@adam has anyone talked about the very annoying topic of streaming sats and tax compliance for "US persons" yet?

@dave def agree that podcast apps need an API to interface with a wallet / payment provider. My day job is doing auth/security for a major financial services company and i don't want to bring that kind of stress into a project i love and would do for fun.

funding tag is done (beta testing now), building out transcript support for the release after that.

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Binge listened to a bunch of P2 episodes the past couple of days and now I'm almost caught up.

Debating on what I should do next in the app, chapters is high on my list =)

@adam @dave Podcast Guru with TPI search integration is 100% live as of this morning. Only available on Google Play currently, I checked F-droid but they are only for open source apps =(

Any promotion we can get would be enormously appreciated.

Just submitted a new beta for the TPI search. Some versions of Android were crashing while generating the SHA1 portion of the auth header (java lib incompatibility). Edging closer to full release.

The YT user experience is just so terrible compared to a real podcast app!

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I am tired of people uploading videos of themselves talking on YouTube (and nowhere else) and calling it a podcast, but perhaps I'm weird.

@dave I'm jealous, I begged my parents for a C64 and I got the TI-994a with the electroshock case. I had to go to my friends house to place beachhead, the only fun game I had was parsec.

Got all the translations in and now have the "release candidate" in the beta testers hands, if all goes well can release to the public in a matter of days.

translations ordered as well, when those come in we will be ready to roll out to everyone.

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So my beta release with TPI search integration has been stuck waiting for Google to approve for 2+ days now. They are usually much faster than this. 😫

So the new podcast:locked, element, my assumption here is the honor system saying not to "import" the podcast into another backend / hosting platform?

Podcast Guru integration is about 90% done, just have to wire a few more little bits up.

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