In the last 30 minutes Stitcher has made over 278k polling requests for Buzzsprout RSS feeds. Some being polled almost twice/minute.

Buzzsprout feeds now include GUIDs. It will take a little while to show up as the caches expire.

Who is going to Podcast Movement next week? Should we have a podcasting 2.0 meetup?!

Anyone using Buzzsprout that wants to enable value tags, send your tags to Rolling out some new abilities tomorrow!

Ah 477k of the 561k were just HEAD requests. Thats good!

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One RSS feed was requested 84 30 minutes...from just ONE of their user agents.

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Holy wowsers! 561.51k requests for RSS feeds in the last 30 minutes just from the "iTMS" user agent.

In a 30 minute period Apple hits us over 50k times from just ONE of their user agents. podping would save us all so much money!

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@dave @tomrossi7 @martin @amugofjava Thanks, everyone.

FWIW, I don't think it's particularly useful to add anything to the tag spec to indicate finality or updates — that's exactly the kind of detail, like HTTP 304 handling, that the real world would get wrong all the time and force apps like mine to partly ignore and poll after a while anyway.

I think I'll go with my initial instinct: fetch at download time, and again at play time, proxied through my servers to reduce trackability.

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@martin @tomrossi7 @overcast @amugofjava I think for now we leave it out of the spec and let apps experiment to see what works best. Everywhere I've seen it so far feels good to me. I never feel like I'm missing stuff.

For the first month ever, Spotify has passed Apple Podcasts for the most Buzzsprout downloads 😬

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@tomrossi7 @davekeeshan This is my main reason for working on Podcasting 2.0 - we are on such a slippery road at the moment towards the walled gardens. Only banding together and making an open alternative has any chance of keeping podcasting free and open.

PI is arming the rebels (players/hosts) with an open standard (RSS Namespace) that that will hold off any goliath (Apple, Spotify).

I think our focus should be 100% on improving the podcasting experience in an open-standard way that allows every player to innovate faster and better than any one company could do on their own. This is our best bet at avoiding one company emerging as the monopoly of podcasting.

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I was struck by how similar this is to what we are doing with Podcasting 2.0 and the RSS namespace. Android allowed all of Apple's competitors to keep up with Apple's innovations and level the playing field.

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I was listening to the Land of the Giants Podcast where they talked about how Google used their open-source Android operating system to basically prevent Apple from monopolizing the phone market.

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