Sometimes I think we need to build an opt-in blacklist of bad podcasters. Getting emails from a podcaster with a public RSS feed threatening to sue me and report my apps to google for copyright infringement because you can listen to their podcasts in my app.

@dave curious if you know the size of the database of your podcasts/episodes? mine is currently at 733 GB and slowly growing.. 🤣

@dave heads up, Alex (dev who helps me) updated our P2 feature set and sent you a pull request.

@dave How do you handle people demanding you remove podcast / episodes / art from the P2 website? Stuff that is like, IN a public RSS feed. I started getting a lot of requests like this, but they never provide any evidence that they actually own the content, so I've kind been just ignoring these folks (most of the time).

New version of Podcast Guru (Android) is out, we added support for: Person, Location, Season, Episode and License tags. Not ready to update the apps page yet, waiting for iOS to launch which is super super close now.

for testing/dev purposes, I'm looking for a list podcasts that support these P2 tags: <podcast:person>, <podcast:location>, <podcast:season> and <podcast:episode>. Can anyone help?

Are there any good strategies for proving ownership of a podcast? Having a podcaster add a custom value / element to their feed would make sense, but this might be impossible with your average hosting provider.

@adam Since we started adding p2 features to the app, No Agenda has spiked in popularity. Ep 1328 is sitting right under crime Junkies as the 2nd most popular episode right now (on a 2 wk rolling average)

Re genre in the TPI search results, "Mental Health" is being split into two genres "Mental" & "Health". Similar with "TV & Film", this intentional?

@dave Our Android app is now live with transcript support, do I just need to do a pull request to get the apps page updated?

@dave from the app perspective that's all I want to do, broadcast events to an API, I don't want to host a wallet, make transfer payments, etc.. just let me log the events with a service (very much like analytics) and let the service do all the heavy lifting.

@dave The funding tag is live today in podcast guru (Android). I'm trying to make sure to include one new P2 tag in every release, transcripts are still in beta.

@adam has anyone talked about the very annoying topic of streaming sats and tax compliance for "US persons" yet?

@dave def agree that podcast apps need an API to interface with a wallet / payment provider. My day job is doing auth/security for a major financial services company and i don't want to bring that kind of stress into a project i love and would do for fun.

funding tag is done (beta testing now), building out transcript support for the release after that.

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