NEW on Podverse:

Feature tutorials 🥳

We're trying to document how all the main features of Podverse work both in text and with video demos, for both web and mobile apps.

Special thanks to my brother Kyle for leading this initiative.

Fountain 0.4.8 is now live on iOS and Android!

🎟️ Referral update
🔥 Search editorial
⚡️ Faster boosts
✂️ Faster timestamp clipping
⚙️ New options in podcasts menu
🐛 Bug fixes

The big news we have been waiting to announce is now public for all to see. Blubrry is releasing a Closed Caption capable Web-Based Podcast Audio Player.

While my devs are still working out a few bugs, it uses the Podcast 2.0 transcript tag for the source srt or vtt file. Plus, it has a few tricks if people upload a pdf or text.

See our Blog Post

V4V is now available in Podverse F-Droid beta 🥳

Feedback and help beta testing would be greatly appreciated.

You can download the 4.6.0 beta apk here:

Special thanks to @getAlby for making V4V possible in any app!

How would you explain Value4Value to translators who have never heard of it?

Does anyone have examples of Value4Value translated into other languages?

Fountain turned 1 yesterday!

Thanks to everyone in this group for all the support and of course to @adam and @dave for pioneering Podcasting 2.0!

myWebLog v2 (RC 1) has been released! This one doesn't support the full namespace yet, but it's on its way. If you're looking for software to server your site, blog, or podcast, this could be a solution you'd enjoy.

Want to support podcast:socialInteract with ActivityPub in your feed for standards-based episode comments, but let's be honest, you don't want to mess with Mastodon?

Check out

This is a project I started a while ago, but dusting off again today. Not finished yet, but unveiling here to develop in the open and gauge interest.

No signup, you generate a unique prefix url for your podcast, then construct a root post url from that for every episode you want to have comments

NEW: Embed a Podverse player on your website! 🥳

Share a single episode, or a list of all episodes.

Also: change the styles of your player with a customization script.


I thought you might find this interesting. Here's the last two months of transactions from CurioCaster to show the top 35 podcasts being supported. 71 totals podcasts where supported by listeners like you.

Fountain 0.3.20 is now live on iOS and Android!

⚡ Faster Boosts
💬 Sending Replies
⛰️ Offline Listening Support
🔒 Android Lock Screen Controls
🐛 Other Bug Fixes

@seakintruth @podping_stats_toot_bot The stats site doesn't load for me. Just thought I would let you know in case you didn't already. The toots seem to be sent regularly though.

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