via Podverse

@dave can we make a unique guid a required field for liveItems? We need it to know when a liveItem changes and should be updated.

In theory guids should be present for all episodes, but in practice they're not always available. To work around this we use enclosure.url as a unique id (compound unique with podcast and guid), but we can't use that for liveItems bc they usually point to the same enclosure.url.

I searched the Github for a proposal to post this on, but wasn't sure which one to use.

Can anyone advise on how Bitcoin Lightning payments are sent?

It’s apparently not as simple as sending to a Lightning address? There are custom keys that must also be included, or the funds will go missing? Where do I go to learn about this?…

@adam @dave just restored my Umbrel channels from a backup file, and it looks like it worked, but it is closing the existing channels. Hope this doesn’t cause liquidity problems for PI.

I'm always happy to help anyone with advice and tips regarding liveItem or v4v music publishing from my own experience. When we're running with scissors it's always good to learn from one another's stab wounds along the way!

Mad appreciation as always to @dave and @adam, and also grateful to @mitch for taking the plunge into supporting liveItem as well!

Hey @merryoscar when will we be able to boost live shows in Fountain? 💪 🥳 🙏

The Bitcoin wallet public key I have from our Umbrel node is:


But I see other people elsewhere have a different style of Bitcoin wallet address with fewer characters. For example:

(not ours) 35jQmZCy4nsxoMM3QPFrnZePDVhdKaHMRH

Ours has 42 characters, but other people have 34 characters. Can anyone explain why these addresses have a different number of characters?

Livestream schedule for the next few days (in US Central time):

Bowl After Bowl - May 15th 2022, 5:20 pm

Behind the Sch3m3s - May 16th 2022, 10:30 pm

Bowl After Bowl - May 17th 2022, 10:00 pm

??? - your podcast next?



These podcasts are LIT!

@SirSpencer @Laurien @behindthesch3m3s

@adam @dave here's the new Podverse Bitcoin Lightning wallet address made with Sovereign Feeds:

Lightning Network Address:

Custom Key:

Custom Value:

cc @StevenB

@mitch People just do not grasp the power of podping yet. Its a game changer.

Bowl After Bowl is live! Another successful Podping test 🥳

Also…sneak peak of a mobile feature coming soon 👀

@behindthesch3m3s and they remembered to end the livestream too 👏

Right while I'm using the show as a sample to code new live features with 😅 I'll re-enable it as "live" temporarily in our database while I work on it.

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