The Era of Podcasting 2.0 has begun! 🚀
👉️ Read this article from @dimregnier and you'll know everything about this amazing story that involves independence, innovation, love and Podcasting 2.0…

🔔 1.0.0-beta.20 is here, with a new notification system! 🚀📦

Castopod now notifies you when you get social interactions from the fediverse! (thank you @chrislw for the suggestion!)

+ a few bug fixes!

As always, grab your Castopod on

v1.0.0-beta.19 is here! 🐛🚀

This version comes with bug fixes regarding episode publishing.

Thanks to @chrislw for the precious feedback!

As always, you can grab Castopod on

Castopod now has official #Docker images! 🐋

Thanks to @rdelaage, images are pushed to the Docker hub during the automated builds 📦🚀

Check out the docs and learn how to install Castopod with Docker now:

New release: 1.0.0-beta.17 📦🚀

- 📜 Publication process for podcasts with a new draft mode
- 📊 Instance wide admin dashboard with storage and bandwidth usage

+ a few bug fixes!

Grab your Castopod 👇

Castopod 1.0.0-beta.16 is out! 📦🚀

+ New REST API to get podcasts, thanks to a community effort (Marcin Lewandowski, Patrick Mis and Sebastian Janik)
+ You can now search in your episodes list in the admin (suggested by @ernestoacostame)

Grab your package on

Castopod 1.0.0-beta.15 is out! 🥳🚀

It comes with bug fixes and a highly requested feature: the ability to delete podcasts and episodes permanently, directly from the UI 🔥

(to be used with caution 👀)

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CastoPod is wonderful, it not only allows you to have a podcasting platform, but it is also an instance that uses ActivityPub, therefore, it communicates with Mastodon.
Madame Sans Opinion · La Tournée du Hit Parade
Bonjour ! C'est Madame Opinion, celle qui dit « oui », celle qui dit « non », celle qui dit « oui et non ».
Aujourd'hui je vais vous donner mon avis, ou pas, sur la tournée Hit Parade... Vous savez ? Ces concerts qui font remonter sur scène des chanteurs décédés !

v1.0-beta.14 is here 🚀📦

🇪🇸 Castopod now supports Spanish!

Thanks to our awesome contributors: @ernestoacostame, GabiSnow, @rdelaage, LuuzViir.

¡Crea tu podcast 2.0 con Castopod! 👉

For dei som kan tenkje seg å laga sin eigen #podkast, vil eg gjera merksam på at podkastløysinga #Castopod no er ferdig omsett til norsk. Stilige funksjonar er ma. samankopling med fødiverset, og full kontroll over det du lagar. Sjekk eller @Castopod for å lære meir!

Castopod 1.0.0-beta.12 is up! 📦🚀

And thanks to amazing translators, Castopod now supports new languages!
🇩🇪 German
🇧🇷 Brazilian Portuguese

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Castopod beta.11 is out! 🎉 (this is not a joke 🐟 😄)

This version comes with its load of bug fixes and improvements.

Get your Castopod now 👉

Castopod's documentation website has landed! 📜🚀
We've grouped together all the scattered docs into it, added the full Castopod features list and sections for contextualization.
The docs website is the preferred channel to get your questions answered. If you can't find your answers there, that means that it needs to be updated!

Check out the docs 👉

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“The best thing about Castopod is… ActivityPub!”
@adam and @dave talking about the benefits of socialism in this week's “Podcasting 2.0”. 😂

This week on Podland, @samsethi and @jamescridland talk about Castopod.
(Although Podland is not hosted by Castopod, this videoclip was made with Castopod 1.0-beta, available today, for free.)

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