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That took a bit longer than planned due to the day job, but the first version is now up:

Spent most of today doing "hot namespace talk" writing the API specs.

Now seeking some early adopters that want to integrate this into their podcast player / RSS reader apps - I'll do the backend so you don't have to. 😉

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I'm pretty sure that @darrenoneill cannot prove that I'm responsible for haunting his kitchen sink despite his unsubstantiated claims! 🤨

Apple may be softening their stance on in-app purchases, but only a little. In-app use of Audible credits.

Been an interesting and busy weekend...

Sent and received the first sats on my Raspiblitz, and also finished the coding on some additions to that can be used to add a value block to any publisher on it (not just podcasts).

Also a "review" feature to allow reviews of feeds to be added and moderated - moderation is not centralised, FD holds the raw content, apps can moderate according to their own rules.

Just a lots of documentation to write now before it's released.

Ah, think I've found it under the Settings menu.

I'm guessing that the "address" I need to give out in order to receive keysend payments is the big long hex number on the display (before the @ip:port):


Maybe some kind soul can send me a couple of sats to see if this is working? 🤨

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So I have a Raspiblitz up and running, is there anything I have to do to enable it to receive sats using keysend?

I've seen mentions of activating "Accept Keysend" in the Additional Services menu, but I don't have that available. 🤔

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