@hypercatcher @dave @adam Just to ensure we’re on the same page, what are we defining as “dynamic chapter content updates”?

@adam @dave I would plea that we not make the same mistake as MSM "podcast journalists" by claiming to invent something with prior art.

In this case, chapters.

There's already a widely supported standard for chapters with images and links in podcasts in MP3 chapters.

But our approach is obviously better.

I just don't want to mislead people like Sir Dane and make them think chapters are impossible without Podcasting 2.0.

I've been out the last few days, so I need to catch up on the convershashon here.

@adam @Johncdvorak Have either of you listened to the Charlie Kirk Show (podcast)? He's has some really good critical thinking on the riot information, catching a lot of key things like timing, different groups at different entrances, evidence that this the riot and break-in was preplanned, and more.

I'm sorry I don't have exact clips, but I'll try to make some, or at least provide some timestamps.

While it's exciting to launch the new, high-level B2B service in podcastindustryinsights.com/, I'm also sad to be retiring Podcasters' Society.

I still believe in the idea I started, I only don't have the margin anymore to give it the attention it needs. So I'm helping my members transition to other options.

@adam @Johncdvorak I'm familiar with Brave Browser's weirdnesses, but it seems most of that has been fixed. Any remaining weirdnesses I run into seem related to the nature of some ad-blocking and, of course, the Tor stuff is highly susceptible to weirdness.

I soft-launched podcastindustryinsights.com/ !

I even cut the umbilical cord by redirecting the old stats page on My Podcast Reviews and deleted the old page and old data. No going back now!

What happens if the <podcast:…> tags are used but the the namespace is _not_ declared in the <rss> xmlns attribute?

Will it break in apps? Will the new features fail?

Has Apple Podcasts kicked out podcasts with the new namespace that are missing only the xmlns declaration?

@adam, @dave, @martin, anybody?

@dave Podcast Index stats are now being saved for Podcast Industry Insights!

@adam How much time would you say it takes per week to moderate NA Social?

I'm thinking of starting my own Mastadon server. I noticed Mastohost says this:


If you are looking for an alternative to Parler, this is not it. Please look elsewhere. Thanks."


@Lehmancreations I think I stumbled my way through. The Postman variables JSON seems completely unnecessary since those variables can be set in the Postman collection.

And authenticating is still not "easy."

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Can someone help me with how to authorize Podcast Index queries in Postman?

@adam @Johncdvorak This might be interesting for NA, but I wish the developer also used Twitter and Facebook data, since those platforms were used, too, to incite violence.


Here are the top 3 most-populated @ApplePodcasts categories:

1. Society & Culture
2. Education
3. Religion & Spirituality

That's the same order for number of 90-day-active shows.

But the Arts category bumps out Religion & Spirituality to have the #3 most 90-day-inactive shows.

@adam @Johncdvorak It was cool hearing Podcasters' Roundtable mentioned on NA! I cohost that show—well, I _did_ before I couldn't afford the time.

I wrote a proposal for a new <podcast:privacy> tag to allow or require consent, return donottrack to hosting providers, and inform consumers.

I think it's pretty cool and could help win support for Podcast Namespace among reluctant and privacy-focused developers.


Oh hey, I just realized the minimum age to be POTUS is 35, not 45.

I wonder if @adam would vote for me. 🤔

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