@dave someone reported that in Podverse there are 2 versions of "Fantastic! With Dana Carvey".

1370280 is up to date, and 1366206 is not.

When I search for "Fantastic! With Dana Carvey" on podcastindex.org I find one result, and it is the up-to-date podcast, but if I navigate to podcastindex.org/podcast/13662 I see the out-of-date version is still available, but not discoverable in search.

Is this an example of a PI "duplicate but not dead" feed listing?

@dave feed not updating in Podcast Index:

So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast

ID: 705607

It has not updated in PI since May, but there have been new episodes in June and July.


@mitch @dave @agates I guess what I mean is, in response to the XKCD comic, if we focus on the benefits of syncing instead of “new standards”, and we build proofs of concepts that people like, then over time they’ll want more advanced syncing features like episode listening history, and that will put more pressure on app developers to agree on new standards to make those features possible.

Received an interesting feature request yesterday:

"One thing I've always found missing when moving between podcast apps is
the ability to bulk set as played historical episodes from a point."

It sounds like OPML import, but also with the ability to import the user's listening history.

Does a spec that supports this exist already?

I imagine the lack of GUIDs assigned to episodes could be a challenge for implementing this, although maybe we could fall back to episode enclosure URLs.

@dave @tomrossi7 @kfinn

One of the main advantages of the soundbite tag is, by adding them to your feed, these soundbites can be discoverable in any P2.0 compatible app, but without titles, all we have are timestamps, so we have no searchable title or information to pique listeners interest. Untitled soundbites have almost no practical UX value in our apps.

I genuinely think this will be one of the most adopted and loved of all Podcasting 2.0 tags, if only titles are included with soundbites.

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I'd like to ask the P2.0 community to reopen <podcast:soundbite> for consideration.

There are over 200,000 soundbites in Podverse's db, but only 50 have titles.

We'd like the title field to be made a requirement for the soundbite namespace. I can't imagine a use case where untitled soundbites bring value to podcast apps.

No one is talking about P2.0 soundbites. At this point I think we need to acknowledge something is wrong with this tag.

cc @dave @tomrossi7 @kfinn


More Podcasting 2.0 Shirts shipping tomorrow. Tracking emailed. Thank for you supporting the project!

@dave duplicate podcast in Podcast Index:

"Distrohoppers' Digest"


2445768 - up to date

1633870 - out of date

Just added a namespace proposal.


Not sure if this has been suggested already, but I think just knowing for sure if a podcast does or does not have dynamic content would be valuable for app developers.


Does anyone have thoughts on how to improve audio quality when listening to a podcast at faster than normal speeds?

For iOS and Android we currently use a library (react-native-track-player) and use it to set the playback rate to 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x, etc…but many people have reported the quality at faster speed is subpar / too choppy / mechanical.

Do we need to add some kind on in-app audio processing? Any open source libraries that could help us with this? Just starting to investigate…

With these new namespace tags, podcasters can do more. More with their shows. More with their episodes. More with their audiences.

And best of all; it’s working. l.curry.com/frY

@dave received another report of a feed that is not updating in Podcast Index. Last episode in PI is May 5 2021, but last in feed is July 12.

The World Beneath


Lmk if there's a better way to report these to you. Is email better?

13+ hours of listening & creating chapters this past week using @hypercatcher. Likely another 3-4 hours afterwards adding images and links. Some weeks I’m more creative than others. I’m not sure why, but I really enjoy it.

Follow up question...

Adding an index to episodes.isPublic (of boolean type) is very straightforward:

CREATE INDEX idx_episodes_isPublic ON episodes ("isPublic");

But how do I add an index to episodes.mediaRefs (a one-to-many relationship)?

If I run:

CREATE INDEX idx_episodes_mediaRefs ON episodes ("mediaRefs");

Then SQL says: ERROR: column "mediaRef" does not exist

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I would guess the answer involves "add an index to isPublic and/or mediaRefs in the episodes table" but wondering if anyone can confirm before I add indexes to our live database.

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DB question:

This query is taking insanely long to complete:

SELECT "episode"."id" AS "id" FROM "episodes" "episode" LEFT JOIN "mediaRefs" "mediaRef" ON "mediaRef"."episodeId"="episode"."id" WHERE episode."isPublic" = FALSE AND "mediaRef"."id" IS NULL LIMIT 100

There are 50+ million rows in the episode table, and neither "isPublic" or "mediaRefs" has an index.

If I don't use the AND condition and only query on isPublic or mediaRef, the query is fast.

Anyone know why this takes so long?

⚡️ This was a productive day for podcasting and value sending using Satoshis.Stream! ⚡️

1) Invoices are now handled instantly
2) Message parsing and output in /export
3) Sending messages to Telegram channels of your podcast (use /messagesub)
4) Allow for posting donations to Discord

Support channel (t.me/joinchat/fXmTB7f1e-EyMmRk)

Now we want:
* More apps to support adding messages to boosts
* For streamers: a web app to receive webhooks and displaying on a page to stream embedding

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 45: Pressin' The Flesh and Kissin' Babies -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org joined by Aric for an overview of the new website and much much more! l.curry.com/frS

A thread of Podcasting 2.0 demos on Twitter featuring transcripts, chapters, and boost 🚀 twitter.com/Podverse/status/14

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