V4V is now available in Podverse F-Droid beta 🥳

Feedback and help beta testing would be greatly appreciated.

You can download the 4.6.0 beta apk here:

Special thanks to @getAlby for making V4V possible in any app!

@StevenB sorry looks like your node didn’t like our boostagram 😬 is there a known status 400 issue with your node or maybe a bug on our side?

@podverse @getAlby
Install went well. There is a page that mentions streaming sats per minute during setup.

@ChadF @getAlby ahh yeah good catch. We didn’t redo that screenshot yet. Will do in 4.6.1

@ChadF @getAlby actually we'll add this in 4.6.0 😄

The "streaming sats" info was really confusing when it's not in the app.


It's an LNPay node, so I'm not sure what the problem might be. It might need the customKey and customValue in the TLV records.

@StevenB ahh dang, maybe I formatted the TLV parameters wrong. I’ll see if I can get a more detailed error message.

@StevenB adding more detailed error messaging, and it's telling me my wallet is empty 😂 i'll go check my couch for sats

@podverse @getAlby works perfectly! Easy to connect to my alby account. Slick confetti!!

No per min streaming sats yet?

@adam @getAlby glad it worked 🎉

Sorry, no streaming sats yet. We will need to update the open source audio player we’re using (react-native-track-player) from v2 to v3 to be able to support running a *reliable* progress interval in the background, to fire off streaming sats even while the screen is locked. They literally released v3.0.0 this week, so we’re going to give it time to stabilize before migrating. Anyway it’s a high priority but not expected until around October.

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