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That took a bit longer than planned due to the day job, but the first version is now up:

Spent most of today doing "hot namespace talk" writing the API specs.

Now seeking some early adopters that want to integrate this into their podcast player / RSS reader apps - I'll do the backend so you don't have to. 😉

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Been an interesting and busy weekend...

Sent and received the first sats on my Raspiblitz, and also finished the coding on some additions to that can be used to add a value block to any publisher on it (not just podcasts).

Also a "review" feature to allow reviews of feeds to be added and moderated - moderation is not centralised, FD holds the raw content, apps can moderate according to their own rules.

Just a lots of documentation to write now before it's released.

Ah, think I've found it under the Settings menu.

I'm guessing that the "address" I need to give out in order to receive keysend payments is the big long hex number on the display (before the @ip:port):


Maybe some kind soul can send me a couple of sats to see if this is working? 🤨

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So I have a Raspiblitz up and running, is there anything I have to do to enable it to receive sats using keysend?

I've seen mentions of activating "Accept Keysend" in the Additional Services menu, but I don't have that available. 🤔

Scalable, Resilient Brainf∗ck as a service

(submitted by stevekemp)

I reverse engineered the Raspberry Pi hardware [video]

(submitted by alehyze)

NOBODY expects No Agenda! Our chief weapon is podcasting . . . podcasting and PBR; our two weapons are podcasting and PBR . . . and Costco wine . . . our three weapons are podcasting, PBR, Costco wine, and near fanatical devotion to John C Dvorak . . . and schwag . . .

I'm beta testing the breeze app. They are doing something interesting

Incognito Mode for podcast apps - a proposal. It's not related to the Podcast Namespace, nor to the Podcast Index; but I think it might have some merit - and I'd be happy for the idea to be taken forward by those here...

WTF.... Has anyone seen this??? Watch biden's hand BLATANTLY clip over top of the microphone... It's a green screen!

I can't image what Amazon thinks I'm going to do with that lot.

A soundproof room that needs lots of cleaning? 🤨

...or as a friend has just commented: "are you becoming a very dodgy podcaster?" 😲

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