NEW: Embed a Podverse player on your website! 🥳

Share a single episode, or a list of all episodes.

Also: change the styles of your player with a customization script.


If anyone wants to see the code for the Podverse embed player, here's the PR:

It's written with JavaScript / TypeScript / React / Next.js.

I was about to ask 🤣
*cringes about <br />s
(Those have semantics, you know?)

So it's an iFrame?

I assumed OEmbed for a moment.

@RyunoKi hah well the <br /> are part of the demo page, not in the embed itself. Should they just be <br>?

Also, I’ve never heard of OEmbed. Would that be better than an iframe?

@RyunoKi lol ok…you’ve found one of the few shortcuts I took on the demo page 😂 I almost always use query selectors and margins. May fix it some day but it’s not within the embed player itself at least.

OEmbed video might be the closest:

Would allow you to add a discovery link 🤷

iFrame can/should be sandboxed (there are HTTP headers you can set as well to protect your instance).
Let me know if you want links for this.
Can fill them as issues if you prefer.

@RyunoKi OEmbed is a whole new concept for me. Is it as easy for podcasters to add to their site as an iframe? Are there some benefits to it over iframe? I’ll need to learn more to get sold on changing it.

Also GitHub issues for improvements would be greatly appreciated.

At the end of the link there's a registry. You could look at who's using it and for what.

It's not strictly an either - or.

I'd argue that OEmbed might allow better integration visually.
It doesn't feel as a foreign part.

But do your research.

@RyunoKi thanks a lot, I’ll definitely look into. Want to make this load as cleanly as possible into other sites.


The embedded player is fantastic! Makes it crazy simple to have a nice looking player on a web page.

Can you change the height of the player for individual episodes? Seems like 200px is more appropriate. That way there isn't a ton of empty space underneath.

@kevinb66 thank you! 😊

Yes we’ll definitely fix that. There’s a few tweaks we need to make soon, but might not be for a few days until after the US holiday weekend.

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