Is it safe to unplug and plug-in an Umbrel Lightning node with a wallet with Bitcoin in it?

I’m trying to exit the node safely, but it’s asking for my username and password and not accepting what I had saved 🤦‍♂️ so I guess I have to just turn it off.

It looks like I have the Lightning node wallet key. Is that all I need to access funds?

@mitch @adam For example, a user could press a “Connect this wallet to Podverse” button in the LNPay dashboard, and it would call a custom URL like:

podverse://lnpay/connect-wallet/<api key>/<wallet key>

When the user presses that button, Podverse would open and say “Wallet successfully connected!”

One of the perks of using this approach is you could connect the same wallet to multiple podcast apps, so you don’t have to manage your funds in multiple wallets.

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@adam mentioned on today’s episode that the “connect to this wallet button” is impossible given the way mobile devices work. I just want to clarify that it IS possible to make a button like this work if you are using a custodial wallet API like LNPay.

All that our mobile apps need to send Bitcoin transactions via LNPay is the user’s API Key and Wallet key, and that can be easily passed to any iOS or Android mobile app in a custom URL.

“This is a $10 million company group of developers here.” @adam shouts out the weekly Podcasting 2.0 community meetup.

Join us at 6pm UTC today for our weekly developer roundtable.

Find your timezone at the page below.

9:00 pm IDT
8:00 pm CEST
7:00 pm BST
6:00 pm UTC
2:00 pm EDT
1:00 pm CDT
12:00 pm MDT
11:00 am PDT

@brianoflondon I think the problem we are running into makes a case for the type of transaction service you're proposing.

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We're having a hard time finding a clean solution for this problem. It seems like any direction we choose in has significant trade-offs. Would love to share more info and get feedback from the community on the approach we're thinking of using.

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A topic I'd like to bring up in Saturday's Podcasting 2.0 meeting: what are best practices for handling tiny boost transactions?

For example:

You are boosting a value of 100 sats for a podcast. If you're boosting No Agenda, the current splits are:


Which adds up to 101, so the values would end up being split as:


Since we can't send a fraction of a sat, what should we do with the remainders?

Also, should we even send a micro-transaction below 10 sats?

@steven This'll be in Podnews...

One way for third party apps to continue operating is to use PodcastIndex, which includes iTunesIDs. After getting an API key, the /byitunesid endpoint gives you all the info you need.

@mitch @phoneboy Yes, they do. And this appears to be new behaviour as of today. There's a big announcement from Apple tomorrow.

In this video, 10 sats are streamed to the value tag recipients every 10 seconds. They are not sent right away, but rather added to a transaction queue.

Every 20 seconds, the transactions are bundled into a single transaction per recipient, and sent if the amount for that recipient adds up to more than 10 sats.

For less than 10 sats, the transactions remain in the queue until the bundled recipient amount is > 10 sats.

In production the intervals will be 1 min stream / 10 min per bundling.

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Podverse Streaming Sats demo:

We're still days away before we have everything polished up and ready for testers, but it's getting there!

I was hoping to get the Beta out by tonight but it's been a lot more work than I expected. Not sure when exactly it'll be ready for Beta testing, but it should be this week.

Preview of the new Funding Screen on Podverse.

Get the valueTag split info, and set the boost and streaming values for a specific podcast.

Also included on the Funding Screen are the <podcast:funding> links (at the bottom).

Any feedback or feature requests would be appreciated.

Sneak peak of the new Podverse transcript feature 👀

Video demo:

This should be available in the Podverse Beta release this Sunday.

@phoneboy heard a clip I thought you might like. Tristan Harris talking about the food industry's race to maximize "Salt, Sugar, Fat". Nothing you don't know already though :)

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