This one ends with an end-o-the-world scenario that not even the CIA can argue with.

Update on yesterdays ramble and a general rant about things in general.

There still are plenty of things to give thanks for despite the madness going on all around us.

Got into a discussion late in the podcast about the unfortunate state of affairs of how the best technologies are not combined, so in effect, we need multiple devices when one would suffice.

Watch this presentation on the Liberty Report where in Fauci's own words he destroys the VAX argument.

I'm constantly amazed by how many people think a political candidate or bureaucrat is going to "save them."

Further exploration of how more than half the country is already under the "Great Reset" and "own nothing and are happy."

The tale of the tooth extraction and other items of interest...

Played the entire track of my seasonal classic tune during this podcast. Check it out...

You really have to wonder what the motivations are behind the "Great Reset" folks...

This is definitely one of my better podcasts. It improves as it progresses.

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