How would you explain Value4Value to translators who have never heard of it?

Does anyone have examples of Value4Value translated into other languages?

@dave @adam how about a podcast-index GitHub repo called “hackathon-proposals”? People could share their ideas and organize work through there.

One project Podverse would be interested in is improving our Sphinx/Manticore search algorithm. We have a search engine that works minimally…but does no fuzzy matching whatsoever. Creon and I have no idea how to improve this, but the code itself is pretty concise if someone with more expertise could advise and/or code some improvements for us.

Could anyone explain the difference between...?


I had the impression that <itunes:subtitle> was a very short summary, and that <description> and <itunes:summary> meant the same thing, as in a full-length summary...but we've noticed some podcasts use the <itunes:subtitle> and <description> as both very short summaries.

Example: the Linux Unplugged RSS feed

Want to support podcast:socialInteract with ActivityPub in your feed for standards-based episode comments, but let's be honest, you don't want to mess with Mastodon?

Check out

This is a project I started a while ago, but dusting off again today. Not finished yet, but unveiling here to develop in the open and gauge interest.

No signup, you generate a unique prefix url for your podcast, then construct a root post url from that for every episode you want to have comments

Did you know the Podverse embeddable web player supports livestreams / LIT 🔥?

(I didn't until testing it today 😁)

Demo video ft. @adam @dave @ChrisLAS @floydianslips

Live demo:

See attached pic for infographic how new TRANSCRIPT DOWNLOAD feature works in iPhone & Android phone:

1) open and search for your podcast

2) click on TRANSCRIPT icon so that it opens (iPhone) or downloads (Android; after download open it in Chrome for Android or any other app)

3) search for whatever you want to find!
(in iPhone in Safari: just type in address bar; in Android in Chrome select in menu “Find in page” item)


Hi @adam @dave
Just made this little showcase of podcasting 2.0 chapters in AntennaPod. Mind if I use it on our social media channels for the promo of our new feature?

An observation I'm sure you all have made alredy, but it relates to the utility of Boostagram 'monitors' depending on tiny splits; you may never see them.

I decided to jump in 'heavy' with @getAlby and use their wallets for my podcast instead of my home node. But, I have Helipad running on my home node.

I was cheaply self-boosting from @podverse and noticed no Boostagrams coming in. @mitch 's ever-helpful UI notes that splits < 10 sats won't fly. Makes sense.

Alby shows the tag guts now so...

@dave your unrelated webassembly comment reminded me of this lol

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@dave since LIT is getting more attention lately, just wanted to remind you about this issue with LIT + the alternateEnclosure spec

RT @PodlandNews
Next week our guest is @MoritzKaminski from @getAlby the Bitcoin Lightning wallet that enables Value4Value payments.

Moritz will be telling us about their new API and podcast app partners. Read more about Alby's Deep Integration with Podcasting 2.0

@Todd_Blubrry and @robgreenlee discussed Value-4-Value and the Live Item Tag (LIT 🔥) at the beginning of today's New Media Show.

Podverse co-founder Mitch Downey was on Podland News discussing livestreams in podcast apps (LIT 🔥), value-4-value, and Podcasting 2.0.

v1.12.0 🌈 Euro - Dollar parity edition

New feature🚨

Alby now show's sats amounts in your local fiat currency in the extension

I'm digging the new <podcastLsoundbite> spec written up by @chidgey

It even has a means for the soundbiter and the podcaster to define a split for sharing any boosting/streaming of the sound bite.

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