2 million sat bounty for anyone who builds a debian package of @Castopod!

@dave @adam you really need to start doing pc20 live. 150 people were screaming it's homeopathy! πŸ˜†. With boostagrams it'll take a week to have closure on that one πŸ˜„

I’m hoping to get a basic leaderboard for Boost-A-Grams up in the next day or two.

There's a new episode out, but where is the announcement and gear picture? @dave @adam πŸ€”

"Every good developer has a roadmap" -Sam Sethi, latest Podland
Turns out I'm a bad developer 😞

Ep42 finally in the can! Just need to get it edited now.

I was looking at lnpay.co/pricing
Doesn't seem that the free tier gets pretty far with streaming payments. An I missing something obvious here? πŸ€”

Does the v4v currently work so that each user has to have a separate wallet for each v4v app? So I need to create and fund a wallet in PodFriend, PodVerse, CurioCaster, Breeze etc?

Would it be possible to have shared wallet for multiple apps? So that I could create a wallet in lnpay or PodFriend. Then extract the private key and import it into another app and then use the same wallet from each app (that would be using lnpay in this example).

So without further ado I give you Poddery. poddery.netlify.app/

Please handle with care because it might break.

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Biggest things missing imo currently:
- v4v
- UI-logic
- Skipping history (undo in case you accidentally skip to a random spot)

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- I want to be able to search for podcasts and check podcast episodes (description etc) while playing another podcast. (Dunno why anyone would wanna do that, but I did πŸ˜ƒ)
- This is developed for mobile, but iOS users, you're on your own.

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- Chapters: The ability to easily jump between chapters without affecting the playback. Many times I find myself in a situation where I'm listening away and doing something else and miss the chapters as they go by and want to check an image or something out without jumping back to the chapter in audio
- Images: I want to be able to zoom to any image pretty much anywhere
- I want to be able to jump pretty accurately to a time without typing the time

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I ended up creating something new and a bit different. At least I don't remember seeing a player quite like this before.
Few goals I had in mind:

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Last year or half, I've been slowly developing my own podcast app. During that time I've come to realize that creating a decent UI is actually hard. It's not just @martin complaining how difficult his job (hobby) is. It's actually really hard πŸ˜ƒ
And because of that, the UI is still a bit confusing even for me. But as it does not seem that it will get much better in the near future, I thought I'll just throw it out there if people want to test it out. But before I do I want to make a few points.

It's been 30 years from Metallica's Black album. Now I feel old πŸ˜„

@adam For some reason in the last week's PI episode (52) Dave's and Nikolai's person pictures show ok, but your's doesn't. Your pic is from linodeobjects.com when Dave's is from podcastindex.org.

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