The Podverse website is now V4V enabled 🥳

Compatible with any WebLN + keysend compatible wallet (like Alby).

The best part about our new V4V feature is it uses an open source library that anyone can add to their website.

To V4V enable your website, just load the webln-v4v script, and pass in the value tag and other information to the <webln-v4v> webcomponent.


Sample <webln-v4v> usage:

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You can now stream sats directly to Geyser crowdfunding campaigns directly through Fountain.

Send a Boost and see it show up on the Geyser activity list along with your Fountain profile info.

NEW in Podverse mobile 4.5.2:

- Fix bugs with opening notifications.

- Fix our XMPP live-chat addresses on the Contact page.

- Disable the "NSFW filter" by default in Settings.

App Store:

Google Play:

Big announcement!

Livestream notifications have been added to Podverse iOS and Android 🥳

Podcasters can now broadcast live to all podcast apps by adding the Podcasting 2.0 live item tag to their RSS feed.

"New episode" notifications have also been added.


App Store:

Google Play:

NEW in Podverse web:

Send livestream started and ended notifications to Podping with our new Admin page 🎉

If you're a podcaster who would like to use the <podcast:liveItem> tag, DM me and I can give you credentials to use this panel. All I need is your Podverse account email address.

Special thanks to @agates for helping me set this up 🙏

Podping Admin page:

API code:

Web code:

Livestreams now supported on Podverse web 🎉

Podcasters: Add the "live item" tag to your RSS feed to make your livestream available to every app.


Fountain 0.3.16 is now available on iOS and Android!

⚡ Lightning Addresses
🍰 Fountain User Splits
🔔 Activity Notifications
⏩ Skip Controls

Learn more👇


I went ahead and built it this weekend. If the you select Create a New Feed, you have the choice of a podcast or music album. If your <podcast:medium> is 'music', it changes the UI to make it more intuitive for a band to build a feed using existing namespace items.

Here's an example with Stay Awhile by Able and the Wolf. Notice how the names of things are different, like Song title instead of Episode title.

Free 1000 sats for new Fountain users this weekend - if anyone you know has been on the fence - nows the time!

NEW on Podverse Web: browse clips in video only mode 🎉

Create and share clips of video podcasts with Podverse.

NEW in Podverse: screen-reader accessibility for web and mobile 🥳

We've added thousands of lines of code to make Podverse as friendly as possible for people using screen-readers.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


App Store:

Google Play:


Podcast Generator 3.2.4 is now available, containing the updated German translation (thanks @Fips!) and including setup and upgrade path fixes. If you use Podcast Generator to run your podcast's feed and website, pick it up now!

Updated the Podverse feature list! Some notable features:

- Sync your subscriptions, queue, and history across all your devices
- Video playback
- Podcasting 2.0 chapters
- Cross-app comments
- Transcripts
- Create and share podcast clips

All Podverse software is provided under a free and license.

CurioCaster now has the option of viewing your streaming/boost amounts in dollars.

Hopefully this will allow you to more accurately provide the value you want to the podcasts you help produce.

NEW in Podverse 4.3.2: LOTS of bug fixes 🎉

- Fixed several different crashes.
- Fixes for resuming from last playback position.
- Fixes for syncing history with server.
- Fixes for "Mark as Played".
- Added a "Mark as Unplayed" button.
- Fixes for cross-app comments.
- Fixes for transcripts.
- Fixes for offline listening mode.
- Added XMPP chat information to the More > Contact screen.


Google Play:

App Store:

I want to take a moment to thank @dave for his tireless work on improving the index aggregation systems.

This is a huge task that probably never ends, and is not something that is visible to most.

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