PCI and some of the apps are showing up in PR agency pitches!

"Haugen repeatedly called for lawmakers to create an outside regulatory agency that would have the power to request data from Facebook, particularly about how its algorithms work and the kind of content they amplify on the company’s social media platforms."

A new agency will accomplish nothing good or meaningful. We need to Open 👏 Source 👏 Face 👏 Book 👏


New in Podverse 3.2.6, a lot of bug fixes 🎉

- Fix "episode not resuming from last playback position".

- Fix "image not loading when new episode played".

- Fix "chapters not cleared when playing a new episode".

- Fix bugs with the auto download feature.

- Fix "duration not showing in episode lists".

- When subscribing to a podcast from the Search screen, navigate to that podcast (thanks @CMike)

Episode level value splits are now shown on the website:


Thanks to @d11n for the code contribution, and to @steven for the code review.

Hacktoberfest is an annual event where you get a free 👕 if you make 4 open source contribution during October. The shirts from previous years look pretty cool.

If you'd like to participate AND support Podcasting 2.0, there are some relatively easy tasks available in the podverse/podcast-feed-parser repo. Basically we need to add support for the Podcasting 2.0 namespaces missing from the parser.

The repo uses vanilla JavaScript.

If you have any questions please lmk!


Last night I created some issues in the Podverse repos for Hacktoberfest, and within an hour 2 people offered to work on them. I highly recommend anyone with an open source project to add the hacktoberfest topic to your repos, and create some Github issues with the hacktoberfest label.



For more info: hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com

Thank you @steven for telling us about Hacktoberfest :)

Researching a thing, and came across this - Oct 25 2004. A journalist reckons podcasting is "not ready for primetime", and likens podcasting to something even less enjoyable than nail clipping.

I can only assume that journalist has changed his mind. What's he doing now? ;)

Updates in Podverse 3.2.5:

- Fix download error that was happening for many podcasts.

- Added the ability to set custom times for the jump forward and backward buttons.

- When you press play on a new episode or clip, the currently playing episode will be added as the next item in your queue.

- Fix crash that happened when trying to open an episode in the app from a URL link.

- Organized the Settings screen into categories.

App should be available on the stores in the next couple days.

Released v3.2.1 of npmjs.com/package/podping-clie

Will now gracefully handle `getBlockStream` errors internally.

Fountain 0.2.7 is now live:

- 🐛Fixed a bug where deleted episodes were re-syncing
- ✅Added episode and show counts
- 🏎Improved performance so that everything feels faster

For me the performance improvement on this version is really noticeable - would love to hear if others notice the same?


New in Podverse 3.2.1 ⚠️

- Auto-delete downloaded episodes when played until end.

- Indicate which episodes have been playing until end with a green checkmark.

- More screen reader improvements.

- Misc. bug fixes

App should be available on iOS and Android in a few days.

New version of Podcast Guru (Android) is out, we added support for: Person, Location, Season, Episode and License tags. Not ready to update the apps page yet, waiting for iOS to launch which is super super close now.

@dave Here are some duplicates. The ones with the Wordpress image should not be used. This podcast uses the feedburner feed.


I've released a new Beta of Anytime Player with new OPML import/export, episode level images, semi-auto episode refresh and several fixes and performance improvements. This also marks the first release for iOS (via TestFlight). If you fancy taking it for a spin and giving me some feedback that would be fantastic. All links can be found on the new website: anytimeplayer.app

Fountain 0.2.6 is now live with full index search, better download controls and support for chapters!


NEW in Podverse 3.2.0: screen reader accessibility! 🎉

Video: screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c

If you know anyone who likes podcasts and uses a screen reader, we'd love to get their feedback on the app.

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