@dave dunno if you already got the song you were trying to come up with in the show, but it was King of Pop stuff 🙂

Is there a recording of the a&d pc20 talk from the woke-podcasting conf available somewhere?

Just got an email from heroku complaining that they will be ending the free tier dynos.
That sounds like my backend might be going away soonish ☹️

Careful @dave. All that auto scaling docker talk... You gonna be running kubernetes clusters before long if you keep that up 😂

@dave The Index seems to be returning only the latest 4 episodes of causality for me:

Is this something on my end or why would it only return 4?

Cool, AntennaPod rocks chapters now 💪.
Too bad you apparently can't zoom to the images. Other than that, groovy!

@martin Dunno if I'm been being totally blind but I'm unable to give the search in podfriend 🙈

Is there any decent icon for making an episode as listened. Best I've cube up with is a musical note with slash through it...

Any Canadians here?
If so and you follow ice hockey: congratulations for winning the 🥈 in ice hockey world championships 👏 🎉

@martin Hmm I'm not sure what my balance was before, but I'm pretty sure the amounts were deducted...

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@martin Just tried to send a boostagram. No confetti, the screen stayed on and the boost button moved left right. What's up? I guess the boostagram didn't go though?

There's this kids play where a man goes to store and buys things. Anyway I wasn't in the mood to play so I said to my 6yo kid that the man couldn't afford to buy anything because the inflation is so high.
He laughed and said that yes he does, he bought bitcoin. 😂.
Gotta start the education early. I'm so proud 😄.

As I watch Finland 🇫🇮 beats Russia 🇷🇺 in the ice hockey Olympic final. It occurred to me that we don't have any Russians here do we?
No one to rub this on their face 😅.

I think you can buy Hive in Binance. Haven't got around to yet (which is good since it was 3 usd when I was going to 😄), so dunno for sure, but sure looks like it. They requested a selfie with the id. I was not up for that 😅

Omg. The talk about Excel csv import brought some back some ptsd. Excel, what a load of crap.
You can't just open csv that has Unicode encoding. It f****ng defaults to some idiotic windows encoding. So screw you the whole other world! Ascii is so sexy in the 20s.
And now I have to teach the users to do the data import song and dance. Ffs.
At least in Libreoffice it opens the csv import straight away when opening a csv.
I hate Microsoft. I hate Windows. 😄

This is too funny 😄

Would you say this is accurate @martin?

Though I have to say some of them kinda sound a little like @martin. No offence 😇.

In the name of equality and such I have to also share this classic from Finland:

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