Podbean is still under attack. We’re all sharing notes to help each other. Podcasting community FTW!

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Well that was a crazy couple days with very little sleep! Several others in the podcasting space have been targeted but no one has given in!

This is why I get so excited about the work of the Podcast Index. We as an industry have to innovate to serve listeners, creators, and advertisers (to a certain degree).

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"Closed vs Open. As Spotify expands their suite of exclusive content, and others like Amazon and Apple enter the fray, we’ll begin to see more competition between closed platforms and the open RSS-based ecosystem. I believe the open ecosystem can continue to thrive; competition is healthy, after all. But the open ecosystem will need to continue to innovate as an industry to serve listeners, creators, and advertisers well." -- Dave Zohrob from Chartable.

Anyone have contacts with Pocketcast? Would love to see them start pulling from the PI.

Buzzsprout has added Podfriend to our list of directories/players!

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Namespace: Tomorrow is 11/15 and we'll start the review work to finalize Phase 1. At this point I think <person> may need to get booted to Phase 2. We got a lot accomplished in a mere 30 days with Phase 1. I think we can definitely get <location> and <person> done by the end of December.

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@adam @dave @csb

Showing up in Podcast Addict! (the second time the episode was posted, mind you.)

This is very, very cool.

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@adam @dave Podcast Guru with TPI search integration is 100% live as of this morning. Only available on Google Play currently, I checked F-droid but they are only for open source apps =(

Any promotion we can get would be enormously appreciated.

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About to bring another aggregator online (bringing us to 8) to handle the increased feed count. I'm bringing in about 300k potentially new feeds over the next few days, which is the first part of @cisene dump. I'll have to re-balance the aggregators after that settles out.

We've just rolled out <podcast:soundbite> to over 100k episodes and <podcast:chapters> to over 24k episodes.

Are any players looking to support the <podcast:soundbite> tag? Buzzsprout will be deploying soon.

All Buzzsprout podcasts can now link to their Podcast Index listing!

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@tomrossi7 @jamescridland

We now have podcast profile pages:


Thank you for this @steven !! It looks seamless. Now I'm in debt to two people instead of just @drunkplato . 😂

I am going to work my way through your code and see how this all works. I know the basics of node.js/express routing and such. It's just the React stuff that's new to me.

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