New version of Podfriend out. Now with individual & messaged boosts!

Out on the web. Will try to release an Android and iOS version tonight too, but time is running out.

Leaving for Poland tomorrow and then will most likely be "away" for 3 weeks (I'll still be here on, but not have access to my development machine 😱 )

New version of Podfriend out on the web. πŸŽ‰

I think the only thing I have changed is that now episode progress and listened state is synced to the server, so it should be shared across devices! Woohoo.

Now time to compile a Desktop, Android and iTunes release before starting any other new features and getting sidetracked. is now pushing to ! I'm going to turn off the websub stream now, so that we get real traffic.

New version out:

Now you can click an image and get a bigger picture and some details (title and description so far).

@dave I'm not sure if this redirect should be done via a 301 reply to the correct API call or return the data in the JSON reply object.

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@dave should there be a redirect function that if I ask for an item marked dead and it is due to being marked duplicate, the API returns the new ID instead.

The reason I'm asking is that an app may only record the index ID and not do any episode parsing directly. If that index ID gets marked dead due to being a duplicate, users subscribed to that feed will stop getting updates.

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@dave we should come up with a way for us to send you duplicate feed info. A public way may be useful as more people start to use the index.

I found this one:
should be marked duplicate of

Feed 875501 is the one with the apple ID

Is anyone familiar with the Podcast Pinback project? It looks like they were trying to develop a method for notifying hosts when a podcast is listened to in the app.

As of February 14, 2020 they stopped working on the project.

I've updated my watcher domain to

The old URL will continue to work as it is the default url from Firebase.

@dave @adam

@brianoflondon There you go. First iteration of my vision of visual πŸŽ‰ :
It took roughly 3,5 hours to this point from scratch. So little more than the estimated 20 minutes. Roughly 10x over the budjet. That's a little more than what usual. Usually we try to keep at PI x the estimate.

Hmm maybe I should have named it oh well.

@dave Found my first duplicate while watching . Found the first 2 via the pings (this one matches itunes)

Searching for the name revealed 1 more from

Their site links to the feed which isn't in the index. The https:// version isn't either.

I plan to query the index API to get the podcast name and artwork

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