Are there any video podcasts using Podcasting 2.0 chapters?

Last night Podverse switched to podcast-partytime for all of our server-side RSS parsing 馃コ

podcast-partytime is the most complete Podcasting 2.0 RSS parser available today. It was started by @dave and is now maintained by @RyanHirsch.

Special thanks to Ryan for writing all the conversion scripts to make it easy for us to switch to partytime!


Related PR:

@brianoflondon @dave just noticed an odd discrepancy between and

On PI this feed is titled "Animated No Agenda on 3speak"

On Podverse the same feed is titled "na-animation Podcast on Hive"

We are both using this feed

In this feed it looks like there are 2 <title> tags within the <channel>, and PI is grabbing the first, and we are grabbing the second. Should there only be one <title>?

Using Postgres, this WHERE query finishes quickly:

(mediaRef.title IS NOT NULL AND
mediaRef.title <> '')

but this query takes forever:

mediaRef.isOfficialSoundBite = TRUE OR
(mediaRef.title IS NOT NULL AND
mediaRef.title <> '')

Does anyone know why? Any ideas for speeding it up?

There are ~300,000 rows in the mediaRefs table.

@phoneboy do you know if this is still an issue?

We know Bose headphones still have a problem as @CMike has reported it...not sure if your headphones still have the issue though.

@dave @adam in the past few developer roundtables we've brought how awesome it would be to support livestreams and notifications. Phase 5 maybe? Combined with boostagrams as the new super chats it would be a total game changer.


I created a separate link for this -- maybe we can throw it around in case anyone wants to informally catch up every now and then.

@dave I think there's a big oversight in our Podcast Index syncing integration...I don't think we're requesting updated feedUrls.

We're making requests to PI to automatically add new feedUrls, and to remove dead podcasts, but I don't think we're handling when feedUrls change for a podcast that's already in PI.

Thanks to @Meremortals for reporting the bug. Mere Mortals and Mere Mortals Book Reviews switched to BuzzSprout recently, but their old feedUrls are still in Podverse.

@ablekirby @SirSpencer @agates @brianoflondon your comments do make me think we should do a better job of spreading the word about the meetings. Maybe share them on more social media accounts?

I think for now we haven't minded the fact they're smaller meetings so it's easier to discuss things. For the sake of community building though we probably should think about encouraging more people to attend.

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@ablekirby @SirSpencer @agates @brianoflondon tbh everyone gets along great in the meetings. I think Alecks and Brian do most of their yelling outside of the meeting.

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It'd be cool to have a playlist that automatically populates with clips of shows discussing Podcasting 2.0, so you can easily catch up on the 2.0 news for the week.

Anyone have ideas about how to make that happen? 馃

Is there a list of podcasts that participate in and talk about Podcasting 2.0 regularly? Podcasts that are actively a part of the 2.0 community?

Has anyone made a Twitter or other social media specific player? One that plays within the social media site/app, rather than just a link to the page? Any open source examples out there?

Sharing a little Podverse history because I found an old repo I forgot about...

I started designing Podverse in 2013, then called PodcastQuotes. I started coding it April 2014 with my friend Vince. I'd been teaching myself coding using YouTube videos and Codecademy for about 9 months. It was written with Python/Django and I had no idea what I was doing.

Before that I was unemployed and broke for most of my 20s. Learning to code changed my life by-far for the better.

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