v1.0-beta.14 is here 🚀📦

🇪🇸 Castopod now supports Spanish!

Thanks to our awesome contributors: @ernestoacostame, GabiSnow, @rdelaage, LuuzViir.

¡Crea tu podcast 2.0 con Castopod! 👉 castopod.org/

For dei som kan tenkje seg å laga sin eigen #podkast, vil eg gjera merksam på at podkastløysinga #Castopod no er ferdig omsett til norsk. Stilige funksjonar er ma. samankopling med fødiverset, og full kontroll over det du lagar. Sjekk castopod.org eller @Castopod for å lære meir!

Castopod 1.0.0-beta.12 is up! 📦🚀

And thanks to amazing translators, Castopod now supports new languages!
🇩🇪 German
🇧🇷 Brazilian Portuguese

Grab your Castopod on castopod.org/

Castopod beta.11 is out! 🎉 (this is not a joke 🐟 😄)

This version comes with its load of bug fixes and improvements.

Get your Castopod now 👉 castopod.org/

Castopod's documentation website has landed! 📜🚀
We've grouped together all the scattered docs into it, added the full Castopod features list and sections for contextualization.
The docs website is the preferred channel to get your questions answered. If you can't find your answers there, that means that it needs to be updated!

Check out the docs 👉 docs.castopod.org/

Abonnez-vous maintenant à la newsletter de podCloud, ils ont plein de choses très intéressantes à vous dire ! 😉

“The best thing about Castopod is… ActivityPub!”
@adam and @dave talking about the benefits of socialism in this week's “Podcasting 2.0”. 😂

This week on Podland, @samsethi and @jamescridland talk about Castopod.
(Although Podland is not hosted by Castopod, this videoclip was made with Castopod 1.0-beta, available today, for free.)

The #opensource #podcast hosting solution Castopod v1.0 beta is out! 🚀 🎉
This new version brings tons of new features and a redesigned UI! 🔽

First cross-app comment loaded in Podfriend, Wohoooo!

Thanks a lot to @yassinedoghri and @benjaminbellamy for their pioneering work on the host side!

The new video from yesterday is up!

And I realised I have a subscription to Otter that I'm not using enough so I'm adding captions which of course are searchable in all the best 2.0 Apps!


Search for "Brian of London NATube" in all good Podcasting 2.0 Apps!

Join the @NGIZero webinar next Monday at 10am Central European Summer Time! 🌞
Developers of (free social networking platform), (self-hostable federating link aggregator), HubZilla (Self-organization tools with decentralized identity management) and @Castopod (federating hosting solution) 📼 🤖
@yassinedoghri and I will be there!

Les Poésies d’Héloïse
🇫🇷 À partir d'aujourd'hui, le #podcast 🎙 des Poésies d’Héloïse est sur tous les réseaux sociaux décentralisés du Fediverse : Écoutez 👂, Aimez 💓, Partagez 🔄 et Commentez 💬 directement depuis n'importe quel serveur Mastodon 🐘 (ou autre). 🚀
🇺🇸 Starting today, “Les Poésies d'Héloïse” #podcast 🎙 is available on all decentralized social networks of the Fediverse: Listen 👂, Like 💓, Share 🔄 and Comment 💬 from any Mastodon server 🐘 (or any other). 🚀
(Powered by @Castopod@podlibre.social 🤖 📼)

Hello @samsethi, @dave & @adam.
I was listening to Episode #31 (Cooking with Gas) and I heard you talking about “timestamped comments”: this is on already on @Castopod's roadmap. Castopod already allows comments on an episode thanks to ActivityPub protocol. In a next version you'll be able to specify a timestamp, either by manually adding [hh:mm:ss] in your comment (eg. “1:34:15 GO PODCASTING! 🗣️ ”) or automatically thanks to the client you're using.

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