@dave We need to ensure podping works with Wordpress so a lot of indie podcasters can easily add it. Might also look into pingomatic.

I'm super confused about Podcaster Wallet right now. I have a wallet address, but no private key? And I can't seem to find any way to check my balance; the Book of Knowledge isn't providing answers.

I feel really bad that I'm not able to contribute much lately. I'm just quite overwhelmed with other things in life and business right now.

But please do feel free to ping me on anything you'd like my opinion or ideas on! I certainly have a lot (maybe not all good, but all filled with the audacity … to podcast! 😉)

Is there still no way for a mere mortal to submit their podcast to Podcast Index?

It _looks_ like all those missing shows in Apple Podcasts have been restored.

Also, I added a new "reactivated" column to the daily chart on podcastindustryinsights.com/ap. It'll be a little hard to see until the spikes are moved out in a few weeks.

Banging my head! How in the world do I define a Unix Time column type for mongoimport? I'm following docs.mongodb.com/database-tool, but I can't seem to make any of the date parsers read Unix Time, even when I used Go's sample date.

How frequently and when is the DB dump updated? Is the URL always the same?

Before I start digging, does anyone already know an easy way to convert the PI database dump to CSV? Or better yet, to JSON so I can import it into MongoDB?

Here's my Podcasting 2.0 (rough) proposal for a new "exclusive" feature that could allow podcasters to monetize subscriptions and provide exclusive content, all within the listener's preferred supported podcast app: github.com/Podcastindex-org/po

PSA: Several AP IDs I tested that were previously missing feedUrl are now showing it again.

I think I just figured out a way The Podcast Namespace could make premium content work on Podcasting 2.0 apps! I'll write it up on Github.

Anyone talking to Google about getting The Podcast Namespace support added to FeedBurner since Google is giving it new life?

That could actually make FeedBurner super useful again by providing a way for podcasters to add tags that their feed-publishing tools won't support.

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