Looking for an alternative hosting solution for the podcast. We use anchor right now, but I really don't like being subject to Spotify and their nonsense.

Preferably free hosting, though if it is uber cheap, then I'd consider it.

@thelinuxcast I'm pretty sure @podverse could help with that.

If not I could look into spinning up some infuratsteucture depending on how many downloads you get.


@10leej @thelinuxcast we create FOSS podcast players, but not RSS hosting software.

I recommend @Castopod for FOSS RSS hosting. I’m not sure if you would have to self-host or they can do that for you though.

If that’s not what you’re looking for check out newpodcastapps.com and filter by “hosting”. These are all apps that are actively extending RSS standards to support new podcast features (aka Podcasting 2.0).

@vampirdaddy @10leej @thelinuxcast @Castopod ahh thanks for correcting the link. I forgot about that bug.

Does Podlove support any Podcasting 2.0 RSS namespaces? They can create a PR to add themselves to that webpage if they do github.com/Podcastindex-org/we

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