@adam Hello Adam. Might it be of interest for you to speak about podcasting 2.0 at the “Festival del Podcasting”? They have both online and local sessions.

Biggest event in Italy. Audience is mostly indie podcasters. Last year they had talks by Spotify and Anchor, whose positions I did my best to “assassinate” in my own segment about open podcasting vs audio-exclusives.


Podcasting 2.0 Episode 41: We are the Super Spreaders -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org with a recap of Bitcoin2021 and important Hot namespace Talk l.curry.com/frk

The internet broke. Guru is mediating all over the place.

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 40: Miami or Bust! -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org with a Bitcoin 2021 preview and full explanation of podping l.curry.com/frc

FYI: 1% of all Satohis.Stream withdrawals go back to @podcastindex .

Value for value! Support the system! ⚡ 🚀 🚀 🚀

@ville I think this would be really cool. I noticed that @podcastaddict is putting in a feature that lets you skip chapters that contain a certain string, like “AD:”. If that ability were linked to a boost I can see that being a great way to let podcasters not have to deliver two versions of the same show. It would be purely honor system of course. But, I like it.

What would y'all think of the following feature:
Boost to skip adds. Either you could boost certain amount at the beginning to skip all the ads or at ad break to skip over that break.
Of course the podcast/podcaster would need to provide the amount and the timestamps to skip.


Seems that I'll be having a technical job interview tomorrow 😅.
Any last minute tips?

I'll be demonstrating my podcast app and related things I've been working on here there 🙂

Was the Dave's "animal picture" somewhere in the shownotes or something? Couldn't see it 😭. I guess no chapters yet 🤔

Podcasting 2.0 -- Episode 39: License to Kill
Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org with Boost moments and hot namespace talk! l.curry.com/fr3

So do I have a bug or do you @chidgey define yourself as a person multiple times per episode? Maybe with different roles? 😄
This is from the last episode:

@martin You mentioned in your last podcasting 2.0 appearance about adding the =time in the end of the url when loading the audio. That is just ingenious! Thank you so much.
I was having pretty hard time setting the position when loading the episode. This is so easy 😄. It would never have occurred to me that there would be such a trick 🙈.

@dave Does the /podcasts/byfeedurl respond 400 when you try to get an rss that does not exist? 404 would be more suitable response imho.

I see there is something wrong with this release. I'm missing lot of pings that show up in podping.watch.
Gotta investigate when I get time.

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New version out:

Now you can click an image and get a bigger picture and some details (title and description so far).

Can lnpay be used to "send" sats to a wallet in lnpay? I'm a long way from doing anything with sats in my app, but was thinking where I'd send any sats I might be accumulating in the future.
My idea would mainly be to finance my own streaming and boosting with the received sats, so it would be ideal to just send them straight to lnpay from where they could easily be streamed on 😄

In the last episode of Darknet Diaries towards the end Jack goes for a multiminute rant about different ways artists can get paid. Patreon et all. And even he's got the value tag in use and I'm streaming sats to him, he doesn't even mention podcasting 2.0 or v2v in passing.
Wtf Rhysider? Man is promoting ways to artists get paid without the middleman and doesn't even mention the newest way he's doing it? Disappointing.

Martin in "far North" pfft. He's in Denmark. That's like the most southern country of the whole Scandinavia 😄.

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