Corporations are investing heavily into technology that points to another major lockdown this fall/winter. Things like Apple's new FaceTime integration with their TV App movies and shows and Apple Music so people can watch or listen together. Likewise Amazon Prime has started watching parties. I'm sure there are others entering the arena. Add that to the expansion in home delivery services like InstaCart and it seems that the Corporatocracy has already received a heads-up of lockdowns ahead.

I know this stuff seems over the top, but nonetheless it's happening.

Socio-economic-geo-politics -- the key to understanding it all.

This classic painting sums up the mindset of most people tormented and indoctrinated by the media and fear-mongering politicians.

This photo is so very telling about the World Economic Forum (Davos set)...

I admit this one could have been (should have) been edited down to half the time; but it was live.

I find it just too coincidental that every time I bring up certain topics, YouTube Live manages to throttle me or cut my feed.

Discuss South Africa a bit, you might want to also check out Lauren Southern's latest on YouTube. Here's my Morning Show webcast.

Being enveloped by tech, sometimes it's good to get back in touch with the beauty of the natural world.

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