Is there an up-to-date review and roundup of hosting providers that enable 2.0 features? I see the breakdown on but I'm trying to decide whether to switch to a different provider or try hosting the feed myself.

After an unfortunate hardware failure and multiple nuke-paves, I'm finally getting close to the 100% sync

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I've finally scratched and clawed my way to installing Umbrel on my home server! Now begins the *long* bitcoin blockchain sync. Hopefully nothing blows up 😅

@seakintruth are you interested in having a collaborator for your podping stats projects? I'm pulling down stats using your hive-plug-play fork .

:pci: Eager to put my data science skills to good use in podcasting 2.0!

I found it. . I have a lot of catching up to do as I was preparing a massive workshop for the last few months and now coming up for air again

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I'm finally getting back to podcasting 2.0 setup again! What's the name of the web browser extension that hooks up to a wallet for boosting? Perhaps I'm remembering wrong.

My journey to integrating value 4 value in my existing podcasts is almost done! I signed up for for a lightning node. Anyone have experience adding the podcast:value tag to their podcast RSS feeds when hosted by Fireside? I couldn't find a place to do that in their settings.

I'm still fairly new to podcasting 2.0 but I would like to hop on the value 4 value train for my podcasts! I'm having trouble with the basics of getting a lightning wallet set up so I can at least start sending boosts to other podcasts myself. Any recommended guides or tutorials I can use for someone brand new to blockchain and lightning?

Hello! I'm a statistician & longtime podcast host and learned about this amazing community through @dave's conversation with Chris Fisher on the latest Linux Unplugged.

I still have a lot to learn, but would be eager to contribute my dev and analytics skills to help in any way I can. Especially after seeing a Shiny app already out there!

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