Question by @humanetech at “Building a European Cultural Backbone” was the perfect time to show gratitude to @adam & @dave & everyone here! 🙏 (42mn10s)

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@benjaminbellamy @adam @dave

Yes indeed, and to be totally honest I knew the answer to the question before asking 😄

I wanted by means of your answer to attract attention to both the work of @podcastindex in general and the @activitypub extensions in particular.

@benjaminbellamy @humanetech @dave Excellent! I like how you steer everyine away from W3C. You might lose your socialist card over that! ;-)

@adam @benjaminbellamy @dave

Hi Adam 👋

In this regard I wanna mention that really at this moment there's no role of W3C at all other than the AS/AP specifications to build upon. They should be seen as a framework and giving direction

But we have only grassroots movements who do the actual building, and with you and others organizing in the #Podcasting domain, that is great.

There needs to be more cross-community collab to tie different domains together though, and that is a weak fedi spot.

@adam @benjaminbellamy @dave

We have a huge potential. But without the people and processes to collaborate, cross-pollinate and build a solid foundation upon which we stand, it is hard to grab the opportunities that exist now.

I'm a proponent of the vision of having a true #Peopleverse on top of the fediverse. If we manage to get there, remains to be seen.

Some recent notes I wrote down:

@humanetech @benjaminbellamy @adam @dave Great presentation Benjamin! I like that T-Shirt! The reverse side should say...

"Podfather Certified".

Adam, I should've copyrighted that, because it's just... too good.

@adam @humanetech @dave It's time I for me to confess publicly: I never had a socialist card, I totally faked it.

@benjaminbellamy @humanetech @adam @dave


Can you have a European Culture

Without White Europeans

Anyone have the strength , critical thinking and knowledge to talk about White Genocide , White Replacement and Self hating traitor kike 'whites' in power in Western and European nations along with Agenda 21 NWO, World Plandemic and the Great 'reset'

Or are 'Europeans' anyone

Yet non white have a national race identity & their own homeland to go back too
after white nations are ruined

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