Taking a needed break from social media.

If anyone wants me, please contact me directly.

@adam Do you mean for NewPodcastApps.com to land on this already filtered page? podcastindex.org/apps?appTypes

I thought there was a bug on the site every time I would visit that domain until I realized the domain is redirecting to the filters in the URL.

Consequently, visitors aren't seeing all the apps and options they should be seeing if they're entering through NewPodcastApps.com.

I think we need to be careful about getting sidetracked adapting Podcast Standard for non-podcast uses, like music and audiobooks. Sure, _someone_ might use it, but it's probably going to be the most unused thing.

It reminds me of what I heard some WordPress developers say about a math-formula plugin: there seem to be only a few people in the whole Internet who use that feature.

@adam @dave I didn't completely catch it, but are we officially renaming the whole of what we're doing? If so, what is that exact name? "Podcasting Standard"? "Podcasting Standards"? "Podcast Standard"? "Podcast Standards"? A "The" officially in there?

I'm ready to point my .coms wherever they need to go!

Separate webpages have the high potential of giving an inferior experience to the audiences and competing with the main website's SEO.

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As a podcaster, I do _not_ want podcast apps to create webpages for my podcasts. I have a website for that.

@dave Two things about the PI lookup API:

1. On using the "iTunes" ID lookup, I expected the GUID to be in the resulting data, but it's missing. Really, I would expect the GUID to be in _any_ kind of lookup or search results.
2. I really think we should rename all "iTunes" things to "Apple" or "ApplePodcasts."

@adam Thank you for the kind shoutout on the latest episode! (I just listened today.)

I would love to continue being involved with the messaging on the website and overall branding.

Sidenote, I agree with avoiding "Lightning Comments" as a label. But my reason is for making it agnostic. It's why I tell podcasters to never say things like "Patreon," "SpeakPipe," and such, because the technology might change someday and thus invalidate past calls to action.


Right on the heels of celebrating my 15th anniversary in podcasting, I'm thrilled to announce that I won the election to join The Podcast Academy's board of governors!

And it's great to see that most of the other men and women I endorsed were elected, too! (Ami Thakkar, Steve Wilson, and Tina Kaledina)

I believe indie podcasters are _definitely_ well represented by the board, and I look forward to seeing how our diverse board will help podcasts, podcasting, and podcasters!

Ugh. I gave up on the "Got" package last night. It was giving me problems with my Jest automated testing, and solutions I was finding were convoluted, didn't work, or seemed to risk changing the overall nature of my project.

So now I'm on Axios, which is far more popular anyway.

I'm having a demotivated developer night. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to do to make my 2.0 product have feature-parity with the current version, and that's before I can start doing new things that can make it more profitable.

I just need to force myself back into the code so I can get into a groove again.

Anyone have much experience with Javascript charting plugins?

I've used ChartJS before, so I'm familiar with it and it's quite versatile, but it uses <canvas> while ApexCharts and HighCharts use <svg>.

ApexCharts looks great, but they don't have a any geo/map charts. HighCharts is good, but $300/year (since mine would be for a commercial SaaS product).

Today is my 15th anniversary in podcasting!

And it all started with a $10 mic behind a pop filter made from a wire hanger and pantyhose.


I re-opened the sourcecode for my Podcast Industry Insights engine, and it's so 2018! I've learned much better coding techniques, and Typescript, since then. So it's really tempting to rewrite the whole thing.

@adam @dave Had a chance to more thoroughly review my website changes? I would love to see it launched so we can start building on top of it. And I'm confident it will help more people understand and rally support for Podcasting 2.0.

I'm building "My Podcast Reviews 2.0" from scratch with React and Next.js. I love how fast and responsive those new technologies make the interface, and it makes me wish more sites used front-end Javascript that efficiently.

Next.js is _really_ nice for frontend dev! It makes several React things _much_ easier!

Plus, I just realized today it has some seemingly easy internationalization integrations! That's important to me on my current project, and I think it would be good for us to consider for Podcasting 2.0's site, too.

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