Google finally reviewed the last version of Podcast Addict. It has been now fully released.
The app now supports Podcast Index tags for funding and chapters. The app handles the Chapter TOC flag as well

Sorry for asking this, but I'm not sure to understand the purpose of the locked tag. At first I thought it was to prevent platforms from indexing a feed, like <iTunes:block> tag, but that's clearly not the case. Is this tag useful in a podcast app? How is this tag supposed to prevent piracy when anyone can duplicate the feed content and remove this tag from it before publishing it to Anchor?
Sorry if all those questions have already been answered...

Podcast Addict next Beta will support Chapters, Locked and Funding tags.
I'm just waiting for Google approval...
Regarding the ID tag is it possible to add Podcast Addict to the ID list?

I understand adding extra features such as transcript, social, person, ... or even chapters but when something is already well supported I'm not sure adding another way of doing the same thing will help. Just my 2 cents on the funding tag

Did anyone take a look at Podlove work? They worked on some specs a while ago and it might be worth looking at them (especially regarding the chapters) as a lot of apps / services are already supporting them:

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