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We now have podcast profile pages:

Thank you for this @steven !! It looks seamless. Now I'm in debt to two people instead of just @drunkplato . 😂

I am going to work my way through your code and see how this all works. I know the basics of node.js/express routing and such. It's just the React stuff that's new to me.

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@jamescridland I'm sure this is better handled by OPAWG. But, we will gladly add anything like this that helps if yall standardize something.

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@hypercatcher what did you think about @kfinn 's idea for highlighting soundbites when people are looking to check out episodes?

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@mikek999 @adam If that’s what he thinks, he doesn’t understand how it works. launches the namespace tomorrow. 🎉

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<podcast:locked>, <podcast:transcript>, <podcast:funding> and <podcast:chapters> now are all in the API responses. There is some cleanup/tweaking I need to do, but it's there.

Need to stop at this point and update the API documentation. They are a bit behind.

I could abstract my whole TranscriptParser lib eventually, but I would want to clean it up 😳

Buzzsprout is rolling out the <podcast:funding> tag to nearly 125k RSS feeds!

Buzzsprout now uses and respects the <podcast:locked> tag!

Buzzsprout is really excited to see the work on RSS namespace. Do we have other podcast hosts and players that are actively participating? I think we just need a few of each to make it really stick.

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