I have officially applied to join The Podcast Academy board of directors! Voting will be in March.

I hope to be a voice for the indies as well as well The Podcast Academy and The Ambies shape the podcasting industry to be better for _everyone_.

Plus, I'll be a huge advocate for Podcasting 2.0, and I already mentioned it in my application.

Inspired from @davejackson's latest "Ask the Podcast Coach," has anyone talked to Hindenburg to help Journalist export chapter data to P2.0 chapters JSON?

@dave About my supporting P2.0 with My Podcast Reviews, I'd love to! Right now, my biggest interest is in the alternative Fast Follow methods I've previously advocated for, so I can add it to the FollowthePodcast.com feature all my members get.

I'm never going to live down "Daniel JSON Lewis," am I?


Another request for cross-app comments: no registration required, just like how WordPress allows.

@adam Even with YouTube alone, 2× on PC sounds much better than 2× on iOS.

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@adam I was thinking about your comment last week about how some people say certain podcast apps can "sound bad." There _is_ actually some potential truth to this.

Podspeeding trigger warning! 😎

Aside from things like automatic volume-leveling, some multimedia apps use playback engines/libs that don't handle alternate playback speeds well. The YouTube and 12min apps are like this: playing audio at 2× in these apps are are noticeably worse than Overcast, sometimes sounding robotic or tinny.

Where is the discussion/documentation for cross-app comments? I can't seem to find it on GitHub.

I have some questions and concerns that I want to see whether they've been raised or addressed, yet.

@adam About the Google Podcasts delay you mentioned, is your publishing tool using WebSub?


What phase is Fast Follow in? I'd really like to get some formal proposals together for non-URL ways to trigger Fast Follow.

Is it just me, or does the official Mastodon iOS app not actually have a way of viewing the "Local" timeline?

@dave About Apple's podcast-opening behavior, several podcast apps support their own URL schema to trigger opens in their apps instead of Apple's. That's what I use for followthepodcast.com/

BUT you can't set all podcasts to always open in a particular app. The user must always tap the option they want.

Whereas Android lets you set a default podcast app.

@adam I totally agree with your frustration over third parties' making their own transcripts instead of using our own transcripts or the article-style <content:encoded> notes.

However, I think they do it because—at least currently—they haven't seen enough data directly from the podcasts to rely on. So instead of a fallback system, they just go and do their own thing.

Can the <podcast:social> tag be used to link to top-level social accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, Mastodon, etc.? These places may not have episode-tied comments, but are social places to link to nonetheless.

ROFL! I love you, too, @adam! 🤣 I apologize for my previous tone. I was facing all kinds of crap, and I let that affect me when I shouldn’t have.

I'm trying to better position one of my products to improve its conversion and retention rates.

But man, it's hard because I'm struggling with some massive imposter syndrome due to years of psychological abuse.

Where was it decided to prioritize live chat (something that a very small fraction of podcasters would use) over cross comments or reviews?

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